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Wednesday, May 30, 2018

Media throws chum to the chumps

In a few weeks, we will reach the third anniversary of Donald John Trump descending down a golden elevator into the presidential race. The event triggered the media's descension into the pits of irrelevancy.

The New York Daily News portrayed him as a clown. National Review called him an ape. And he's the crude one, right?

Three years later, the media continues to feed a shrinking audience of Trump haters a daily ration of anti-Trump drivel designed to keep these demented souls in a state of agitation that stopped being healthy two years ago.

The Washington Post reported today, "On Fox News of all places, Trump's ‘spy’ claim is debunked by Trey Gowdy and even Judge Napolitano."

Wasn't Napolitano suspended for saying the British government concocted that Russian dossier?

Politico reported, "Playbook: Mueller probing whether Trump pressured Sessions to engage in Russia investigation."

The Constitution makes Trump the boss of Sessions.

Then there's Kyle Cheney's story about Trump sharing "classified details" with donors.

All these stories are just that. Stories. Fairy tales. Reassurances that the boogie man will soon go away and the rightful heir of Chairman Barack, Hillary, will be queen of the land.

They lie. President Trump called the rapists and decapitators in the MS-13 gang "animals." The New York Times reported this as President Trump calling all immigrants animals.

After three years of this, only a chump believes the media. And reporters duly throw these wild tales to their chump readers and viewers like chum.

The media's lens is now a kaleidoscope, providing a psychedelic view of the Trump presidency. Consider the coverage of President Trump's handling of North Korea.

Six months ago, the media assured us President Trump would trigger World War 3 with his tweets.

One month ago, the media assured us President Trump would give away the store at a summit with Kim Jong Un.

Two weeks ago, the media assured us President Trump cancelled the summit to beat Kim to the punch.

This weekend, the media assured us President Trump was asking the impossible to have a summit in two weeks.

Increasingly, Americans reject this alternative reality. Rather than dial it down, the media cranked it up.

Over the weekend, the media pitched a Democratic Party line that President Trump was cruel to children brought here illegally or born here to illegal aliens.

The evidence cited, however, was from 2014 -- when Obama was in the White House.

Investor's Business Daily smacked the media upside the head for this in an editorial.

"Over the long weekend, President Trump's critics were in a sputtering rage over his supposedly losing 1,500 illegal immigrant children, sticking them in cages, and putting others on specially equipped prison buses. Turns out, it was all 100% bogus," Investor's Business Daily said.

The editorial took apart the media's claims, and ended, "Trump's critics are increasingly behaving like reckless, irresponsible, childish, hate-filled, divisive, uninformed scaremongers who will believe anything that makes Trump look bad. In other words, they are showing themselves to be everything they accuse Trump of being."

I agree.

Three years ago, two parties descended. Donald Trump wound up behind the Resolute Desk. The media belongs in the loony bin.


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  1. Trump stood on Air Force 1 and claimed he didn't know anything about Stormy Daniels payoffs. Fake News he cried, and his dupes echoed. That story has changed 1/2 dozen times & clearly Trump lied.

    "The Media" isn't so fake when it suits the lil' Trumpster's narrative. If the reporting is about Eric Schneiderman or Harvey Weinstein, then Faux News channel is happy to selectively curate to create their desired narrative.

    Does Faux News channel ever do any fact finding? So much of their programming is already state media style editorials.

    1. How do YOU know what Trump knew and when he knew it? Are you all seeing, all knowing?

      Giuliani said Trump learned about the payments in the recent past. He WAS pretty busy those days immediately before the election when Stormy did the porn version of slip and fall, you know. And Stormy Daniels, the aging porn-performer-turned-stripper and her discredited bankrupted, back-tax-owing, lying, facing-disbarment "lawyer" just slapped down by a Clinton appointed judge are what YOU look to as "honest brokers" of information. So there's that.

    2. If Trump did in fact sleep with Stormy Daniels, he only did it once.

      That must really be tough on the poor gal’s ego.

    3. If the story changed, it's because Md Daniels changed it. Particularly since she denied for 8 years anything happened.

    4. The hypocrisy is all yours. You've sputtered about on this blog umpteen times in defense of a politician you have personally felated, who lied about sex, even under oath, and who had to make a payoff, and lost his privileges at the bar over doing so.

    5. Rant on, Poopsie. GREAT stuff!!!

    6. The Stormy Daniels payoff looks like blackmail to me. Why hasn't this video prostitute been charged with blackmail? Did she pay income tax on the blackmail payment? If not, why not and why isn't the IRS auditing her tax returns?

    7. How to spot an idiot in one easy lesson:

      If they use the term "Faux News" to describe the highest rated cable news channel, you may disregard everything else that person says.

      News flash for the person using the stupid term "Faux News": back in the Clinton Era, all you I'm-With-Hers were telling us "everybody lies about sex." Now you are exercised over Stormy Daniels sufficiently to think that is more important than North Korea, or ISIS/Syria, or Iran sanctions, or immigration policy, or prison reform, or taxes and the economy. Man oh man, your priorities are some kind of screwed up. And that's not "Faux News" talking.

