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Tuesday, May 15, 2018

More than 10% of appellate judges are now Trump appointees

The Senate confirmed President Donald Trump's 20th and 21st appointees to the circuit courts today, despite Washington Joe Manchin.

He represents West Virginia -- the Trumpiest place on Earth -- and five times he has voted against Trump's appellate court appointee. Maybe I should put air quotes around represents.

Ten more Trump appointees at the circuit court level await confirmation votes. There are 179 circuit court judges. Already 21 of them were appointed by Trump.

Manchin and his fellow Democrats are livid. They are trying to slow the process down and voting in record numbers against Trump's judicial picks.

"While Trump has moved quickly to put his stamp on the federal judiciary, his judges have also faced a record amount of opposition, at least based on the average number of Senate votes cast against them," John Gramlich of Pew Research Center said.

From JFK through Bush 41, votes against judicial nominees were rare -- less than 1%. Under Clinton, that notched above 1%.

Bush 43 hit 2%.

Obama hit 6.2%.

Democrats have pushed votes against Trump's nominees by a whopping 22.6%.

In March, Ken Blackwell wrote, "On the Senate floor, Trump nominees won confirmation by an average of 59 votes to 39, while Obama nominees averaged 89 votes to seven.

"Republicans attempted to block (via filibuster) confirmation votes on only two of Obama’s first nominees, whereas Democrats today have filibustered every single one of the 14 Trump nominees brought up for confirmation.

"The numbers are stark. In short, when Republicans were in the minority, they were more willing to support President Obama’s less-qualified nominees than Senate Democrats are today.

"As exemplified by these individuals, President Trump’s nominations show his drive to pick judges of impeccable accomplishment. It’s a shame that Democrats won’t get on board."

If that is how the game is played now, no red state should send a Democrat to the Senate because voters would be cancelling out their presidential vote.

Manchin made his bed as Chuck Schumer's lackey. Let him lie in it.

After all, Manchin likes to lie.


  1. If Status Quo thinks he can get by on good looks and his time as governor, he’s got another thing coming. Mountaineers be woke, baby, for real. As Stevie Wonder sang:

    We are amazed but not amused
    By all the things you say you’ll do
    Though much concerned but not involved
    With decisions that are made by you
    And we are sick and tired of hearing you song
    Telling how you’re gonna change right from wrong
    Cause if you really want to hear our views

  2. I wonder what Schumer has on Manchin? Or was he just promised Congressional welfare if he gets voted out?

    If you pay attention to what happens to congressmen when they leave Congress you'll notice that the ones who "keep the faith" are rewarded with juicy sinecures that pay awfully well for a job that doesn't really do anything.

    It's legal bribery, except the payoff comes after they leave office. (Some of them have to wait until they get out of prison to cash in.)

  3. You have to think that, once a Trump finally gets through the process, he/she is going to be right p*ssed at the Dems.

  4. You guys have Washington Joe, and I have Tehran Jon Tester.

  5. Not fast enough. Some Senate Republicans are pushing for McConnell to get off his dead ass and work 5 days a week to get a "budget" passed before fall and confirm judges FASTER!

  6. Personnel is policy - Trump is doing great. McConnell gets credit for not giving in to Obama; would get a lot more credit for going faster.

    Republicans should be denouncing the "new rules -- Dems vote against Rep judges". Those are rules which the Dem media will hate in the future, when "Reps vote against Dem judges". But Dems today don't care.