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Thursday, May 10, 2018

If the FBI doesn't have to comply with a subpoena, why should the president?

Or you?

Or I?

"House Intelligence Committee Chairman Devin Nunes (R-Calif.) and House Oversight and Government Reform Committee Chairman Trey Gowdy (R-S.C.) will receive a classified briefing on Thursday related to documents pertaining to special counsel Robert Mueller’s investigation," the Hill reported.

That's nice, but unless citizens also can get away with briefing instead of complying, then this is all special treatment for the ruling class.

"The classified briefing reportedly follows a meeting at the White House on Tuesday between Deputy Attorney General Rod Rosenstein, his deputy and White House chief of staff John Kelly. Nunes has requested and filed a subpoena for heavily classified documents that relate to Mueller’s probe," the Hill reported.

"However, the Justice Department has been hesitant to comply with his request, warning that turning over the material could risk lives."


The Justice Department leaks like a sieve. Most of the FBI's power -- and all of Bobby Mueller's -- rests on doling out secret information to friendly reporters.

If you can leak it to Jake Tapper, you can comply with a congressional subpoena.


  1. Sometimes I think the dems did all this just to breathe a little life into their dying media complex.

    1. If that is true the disease appears to be worsening rather than improving. - Elric

    2. Elric - that is true of all democrat (and GOPe) initiatives.

    3. I think it's akin to a breathing machine: last minute desperation.

    4. Given what passes for journalism these days, that mob wouldn’t work in an iron lung. And they wouldn’t sweat in a pressure-cooker.

  2. A lot of this would appear to be all those old rules of civility the Whigs had to accept.

    I expect a lot of it to go away as of November.

  3. Doesn't the president have the power to fire the whole damn bunch of them? Then subpoena them one by one as private citizens.

  4. What have we seen recently? Unredacted documents that didn't have anything to do with national security or preserving the integrity of an investigation. Once the documents were shown in their entirety it could only be said that they were redacted to prevent further embarrassment of the DoJ and FBI. Which only lends more credence to charges of Republicans that DoJ and FBI are slow walking the production of documents. The Federal bureaucracy cannot be allowed to operate without oversight. There are already too many signs that these institutions have become infected with activists and begun to operate outside their authority.

  5. Congress should NOT allow the FBI or DOJ to testify what their budget needs are. Congress should just randomly assign a number, say 40% of the 2012 budget for 2018 and tell them they have no "right" to say anything about it as it isn't within their purview and then FBI/DOJ can live with it.

  6. They will get away with it.

    We The People wait too long to start waking up.

    President Mr.Trump is doing a magnificent job, but there aren't enough Americans left in places of power.

    Hopefully those who follow us will figure-out where we mucked it up and do better... regain their Liberty and safeguard it better than we have.

    I just don't feel very well, this afternoon. I guess it's causing me to become depreeded.


    – BmG