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Tuesday, May 01, 2018

Politico hates that conservatives have a politico

Politico is to liberals what Breitbart News is to conservatives. Both sites are mainly online to accommodate the information needs of their partisan audiences.

Conservatives now have started local sites that do the same thing, and that drew the wrath of Politico.

"Baby Breitbarts to pop up across the country?" Politico reported.

"The Tennessee Star, a right-wing publication with a mainstream name, makes waves while looking to expand."

The online news site is owned and operated by Steve Gill, a conservative talk show host in Nashville, and Michael Patrick Leahy, a stringer for Breitbart News. They cover Tennessee politics from the conservative angle much the same way the Tennessean in Nashville covers them from a liberal angle, but without the expense of having to print and distribute 100,000 copies a day.

This upsets the monopoly liberals enjoy in covering state politics in most places.

Politico said it is no fair.

"Kathleen Culver, director of the Center for Journalism Ethics at the University of Wisconsin — who spoke to Politico before the editors’ names were added to the site — said the issue is not the site’s conservative content, but that a reader, lacking prior knowledge of the Star’s politics, could easily come to the site and think they were getting a nonpartisan presentation. The same goes for a user on Facebook or Twitter, encountering a Star story in their feed," Politico reported.

She is deeply concerned. Deeply.

"In general, when people try to adopt the forms of journalism without the norms of journalism, we really do have to be concerned that they’re trying to put one over on people. It makes it very hard for citizens. It makes it very hard to navigate this information environment and find credible sources that you can rely on," Culver told Politico.


Let's look at the norms of journalism, shall we?

In 2012, CNN hired Virginia Moseley as its Washington deputy bureau chief and vice president. Its listing for her on its website mentioned her previous work at ABC News and CBS News, as well as her bachelor’s degree from Harvard. Not mentioned was Tom Nides, whom she married in 1992. Nides served as deputy secretary of state for Management and Resources when Hillary Clinton was secretary of state.

And ABC News producer Ian Cameron married Susan Rice in 1992. Rice became the US ambassador to the United Nations in 2009. Cameron left ABC a year later.

And ABC News and Univision reporter Matthew Jaffe in 2012 married Katie Hogan, an Obama spokeswoman who left to become spokeswoman for Organizing for Action, a tax-exempt group that pushed Obama’s agenda.

And Michael Gottlieb worked in the White House counsel’s office throughout Obama’s first term. He married NPR reporter Ari Shapiro in 2004, who covered the White House from 2010 to 2014.

And Sari Horwitz covered the Department of Justice for the Washington Post beginning in January 2012. Her husband was William B. Schultz, the general counsel of the Department of Human Services.

And Neil King, a political reporter for the Wall Street Journal, was married to Vice President Joe Biden’s spokeswoman, Shailagh Murray. She was a former Washington Post reporter.

And ABC News reporter Claire Shipman was married to Jay Carney, who served as President Obama’s second official spokesman. Another familial conflict involved Ben Rhodes, Obama’s deputy national security advisor for strategic communications, who bragged in 2016 about how he misled reporters about the Iranian nuclear program, which helped sway public support of this foreign policy disaster. His brother was David Rhodes, president of CBS.

And ABC News president Ben Sherwood was the brother of Elizabeth Sherwood-Randall, who joined the Obama administration in 2009.

“After marrying her progeny into the royal houses of Germany, Russia, Sweden, Denmark, Norway, Greece and Spain, Queen Victoria was known as the grandmother of Europe. The inbreeding among Obama’s court and its press corps is more like one of those ‘I’m my own grandpa’ deals,” radio host Mark Steyn wrote.

(That passage is from "Trump the Establishment," by the way.)

Having taken over and co-opted just about every newspaper in America (only 20 endorsed Trump while 243 endorsed Hillary) the little Marxists are upset to learn that small sites are popping up to fill the need for real news from a sane point of view. Americans want to read news from people who don't call killing babies "reproductive rights" and who know there are two genders. It's not that we are hostile to new ideas, it is that we discard the ones that don't work.

Politico has given birth to babies in state capitals. It wants to abort the conservative ones.

Of course.


  1. The communists are upset that conservative organisations are taking up mainstream names. The left has been doing that forever to hide their real purpose.

  2. sight readers are a new breed of cat...let's not cater to their impediment.

  3. you forgot David Rhodes, Ben Rhodes' brother who is president of CBS News.

    1. Read it again Anonymous. He did mention the Rhodes brothers.

  4. The enemedia hate. Hate, HATE competition. It burrrrrrrrrrrrrrrnnnnnnnnnnnnns their butts.

  5. Let them Bitch and Moan, it's what they do..then tell the Leftists to go F*ck themselves...see you in court because that's also what you always do..

  6. They say, "incest is best when it's kept in the family."

    It's good to see urinalism getting back to its roots, speaking of finding "credible sources that you can rely on."

    Which reminds me, I'm low on toilet paper.

  7. In true liberal elitist fashion, Culver believes readers are too stupid to realize a website's political leaning on their own. The snotty arrogance is infuriating.

  8. There is a reason that cops and crooks don't go to the same picnics.

  9. OT:

    Another form of winning; as they say at NHRA dragstrips, "I won ugly, but I still won":

    Pull Quote:

    "When you become Trump (try to out-do Trump at his A-Game), Trump wins"

    Winning is Winning.

  10. Superb column, Don!

  11. Politics is starting Planned Printhood and will be looking to a pelosi and Schumer for grants.

  12. "In general, when people try to adopt the forms of journalism without the norms of journalism..."

    What a crock. Just look at the Democrats with bylines at the White House Correspondents' dinner. These people are hacks and even the idea of a "Center for Journalism Ethics" is laughable.

  13. And this will be how Conservatives will get along with FB, Twitter, and anything else you care to mention.

    said the issue is not the site’s conservative content

    And proceeded to call the Orkin Man to have her nose checked for termites.

  14. Thank the Lord for Don Surber. Nobody does it better!

  15. About the first thing Hugo Chavez did when he took over Venezuela was shut down those Venezuelan media outlets that opposed him. See how well that all turned out

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