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Saturday, May 05, 2018

Manafort gets his day in court

Someone posted what appears to be the transcript of Thursday's court hearing in which U.S. District Judge T.S. Ellis III read the law (some would say the Riot Act) to Bob Mueller's witch hunters.

"It was a brutal morning for special counsel Robert Mueller’s prosecutors as federal judge T. S. Ellis repeatedly questioned the broad scope of the probe of possible collusion between the Trump campaign and the Russians during the 2016 presidential election," ABC News reported.

"An hour-long hearing on the defense ’s motion to dismiss the 32-count indictment against former Trump campaign chairman Paul Manafort, which includes bank fraud and tax evasion, among charges, was a proceeding that was part comedy and part boxing match."

I do not know what ABC News's Trish Turner was laughing at. A direct assault on the principles of balance of power and checks against abuse of our Republic are no laughing matter.

Indeed, I thought I heard the cavalry riding to the rescue as Judge Ellis stood by the Constitution as the sleazoids Mueller appointed as counsel tried to obtain unbridled power.
The judge is troubled by Mueller indicting Manafort for allegations that the regular prosecutors could (and were) handling.
The judge is a crusty S.O.B. who knows he does not have to take anything from a crappy prosecutor.

He was a Reagan appointee. Ten days shy of birthday No. 78, he was born in Bogotá, Colombia. He has more "don't mess with" signs than a pitbull in a junkyard.
He gets to the heart of the problem: the special counsel trying to use Manafort to get the duly elected president as if he were a drug lord.
Not judicially enforceable? Oh my.
The special counsel went Red Queen on the judge. I don't think he appreciated it.
The judge let Manafort's attorney make public his argument that the counsel is out of control.
The judge wants special counsel to come clean on its shady dealing. It investigated Manafort before having authority to do so. That could invalidate any action against Manafort.
That was when the judge unloaded on the special prosecutorial circus.
Then the special counsel says he cannot answer a question. Um, did the special counsel just plead the Fifth?
The judge then took up the raid of Michael Cohen's records, which Mueller used to smear Sean Hannity.
The judge then attacked special counsel for not doing what it was supposed to do.
I get the feeling, the audience for the judge was the Supreme Court because if Mueller insists on wrecking the train of democracy, he'll have to run over the justices first.

Judge Ellis should dismiss the 32 charges with prejudice (meaning they can never indict him for this again) to show Mueller that he cannot get away with ignoring the law under the guise of enforcing it.

It is well past time for judges to stand up to this fool and bully.


  1. Agreed. To use article 1 instead of article 3 taints this whole thing. All of Mueller's dipping into DOJ's honey jar to find stuff on folks to go after the President needs to be smashed forthwith. The signal should be clear... we are a nation of laws, and the normal folks out and about are noticing and are paying attention. The whole system is being abused here and unknowable consequences ahead if the rule of law is not absolutely restored.. and in public view.

    1. Mueller's goal is to isolate Trump and make sure no one ever works for, works with, or associates with Trump because the price to be paid is too high. Actually, I think this strategy is driven by Mueller's sidekick Wisemann, a legal scumbag of the first order.

  2. What the latter part of this long post makes clear is that Rosenstein is illicitly (and I do mean that) covering for Mueller and is a partner in the Dem coup plot against PDJT. He should recuse himself immediately. If he does not, Sessions should remove him from supervision over the Mueller investigation and replace him with someone else.

  3. I wish more judges were like Judge Ellis. This entire story is so amazing, no one could have ever written a novel that matches the reality. Truth is stranger than fiction. Thank heavens for the internet, some honest people and some who won't cave in. Hopefully, the entire story will come out and the dumbed down masses will understand the scope of the treasonous activity.

  4. The Judge is asking some very important questions about this matter, but that doesn't mean that he won't side with Mueller in attempting to get rid of PDT. We will have to wait for the next few episodes to find out for sure what the Judge intends to do about this gross miscarriage of justice.

  5. AG Sessions could resolve the entire matter with one instruction to Mueller and cabal.

    Give the judge, the defense and the Congress the unredacted documents to which they have a right. And do it now.

  6. And what a day in court it was. I see that IG Horowitz is reviewing new info on Clinton and delayed his report. Hmmm. The Special Counsel has overreached and is losing traction. I may be wrong, but I smell Uranium One. That will take out the Clintons as well as Rosenstein, Mueller, and Comey, and who knows how far up it will go. - Elric

  7. So correct me if I have misunderstood. The SP's original "guidelines" via Rosenstein werent enough to allow for the Manafort indictment. A second memo was written to more or less make legitimate the SP's actions so far as Manafort goes. After the fact. Is that how it went?

  8. Sideshow Bob Mueller better start looking into which sh*thole countries don’t have an extradition treaty with the United States.

  9. My new fear is that Judge Ellis will be targeted next.
    It's not as absurd as you think.

    1. You're right. All that "Reagan appointee" stuff is aimed at that, and it's just the beginning. The Anti-Trump seditionists are mobsters. But I think people are waking up to that fact.

    2. Jonny Scrum-halfMay 5, 2018 at 10:19 PM

      So identifying the President who nominated him is somehow wrong? I haven't seen anyone attack this judge in any way. It's almost like one "side" is willing to let the process play out while the other is unwilling to do so.

    3. So tells us Mr Scrum,which side are you for.

    4. Jonny Scrum-halfMay 6, 2018 at 8:03 AM

      I want to see the truth about what happened. I suspect that will not be good for President Trump, but whether it's good or bad I think the American people need to know the truth.

  10. Here are the facts not 'splained. Fed District Judge T.S. Elliot - er, Ellis is pissed because he has to hear a tax case that involves the State of Virginia. Manafort did not declare and pay tax on foreign income so he is guilty. Had the special counsel handed off the case to the Eastern District of Virginia prosecutors (as was the case with the Cohen investigation) the judge had no reason to sound off - and sounding off doesn't mean that the Mueller team will lose in this court.

  11. Well the Russian company and its employees that Muller expected NOT to go to court has just got a Judge to compel Mueller to come up with the evidence-no delay.
    It sucks to be Bob right now.. TG

  12. Team Mueller attempting curb a duly elected President's execution powers by claiming power that is unaccountable to any executive, judge or Congress. Good luck peddling that to the courts.