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Sunday, May 20, 2018

How Obama became the first communist president

The use of the state to spy on and infiltrate the campaign of a political opponent is the final proof of the truth that we have averted our eyes from for the last 14 years.

Barack Obama is a communist. Mild compared to Castro or Mao, but nevertheless a believer in state control of everything.

Electing a communist president was easy, although it took more than seven decades. While the steps were many -- Stalin's Soviet Union collapsed before achieving his goal -- the major ones are obvious in hindsight.

The quest began after Stalin stole America's nuclear bomb secrets. Roy Cohn prosecuted Stalin's spies. We hanged them.

Stalin got revenge. He placed a big fat target on Cohn, who went to Washington to help Senator Joseph McCarthy ferret communists out of the Army and State Department.

Many people confuse this with the House UnAmerican Activities Committee, which examined communism in Hollywood. Much ridiculed in the press (even conservatives mocked HUAC) look at Hollywood today and try to deny that communism lives on in America's entertainment industry.

The elitists ripped McCarthy, called his quest for the truth a witch hunt, and made his name synonymous with the type of investigative fishing expedition Bobby Mueller has engaged in.

The net result was you no longer could call anyone a communist in America. Not even an actual communist. We call them liberal, progressive, socialist, and even Marxist, but never in polite society may we call them communists.

The downfall of McCarthy protected the communists in our federal government. We put one -- John Brennan -- as head of our CIA.

Various Lyndon Johnson changes weakened state governments. Medicaid, which pays for health care for the poor, consumes 15% or so of state budgets. This has driven states to adopt gambling, state sales taxes, state income taxes, and more in an effort to pay the state's share

The Voting Rights Act of 1965 forced states to gerrymander along racial lines, a clear violation of the 14th Amendment. Johnson was too clever by half as states herded black voters into black electoral ghettos. This made it easier for Republicans to eventually regain control of the House.

The takeover of the academic world was a natural. Smart people are easy to fool. Just stroke their egos and tell them how smart they are.

Churches were easily compromised. Johnson in the 1950s convinced Congress to ban allowing churches to engage in politics -- using IRS tax exceptions to keep them in line. This is a clear violation of the First Amendment as well a repudiation of the founding principle of the nation: freedom of religion.

The Protestant church was a driving force in ending slavery. "The Battle Hymn of the Republic" is exactly what the title says it is. ("As he died to make men holy, let us die to make men free, while God is marching on.") Yes, I know Southern churches favored slavery, but the black church served as Moses for the slaves.

Revisionist history swept this aside. Obama refused to associate with the 150th anniversary of the Emancipation Proclamation or the Gettysburg Address or Lee's surrender at Appomattox or passage of the 13th Amendment. Obama knew well that the deaths of 300,000 Union soldiers to set men free is a truth that undercuts the communist argument that ours is an illegitimate country built on genocide and slavery.

Indeed, academia now views the Constitution as a slave document rather than 13 colonies forming a unified nation.

But the churches did not go away into that last goodnight. Born-again Christians -- now called evangelicals -- broke away from the mainstream churches to oppose what eventually became the New World Order.

Communists hate churches. Stalin leveled thousands of them. Religion is the opiate of the masses, comforting them and giving them hope of a New Day long after this life ends.

This is not to denounce all the changes over the last seven decades. My goodness is our world better than our grandparents world. Race relations have greatly improved. the air is clean and so is the water. Mental illness no longer is a life sentence in a state hospital.

But many changes threaten the soul of America, most predominately the acceptance of abortion as a means of birth control, even as pills and devices should make abortion obsolete.

The Lord has given us tools to communicate instantly and globally.

But these tools also give the government, through its corporate sponsors, the ability t oppress.

Donald Trump poses a threat to all that power. When they say he is destroying democratic institutions, what they mean is he is taking back control of those institutions from the Deep State communists. His is a battle for the soul of America.