    8. "The Stormy Daniels payoff looks like blackmail to me. Why hasn't this video prostitute been charged with blackmail?"

      *looks about the media landscape*

      Stormy who?

      I think Donald Trump knows more about how ephemeral media fame is, especially during the social media era, than any other person out there.

      Wasn't there someone out there that made a big splash? Milo Yappapocalypse or something?

      Exactly. Trump knows media, Trump knows fame, Trump has pursued and wooed both over the past forty years. None of his critics - none - have the slightest talent or knowledge with regard to media pursuit and fame-wooing that he has.

      Thank God.

      -Mikey NTH

    9. To quote the liberal "Fake News" media, just a few years ago "The presidents personal life is between him and his wife" but of course that was about a liberal Billy Clinton.

      No one cares about two consenting having a one night stand except the liberal media and their liberal PC crowd.

  2. The IB Daily said it well:
    Trump's critics are increasingly behaving like reckless, irresponsible, childish, hate-filled, divisive, uninformed scaremongers who will believe anything that makes Trump look bad.

  3. "In front of big-dollar donors, Trump shared classified details of clash with Russian forces in Syria. "

    Do they know that the president can declassify anything he wants?

    1. Even military secrets.Jimmy Carter gave away the stealth bomber program without any repercussions.

  4. There are a lot of problems in this country that would heal naturally if only the media printed the truth not the Dem Party spin.

    1. Hear ! Hear !

      That is the biggest truth today.

      If PRESIDENT Trump were to call Vladimir Putin so as to avert a nuclear war, the damn "Media" would "report" it as "Collusion". Makes it much more difficult to conduct international relations.

      The damn MSM are making the world a more dangerous place - all to satisfy their childish snit.

    2. As long as you recognize the CriminalLiberalMedia as DemCong Party operatives with bylines, it all will become clear. Hat tip to Glenn Reynolds.

  5. I can recall, when I was a little kid, being quite delirious with fever during a bout of measles.

    The Fake Newsers’ blatherings put me in mind of the fever-dreams I experienced way back then.

    1. Had the same ones, Dave. Big lumberjacks whose faces suddenly got all sad. Remember it well.

  6. 'More of the same, just louder' is not going to work out for the MSM.

  7. Rejoice! Rejoice! I say again Rejoice! The MSM is losing its mind. Rejoice!

    1. Oh, and Big D, there are plenty of rooms available at the Trans Allegheny Lunatic Asylum. Just sayin...

  8. There is a good reason why many of us are glad to see Roosterhead Gowdy leave Congress. What Gowdy said (or what they claim he said) beggars belief.

  9. IBD’s opinion page is essential reading.

  10. Our resident Anonymous troll and his buddies in and out of the MSM remind me of a bunch of Mean Girls.
    Petty, often without factual info, willing to spin other stuff to the worst possible meanings, etc.
    Silly, silly mean girls.

  11. Trump is the CNC of the only force in the world today moving against the armies of darkness. I don't personally care about his sins of the past or even those of the future nor do I care if he always tells me the truth. I want him to crush my enemies so I and my son's can live the free life I want us to live. If Trump is a deceptive Hannibal and always takes the city on the hill with a bag of gold and a mule it is better for me as his trooper. I don't want the pious Mitt or any of the guranteed losers who make up the R party today leading me to that virtuous but useless martyrs death of 'cross and flame', sure to be ordered by another worse than Obama. Do I want angry ignorant people like humorless troll and his cynical indifferent Masters at Amazon CNN and ABC and the NYT running my life? I think not. Trump forever.

    1. Pretty damn close to where I’m at, brother.

    2. That's me too. There's lots of us out here who look at the rise of Trump that way, as a trade where we give up stupid things that don't matter in exchange for things that do. It's not that complicated, really.

    3. It's only complicated if you try to argue around that fact. We were not stupid enough to vote for Hillary because we are not stupid. Simple enough: I prefer a constitutional America to the Progressive socialism the democrat party has been pushing for years, even decades. -- BJ54

    4. This is pretty much it. The goal is to destroy the country's republican nature and replace it with a pure democracy run by an oligarchy of the 'smart',namely themselves. Some in the media press think they are the smart, but for the most part they are really just tools without independent Will, sort of sex dolls for their owners. ABC gave up 60 million in revenue cancelling Rosanne. It didn't even blink because Disney makes billions doing other things. So how important is accurate news to the bottom line? Not a jot.

  12. Remember Vox Day's Third Rule of SJWs: SJWs always project. Rush Limbaugh stated it as well over five years ago. If you want to see what the Dimocrat Party is doing look at what they accuse Republicans of doing. - GOC

  13. Most of these headlines would be improved if you prepended them with "Mommy, Mommy!"