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Monday, May 28, 2018

Republicans might not blow it

One of the mysteries from Election Day 2016 that journalists have no curiosity about is the Republican ground game.

Republicans took three of the four states where the margin of victory was less than 1%: Michigan, Pennsylvania, and Wisconsin. Those 46 Electoral College votes were all the difference between freedom and chains.

Ronna McDaniel, chairwoman of the Republican National Committee, believes the Get Out The Vote effort in 2016 can work again in this year's midterm elections.

"Despite facing a blue wave, when Americans headed to the polls to cast their ballots in primary elections, Republicans had record turnout. We saw numbers that were 61 percent higher in West Virginia, 43 percent higher in Indiana, and 48 percent higher in Ohio. That’s no coincidence," she wrote.

She did not state the importance of this.

I will.

The 61% boost in Republican primary voting in West Virginia cost Don Blankenship the senatorial nomination, which means Democrat Joe Manchin's days in the Senate likely will end on January 3. A Blankenship nomination would have re-elected Manchin.

Republicans seem to have their act together.

"The strong showing is a result of the Republican National Committee’s permanent data-driven ground game, the largest in the party’s history. Our sweeping infrastructure has been years in the making and is key to our 2018 midterm strategy," McDaniel wrote.

"Our permanent presence in dozens of states across the country will propel us to defy history come November. Six months out from Election Day, we have more than 300 permanent staff members organized and in place. They are helping us tap into the enthusiasm of grassroots supporters, all of whom are just as excited about President Trump as they were when they first elected him to office.

"To ensure we defy history, the Republican National Committee is investing $250 million in our midterm election strategy. This is the largest ground game investment we’ve ever made in any cycle. Our field teams are recruiting new and enthusiastic volunteers for our Republican Leadership Initiative program, a competitive six-week program that trains the next generation of Republican grassroots leaders. These leadership fellows are our on the ground, helping us expand our party’s engagement in communities across the country."

Thank Trump and his stingy political campaign.

In 2016, I repeatedly said that because the donor class hated him, they invested their money down ballot. This helped him and down ballot. For example, Marco Rubio helped Trump in Florida and Trump's win in Indiana helped elect Todd Young to the Senate.

Meanwhile, Hillary milked donors dry, leaving the rest of the party penniless.

We are five months away from November, but be of good cheer. Democrats are going to have to fight for this one.


  1. Any Republican candidate who is "running away" from Trump deserves to lose. Any Democrat who says he will work with Trump is lying.

  2. "Republicans might not blow it," what a great title!

    However, underestimating the Stupid Party's ability to shoot themselves in the foot isn't wise. One thing I have learned about the RNC is that they can't be trusted; another thing I've learned is they often don't know what is good for them and for the country.

    Sadly for us all, they have a knack for snatching defeat out of the jaws of victory, but I sure hope they don't do it this time! (I've hoped that before, but am sadder but wiser now.)

    1. My thoughts exactly, except that the democrats appear to be imploding at breakneck speed.

    2. So it appears to be a race:
      The Stupid Parties uncanny ability to snatch defeat from the jaws of victory,
      The Evil Parties implosion rate.

      Sometimes, I just have to shake my head, and be thankful that I place my trust in God, not men.

  3. Well Mr. Surber, you and the rest of the rubes in WV had better wake up and smell the latte! Joe Manchin's campaign says he's leading over the GOP candidate by a wide margin. Then there's Dirty Don Blankenship - how much is Joe paying him to run as a 3rd party candidate?

    So how can you say that Joe will lose? smh

    1. Just because he says it doesn't mean it's true.

    2. Well we know you are a outsider"Well Mr. Surber, you and the rest of the rubes in WV"And I am Jesus Christ"Joe Manchin's campaign says he's leading over the GOP candidate by a wide margin."
      Get lost fella.

  4. Staring in 2016, All United States Elections are Flight 93 Elections.

  5. The Rs' secret weapon is the Demos. They are going all out to please the Lefty psychotics who are their base to the point that even a lot of Hitler Democrats (If Christ were a Republican, etc.) will either stay home or vote R.

  6. Ronna Romney McDaniel is a national treasure. She more than makes up for her Uncle Mitt.

  7. I wish I shared your optimism.

    I fear that there are sleeper cells embedded in the Republican party that are set to detonate on Election Day. The Bipartisan Fusion Party is very very angry that us rubes have seized not only one of the national parties, but also the White House and significant parts (but not all) of the Executive Branch. Jeff Flake, John McCain, Cruisemaster Kristol, the NRO, Ben Sasse, Jennifer Rubin? You think they're Never-Trumpers. Nope. They are the representatives of the Bipartisan Fusion Party for Elite Control of All Things, tasked with pretending to walk the right side of the road. More will be revealed as we get closer to Election Day. Just look at Little Marco and his refusal to support Rick Scott in his winnable race against down-the-line Dem Bill Nelson. There's more where that came from.

    The good news is that our POTUS is well aware of this, but the Benedict Arnolds and Arlen Specters among us are too arrogant to see this. But I'm still nervous, even though we have the greatest political campaigner of this century heading our efforts.