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Wednesday, May 23, 2018

NFL may penalize kneeling

The National Football League wants patriotic Americans back.


The Hill reported, "NFL owners on Tuesday mulled the possibility of assessing an in-game penalty against teams whose players kneel in protest during the national anthem."

The news organization said a 15-yard penalty was possible.

"Sports journalists took to Twitter and roundly criticized the concept," the Hill reported.

Ah, the modern sportswriter carries a virtue signal with him at all times.

The heroic 7th Tweet Fleet included Don Van Natta Jr., Senior Writer for ESPN; Gary Parrish, a college basketball columnist and TV analyst for CBS Sports; and Pat Forde, national college columnist for Yahoo Sports.

Either respect our country or don't play our national anthem.


  1. Who cares? They screwed the pooch. It will take a while, but a slow decline is their future.

  2. Ah! New prospective members of the PDT wall of shame!

  3. Ron in Ohio Sez:

    B-F-D! Since when did an anti-American, B-L-M (ONLY) adherent care about "penalties"? They started this crap over the Poll-leese penalizing them for their wrong doings.

    I must also revise the last sentence; Either respect our country or don't play your game.

  4. So each game will start off with off-setting 15 yard penalties? Big deal.

    1. How about each player that kneels causes a 15 yard penalty, to be applied on the succeeding down, one per player violating? ;-)

    2. Ron in Ohio Sez:

      Hey, Sounds good to me!

      After each team gets their penalties for they's own Ghetto-Rat's stupidity (Sorry, repeated myself) The 1st quarter would be over in no time,0-0.

      Fine every violator a game's pay and suspend them the next game (Without pay of course) for conduct detrimental to the team - Then, double the fines and penalties if they shoot they's mouth's off over the "injustice".

      Then MAYBE - JUST MAYBE - They would get the picture. Could be the shortest NFL schedule in history.

    3. My thought exactly. At least one hater On each team will conspire and kneel together.

  5. Now that they brought it up, they'd better do it.

    If they don't, they're just punching themselves in the eye a second time for no good reason.

  6. 15 yards? Nothin. I watched the Real Madrid - Bayern Munich soccer game over the weekend (great match, BTW). Most all the players were NOT from the home countries. They all stood for the anthems. Any and all Commies left in the NFL who don’t stand and respect our flag should receive a game suspension, right then and there. Oh, and without pay. It’s time to stop “tolerating” these asswipes.

  7. In 2016, the NFL made the big mistake of hiring Clinton flack Joe Lockhart as their chief of communications. I'd be willing to bet a month's pay that he was the one who convinced the NFL not to punish Kaepernick, but to cater to him. (They posted his statement on the NFL website, recall.)

    Well, whaddya know, Joe Lockhart left his job at the NFL on May 1, for a cushy gig at Edelman. Again, I'd be willing to bet a month's pay that Lockhart's departure is linked to the league's sudden decision to do a 180 on the anthem protests.

  8. How about those sports journalists kneel on TV while the anthem is played. They will be fired by ESPN when ratings crash!

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