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Friday, May 04, 2018

Most think Manchin doesn't deserve re-election

While Democrats nationally smile at the increasing likelihood that Republicans will nominate Donald Blankenship on Tuesday, the bad news continues to pile up for Joe Manchin, D-Schumer.

His daughter's company laying off 400 workers cannot help him.

The Morning Consult poll found 53% of West Virginians do not think Manchin deserves another term. Only 32% say Washington Joe deserves another six years in the Senate.

And Washington Joe he is. He sold himself as being opposed to Obamacare.

He lied. He voted against its repeal.

Manchin sold himself as supporting the Second Amendment.

He lied. He proposed more gun control.

Manchin sold himself as an independent Democrat.

He lied. He sat back down when Chuck Schumer signaled him not to applaud the Tax Cuts and Job Act of 2017.

And Manchin voted against cutting everyone's taxes.

In the generic congressional matchup -- Will you vote for the Republican for the Democrat for Congress? -- West Virginia is one of the few states where Republicans have an edge: a whopping 14%.

That sounds like the lead Democrats had in all four of John Raese's nominations for the Senate.

Manchin is the new Raese.

Now THAT is funny.

I will have more on Blankenship's campaign at a later time. The sun is out. The top is down. The little red Mustang calls.


  1. Don't forget your hat! And enjoy the ride.

    1. When I sent this out on the WV Feed on Thursday and drove off. When it posted on the blog today, I was driving over the Nitro Bridge. Man of my word

  2. Like I said, I’d vote for Bozo The Clown before I voted for Status Quo Joe. Just asked my wife who she was going to vote for. She got mock angry and said she’d picked Blankenship before I did! Fair enough. ELECT BUSINESS PEOPLE, people!

    1. Exactly Z Guy

      Gov't should be run as a business enterprise and by people who understand business.

      cheers SC

  3. For y'all's sake in WV, I hope that the 53% that are opposed to Manchin show up and vote.

  4. If goofy convicted felon Blakenship wins on Tuesday then Manchin will easily win reelection. Blankenship is an embarrassment.