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Thursday, May 03, 2018

Kanye West just doubled Trump's support among black men

President Donald Trump's approval among black men is at 22%, according to Reuters.

That's double last week's approval of 11%.

Among white men, his approval is 54.6%.

"The results are interesting given the recent transformation of Kanye West, who posted a picture of himself wearing a Make America Great Again hat on his Twitter account last week," the Daily Caller reported.

I don't quite know what to make of West's sudden burst of Trump Love but I do know that President Trump's efforts to put America first benefit a higher percentage of black men than it benefits white men.

For example, kicking out illegal aliens will help unemployed native Americans get jobs. Given that black people suffer a higher unemployment rate, they have more to gain.

Our Pravda press wants to diminish him. MSNBC has an online poll, "Do you support Kanye West's efforts to reclaim the Confederate flag?"

Suddenly, West is a white supremacist to the eyes of our white press corps. Blizzards aren't as white as the audience at the White House Correspondents Dinner was.


  1. Black culture is very group-oriented.

    As an old straphanger in Philadelphia, I noticed how all the blacks, particularly guys, would wear the same thing (Kangol caps, Colorado Rockies shirts, Triple FAT Goose, Hilfiger) once it caught on.

    West is a trend-setter.

  2. Ummm sure....more logical fallacies...but whatever balm salves crazy Uncle Rudy going on Faux News to field softballs from Hannity and torpedoing Cohen's defense. With legal defense like this, Michael Avenatti's talents are being wasted.

    Trump lied and is lying. Porn star payoffs all around. Thanks Rudy. This is absolutely hilarious.

    1. Omg
      The most powerful man in the world might have a healthy libido. Run for your faunting couch.
      And that Mike Pence - he refuses to have dinner alone with women not his wife.
      Your hypocrisy knows no bounds

    2. Rudy G. spoke to how things work for the wealthy. Attorneys handle the day to day, even making payments for things. They they bill their client. The client pays. They may never even look at the invoice, their staff would. Thus, PDJT paid Cohen back the 130k. He may not have known the amount and the why about the payment until it hit the news.

      Rudy G. spoke on this with the blessing of PDJT. It is the truth, it is legal and it again distracts the media (and you) as North Korea, the Middle East, NAFTA, etc. unfold.

    3. Pretty much everybody knew that PDT MIGHT be a player. Most of us don't care one bit. When someone of absolutely impeccable morals comes along who can do what PDT does, I'll consider thinking about him.

    4. The story I read said it was to get her to knock off the harassment. "If we give you the money you clearly want, will you shut up"?

      Not that there was anything to it. In fact, she's denied anything happened any number of times. It's just that any time she runs short, she hits the ATM.

  3. Kanye "Slavery was a choice" West. That quote and his renewed love for Trump just as he releases a new soundtrack. No such thing as bad publicity, eh?

    1. Free your mind and your rear will follow.

      -Mikey NTH

    2. But Mikey, if a Leftist unclenches, his Democrat membership swipe-card won’t scan.

    3. He's talking about that slave mentality that makes many blacks refuse to take responsibility for their lives. This is why the Lefties had to silence Cos.

      PS If he wanted publicity, all he had to do was a group sex thing with his wife and sisters-in-law.

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