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Wednesday, May 09, 2018

Iran strikes Israel. Pretty dumb move

The Persians are learning now what the Arabs learned in 1948, 1967, and 1973: Don't mess with Israel.

President Trump nixed Obama's failed Iran Deal.

Iran decided to take it out on Israel. As usual, Israel was prepared.

"The Israeli military set out on an extensive retaliatory attack against Iranian targets and military bases in Syria early Thursday morning after Iranian forces fired 20 rockets at army outposts on the Golan Heights overnight," Haaretz reported.

"Israel attributes the Iranian attack to members of the Quds force of the Iranian Revolutionary Guard. No injuries were reported as a result of the strike on Israeli territory. Several rockets were intercepted by the Iron Dome missile defense system.

"The counter-attack, the army said, was being carried out by army jet planes and some of the strikes are hitting targets deep within Syria. The military warned Syria not to use anti-tank missiles against its airplanes, saying that should they be deployed, the IDF will also hit Syrian anti-tank apparatuses."

Syria, no fools, complied.

Saudi Arabia sided with Israel. The two are allied to finally pacify the Middle East after seven decades of turmoil and occasional war.

"When Saudi Arabia’s Crown Prince visited France in April, he oozed confidence that President Donald Trump would pull the United States out of the Iran nuclear deal which Riyadh has long opposed," Reuters reported.

"Answering reporters’ questions in Paris, two weeks after talks with Trump in Washington, Prince Mohammed bin Salman compared the deal to the 1938 Munich Agreement which was meant by European powers to appease Nazi Germany but ended in war.

"Where French, German and British diplomatic efforts failed with Trump, Saudi Arabia’s appear to have succeeded."

Too bad we cannot put Trump in a time machine and send him back to 1938 to stop Chamberlain.

But we have Trump now. And Israel. And Prince Mohammed bin Salman. Sometimes the world gets lucky.

Meanwhile, Secretary of State Mike Pompeo is bringing home three American hostages from North Korea. The world is becoming one big top-down day.


  1. The Mullahs want to make the Trump Effect list.

    1. I bet the Mullahs are more reasonable than Maxine Waters.

    2. At least they are far brighter and much more coherent, but messing with Israel for no good reason makes me question their intelligence.

    3. Anonymous, maybe the Iranians believe what Kerry is telling them. And that would be a huge mistake...for them.

  2. If they make the list, it could be the last thing they'll ever do. And look like Wile E. Coyote while they do it. Trump is all out of chewing gum!

  3. The mullahs are not dealing with Obama anymore.

    His most devastating response was “send quiche”.

    1. I would say it was the James Taylor episode. He's not that great a performer.

  4. Iran just opened a can of Kosher whooparse. It will be short and interesting.
    Even if I was a Quids thug, I wouldn't
    feel safe even in Iran-I certainly wouldn't stay in the barracks ...TG

    1. You reckon the Israeli Air Force is going to demonstrate some of that Persian carpet-bombing?

  5. Bases loaded, Trump at the plate, and he points to the center field bleachers.

    I do believe he intends to solve a whole bunch of problems in one swell foop. NoKo NoNukes NoMo. 25% China, and maybe I'm not done. Putin, are those mercenaries your guys? No? Boom. Bibi, why don't you poke the Iranians with a stick.

    And on the 7th day he played golf.

  6. Maybe it was Kerry's idea.

    It's sure stupid enough to be.

  7. "Sometimes the world gets lucky." Not luck -- in Hebrew we call it Hashgacha Pratit (Divine Providence: the Creator looks after His creation).

  8. 2 groups you never mess with:

    God's Chosen People and The One True Church.

    If you try it, you will do it only once.