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Tuesday, May 08, 2018

Poll shows America is great again

That didn't take long. An Investor's Business Daily/TIPP poll shows the Quality of Life of Americans is the highest it has been since Bush 43's first term.

"The IBD/TIPP Quality of Life Index jumped 5.6% this month to reach 62.7. That's the highest this index has been since October 2004, and the second highest since IBD/TIPP started this index 17 years ago. The index averaged 53.7 under Obama," the business publication reported.

Financial stress is down to 49.9. Under Obama it averaged 59.4.

"The survey also found that the percentage of households deemed 'job sensitive' — either someone in the household is looking for work or is worried about being laid off — dropped for the fourth consecutive month to 23%," Investor's Business Daily reported.

42% gave Trump marks of good or excellent in handling the economy. 37% said poor or unacceptable.

Last month, the publication explained, "The average for the index over the past 17 years has been 49.4, or slightly pessimistic. The index high of 62.9 was reached in March of 2002, six months after the 9/11 attacks, as Americans rallied behind the U.S. response to the terrorist attacks and confidence grew that the post-9/11 economy would not go into recession as widely feared. The index bottomed in August 2011 at 35.8, as the economy struggled to emerge from the financial crisis and key initiatives to boost economic growth had yet to have an impact."

So the poll has averaged 49.4 -- and Trump pushed it to 62.7, just a shade under the record high of 62.9.

Which shows 62 million Americans got the last election right.


  1. The work of that stupid evil genius Ray-gun-- I mean Drumf.

  2. Note that Trump accomplished this turn around in one year. After two years of Obama, the nation was still on its back and didn't think it would ever get up.

  3. This is the poll number that counts. Yeah, people would like George Washington as President, but, in the end, they'll vote for the the guy who makes life good.

  4. Thanks Obama.

  5. Are the 37% who give President Trump negative marks on the economy illegal aliens, yellow dog democrats or rinos? Or, some combination of the three?

    1. Jim, they’re mind numbed robots like Nony. These people will criticize Christ when He returns.

    2. And no matter what, I doubt thenumber would ever get below 30%

  6. Yay Tax Credits! If the Dems would support tax reduction stimulus, letting the wealth makers keep more of the wealth they make, the huge Obama deficit wouldn't be as bad, since the economy would grow. Venezuela shows a good example of tax spending stimulus ... into poverty.