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Thursday, May 17, 2018

Press keeps getting Trump-Kim wrong

Kim Jong Un and President Donald Trump are not cartoon characters. They are intelligent, skilled negotiators who are determined to use the end of the Korean War to their best advantage.

The American media cannot handle this because journalists are too lazy to think for themselves. They always need some State Department minder to guide them through international reporting, and the State Department is outside the loop on this one.

Kim agreed to talks, and now he balks. The Deep State leaped on this as proof that Donald Trump does not know what it is doing.

"Welcome, President Trump, to the infuriating, indecipherable game of North Korean nuclear diplomacy," Stephen Collinson of CNN wrote.

"An unexpected series of threats from the enclosed Stalinist state threatened to nix next month's planned summit in Singapore between Trump and North Korea's leader Kim Jong Un and sink White House hopes of a spectacular foreign policy success.

"The warning delivered a jolt of reality, underscoring that despite weeks of positive steps by North Korea and Trump's gusher of praise for Kim, the process of negotiating with the inscrutable state remains as treacherous as ever."

Unexpected by whom?

CNN? Collinson? The Deep State?

Trump took it in stride.

The fact is both Kim and Trump are sizing one another up, as well as their various constituencies.

Kim did not get to be head of North Korea by being stupid, erratic, or crazy. His father chose him over his half-brothers and brother because Kim possesses the intelligence and ruthlessness needed to keep North Korea going for another 30 or 40 years.

Get "Team America" out of your head. The Kim dynasty has taken a 19th century economy with an underfed, ill-equipped military into the penthouse of nations in the 21st century.

That takes skill. You can bet Kim has read all of Trump's books.

You can also bet that Trump has studied Kim. And you can also lay odds that Trump has an edge that the press will never consider.

The American press portrayed Stalin as a country bumpkin. He talked Hitler into splitting Poland 50/50.

Later, Stalin talked FDR and the State Department into giving him all of Poland. The price? Russia would bear the brunt of the war. 12 million Russians died, mostly women and children. Stalin got Poland.

I'd rather have Trump negotiating than anyone from the State Department.


  1. "I'd rather have Trump negotiating than anyone from the State Department."

    Working in private industry, in private companies, it seemed to me that people at all levels could generally feel which leaders made a difference, which ones got results, which ones showed intellect head and shoulders above the others.

    I'm not convinced this happens in gov't agencies though. They appear to have very high opinions of themselves. Yet their results are poor. And even poorly informed people can look at their pronouncements and spot gaping holes.

    1. That's why I had very high hopes for Rex Tillerson. Unfortunately, Tillerson quickly got captured by the Foggy Bottom elite who've been behaving like clueless idiots incapable of learning. He didn't reform the State Department bureaucracy and quickly slid into irrelevancy, lashing out at the POTUS. Keeping the State Department bureaucrats on the sideline seems to be prerequisite for successful foreign policy.

  2. Why is it that the media, untrained for the most part in international politics, with what little training they have is received from the State department lemmings with no skin in the game. Decides what move is smart and which is unsafe?
    Mr. Trump may not be my favorite president but he has knowledge, skills and courage to do what our media has failed to do in decades, look at the truths of the situation and act, not try and think of a politically correct answer to entertain the crowds for 30 seconds.

    1. The mainstream media knows that the liberal interpretation is correct. The mainstream media knows that the opposite of what PDJT does is correct. That is why they are failing.

  3. We see criticism of the man who literally wrote the book on deal-making from those who probably haven't even read it. Hilarious!

  4. I'm sorry... Did that no doubt liberal reporter just describe the ASIAN state of North Korea as INSCRUTABLE?
    Oh, yah, liberal.

  5. Stalin got what he wanted because his partners needed his assistance. The media are never going to give Trump credit for anything he does and even if he gets some agreement they will say he got duped. Their analyses are useless. Kim will lie about everything he does or says he will do. As Trump knows contracts are just legal forms that vaguely define the punishments that some judge may render later if they are broken. They are not really enforceable except by the good will of the parties involved. The NK have never shown good will. The Media want to be considered the judge in the case since they have already sentenced Trump to the gallows here. They are old fashioned traitors the likes of which Stalin had eliminated long before Poland and Potsdam. Trump has done well so far by ignoring them as I'm sure he will continue to do. A good deal would be elimination of their missiles even if they hide nukes as I'm sure they already have.

  6. Rocket Man is a publicity whore who has never acted in the best interests of his state. Just himself. If he refuses a summit then it’s time to take off the gloves. No More Mr. Nice Guy. Lob a MOAB or two into Pyongyang and then ask again for a summit.

    1. You're half right Z - just insert "and President Dennison are ..." after "Rocket Man" and you hit the nail on the head 100 percent.

      As for lobbying a MOAB into North Korea, well, if the prez follows your advice, then you prove liberals absolutely correct (and Surber wrong) who said Trump will start a war.

    2. Did you ever serve in the military, Nony?

    3. Oh, hi, Bradley!

      Sorry - Chelsea.

  7. All you need do is ask yourself one simple question: Who can afford to walk away from a deal in this situation? Ultimately it is Kim. Trump has worked all the angles. Kim is testing the waters to see if Trump has invested himself too much in having an outcome that reflects well upon himself. Past American negotiators have fallen into this trap, of feeling like they must come away from the table with some sort of agreement.

    Trump has to know that he needs no deal in order for this to work.

    It's just like Reagan said to his staff just before Reykjavik: We are through paying the Danegeld.

    1. Sorry. It is who cannot afford to walk away without a deal. Kim is the one.

  8. I'm not sure why anyone thinks the sky is falling on the Korean deal - it must be a preconceived notion. Kim is actively engaged in face-saving - a necessary prelude to negotiations.

    Anyone who didn't expect this isn't familiar enough with the topic to comment on it. Did you see the President shrug his shoulders? That's what this means. So what.

    So what.

    The NK will go to the meeting. People who underestimate Trump in this haven't been paying attention. Take it to the bank.

    As a Korean might say to those spreading doubt and derision: Don't live your life this way.

  9. I'm not sure this first meeting will happen -- because the NK - US agreement isn't yet agreed. If it doesn't happen 12 June, Kim will get more info about Trump's responses, including more pressure on China. And it will happen later, but weeks or a couple of months later, not years later.

    Don is right that this pre-talk stuff is part of the negotiation, as are the tweets.

    Kim needs a deal more than Trump; but Kim can still walk away from the first Trump offer. Trump can walk away even more easily.

  10. My first thought when Li'l Kim threatened to "call off" the summit was "I wonder if he's been reading 'The Art of the Deal.'" It sounds like classic Trumpian strategery. IMHO, the proper response is to ignore Kim's demands for a few days, then announce that the summit will go on regardless of North Korea's presence, and their fate will be decided on their behalf by South Korea, China, Japan, and the US of A.