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Tuesday, May 15, 2018

Name That Party, Jerusalem embassy edition

Steve Peoples and Aron Heller of the Associated Press came up with a good angle for the opening of the U.S. Embassy in Jerusalem, "Republicans celebrate opening of U.S. Embassy in Jerusalem."

Well, all Americans should.

The report began, "The opening of the U.S. embassy in Jerusalem attracted more than a dozen Republican members of Congress, two billionaire GOP fundraisers and the president's eldest daughter, putting on a display of political muscle and Republican unity rare for the Trump era."

Rare party unity? Ho ho ho. Tax cuts, 17 appellate judges, and repealing regulations reveal a party that is getting its agenda advanced.

Every poll shows Republicans back Trump with the same passion Democrats gave Obama.

Of course, when the press gives 10 times as much time and ink to flakes like Jeff Flake, of course the party looks divided.

Paragraph 4 said, "The celebration underscored the power of the evangelical wing of the party, which has set aside early skepticism of Trump to deliver some the president's most loyal — and rewarded — backers. The outpouring of support Tuesday, initiated by a president who isn't steeped in the complex issues, even surprised some of the movement leaders."

Never mind that the last three presidents promised to move the embassy there, which became federal law 23 years ago.

But where were the Democrats in all this?

Paragraph 12: "Not a single elected Democrat attended the celebration in Israel. Most were silent Monday as the ceremony unfolded on television. A few, including Senate Minority Leader Chuck Schumer, issued written statements of support."

Burying this means most readers won't see it because they stop reading after a few paragraphs. Evidently even the Fourth Estate is embarrassed by the Party of Marx.


  1. The Emperor Constantine wasn’t everything the early Christian Church could’ve wished, but he got the job done.

    "In hoc signo vinces"


  3. Schumer wanted to attend but Joe Manchin stared him down.

  4. You stay objective WaPo

    Josh Rogin
    ‏Verified account @joshrogin

    On the new U.S. embassy plaque, "Donald J. Trump" is in a larger font size than "Jerusalem, Israel"

  5. I'm still trying to figure out why a U.S. pastor who said Jews are going to hell was picked to lead the prayer - in front of the Kushners - and many others of their faith no less.

    1. Thx for rushing over from DemUnderground with that breathless bit of spin.
      Pls go to YouTube, find the prayer and then let us know the minute:second offset of the place where he says bad stuff about the Jews.

      We'll wait ...

    2. Great advice, Jim! For those waiting, "don't hold your breath...."

    3. So Jim and Esky, you are saying that Robert Jeffress has never said that Jews are going to hell? Not going to hold my breath for you to admit "yes."
      And if you say "no," then go to youtube for video of Jeffress saying this.

    4. All religions teach that those who do not adhere to there tenants are going to end up some place unpleasant. Jews have a special place in Scriptures though it is confusing to me as to what God intends to do with the Jews.

  6. So you're a lazy sack of excrement too? NOT surprised!
    OK, here is the prayer. Point out where he curses the Jews.
    Waiting ....

    1. Your English is about as good as Melania's. I never said Jeffress said Jews are going to hell yesterday. I said that Jeffress has made such a statement and why would a Jew hater be picked to lead a prayer in Jerusalem? I typed slow hoping you would absorb this but I am not holding my breath.

    2. Let me make this clear for you"you go to hell" and I do not hate Jews.

  7. How many Palestinians does it take to change a light bulb? Two. One to change the bulb and one to drive the suicide truck.