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Thursday, May 03, 2018

North Korea gives up its prisoners

Bored by winning yet?

"North Korea is preparing to release three U.S. detainees ahead of President Trump's summit with North Korean leader Kim Jong Un, according to an activist who spoke to the AFP," the Hill reported.

Readers should not be surprised.

President Trump wanted the Korean War to end and it is.

Kim Jong Un is cooperating. This release is a sign that Kim's nuclear program may no longer exist, the victim of a tunnel collapse last September.

"South Korean activist Choi Sung Ryong, who is connected with sources in the North, told the outlet that the three Korean-American detainees, Kim Dong Chul, Kim Sang Duk and Kim Hak Song, are staying in a hotel outside of Pyongyang. Choi said the U.S. and North Korea were reportedly close to reaching a deal on the captives' release," the Hill reported.

"According to Choi, the three detainees were being separated, but were going on tours, receiving medical treatment and eating good food."

Contrast and compare to Kim's release of Otto Frederick Warmbier as a walking corpse last June.

Kim is not acting like a nice guy because he suddenly saw the light.

Meanwhile, China is pressing on Kim.

"Beijing hopes that talks between the United States and North Korea will be smooth and achieve substantial progress, China's foreign minister said on Wednesday during a rare visit to Pyongyang as the Asian superpower tries to mend ties with its nuclear-armed neighbor," Channel News Asia reported.

This is another sign, from CNBC, "North Korea is shifting its time zone 30 minutes to align with South Korea's."

Nobel? As President Trump said, peace is the prize.


  1. They'll give bathouse barry another Nobel.

  2. I’m not sure I can unsee that video. Hilarious.

    It almost sounds like Trump is telling Fatman to jump and he’s asking how high on the way up. 😀

    1. I find it even funnier, because the guy who made the original "Gagnam Style" video absolutely hates Donald J. Trump!

  3. They have no nuclear program anymore. Some
    Speculation that when Kim was out of the country on China the military leaders that keep him in check and in Power were eliminated - by the Chinese or US or both. He has a weak hand and PDJT knows this but is going to have him save face. north Korea can be like Viet Nam - cheap labor for China and others, food and work for the citizens and Kim in still in charge.

    1. Face saving is important in Asia. Trump won. We are discussing surrender. A time to confront, a time to be benevolent...

  4. Our high-level economic team is headed to China this week to discuss a big trade agreement. The Chinese can't afford to not make an agreement. - Elric

  5. You owe me a keyboard, Surber.
    That video was genius, btw.