  1. AWESOME post, Big D. Totally agree with every word. As a Medici once said to to Pope Leo X: “You should understand that those who speak ill of us do not love us.” That’s why I’m so into politics. It ain’t no game any more, people. It is an existential struggle for life as we know it, versus life that we couldn’t bear to live. It’s not benign, the other side’s view. It is deadly cancerous. It loves death. Above all else, IT LOVES DEATH. So thank the Lord that Mr. T was elected. Chances of a 2nd Civil War under Her Thighness? At least 90 percent. She’d have the military, and we’d be screwed.

  2. There's an anthology of sermons of the founding era put out by liberty fund. No churches, no revolution.

    Being against religion is being against freedom itself.

    Dechristianizers of ever era and every revolution have proved this over and over again.

    Know a "right winger" atheist who seethes with hatred for religion? He's a commie at heart. Stay away.


    2. One correction, Doc: it's not religion the Left hates; it's the Bible.

  3. Excellent, excellent post.

  4. Yes, Protestants, keep patting yourselves on the back over the phony War Between the States while ignoring the genocide of the native Americans. Keep in mind that freed black slaves,the "Buffalo Soldiers", were organized into US military units to kill native Americans and take their land. But, apparently, it's more despicable to make people pick cotton for free than it is to kill them and take their homes.

    1. First, they're no more "Native" than anybody else.

      Second, those "peaceful children of Nature" attacked settlers of all races (blacks by Kiowas, Jacksboro massacre; Chinese by Paiutes, Battle Creek massacre).

      Third, when they weren't killing other races, they cheerfully killed each other, probably more than whites ever did.

      Fourth, the "Native Americans" employed the same savagery used today by Mexican drug cartels and gangs like MS-13.

  5. Marvelous post. I used the history of communism in this country in my three spy novels. Facts don't lie. G.B. Pool

  6. The dumbest thing we ever did was end the blacklist in the mid 60s.

    Which the Commies immediately replaced by one of their own.

    The net result was you no longer could call anyone a communist in America.

    The Lefty courts even went further and made it possible to sue anyone who called somebody a Commie and win, even if the defendant was right. If the plaintiff wasn't an official member of the CPUSA, he won

  7. For some, mental illness SHOULD be a life sentence in a state hospital.

    I think such "sentences" will come back once our progressive friends see institutionalization of the mentally ill as a jobs program and gravy train for folks with doctorates and master's degrees in psychiatry, sociology, or counseling the mental institutions will rise again.

    1. It’s already here. It’s called “prison” in California.

  8. "His [Donald Trump's] is a battle for the soul of America."

    That's a battle that patriots get behind!

    So very well said, Don Surber! This is your best post yet!

  9. The greatest trick played was implanting the idea that Communism was bad while socialism is good. It was the Union of Soviet SOCIALIST Republics. Small 'c' communism is benign without socialist force.

    And almost none of the "educated strata" will even acknowledge interventionism which is the creeping socialism through government intervention.

    If you read late 19th century writers on socialism/communism, there perspective is pragmatic. But during the 1920s, this rhetorical difference between socialism and communism changed dramatically.

    "There is the Soviet pattern of all-round socialization of all enterprises and their outright bureaucratic management; there is the German pattern of Zwangswirtschaft, towards the complete adoption of which the Anglo-Saxon countries are manifestly tending; there is guild socialism, under the name of corporativism still very popular in some Catholic countries. There are many other varieties."

    von Mises, Ludwig (1947). Planned Chaos (LvMI) .

    Zwangswirtschaft (German) is an economic system entirely subject to government control. "Zwang" means compulsion, "Wirtschaft" means economy. The English language equivalent for Zwangswirtschaft is something like compulsory economy

    1. Gee. The National Socialist German Workers' Party. Could've been ok except for that pesky take over the world stuff.
      Too bad real Nazi-ism hasn't been tried. /sarc.

  10. Back when I was still in junior high this country was shocked to discover that Nixon was abusing government power to spy on his perceived enemies. Congress passed FISA specifically to prevent any POTUS from engaging in such activity.

    That is why my mind is boggled by the collective yawn of the news media to the revelation that Obama's FBI and CIA were indeed spying on Donald Trump.

    In the immortal words of Bob Dole, "Where's the outrage?"

  11. Sotero was a mix of communist dictator and ayatollah and his cabinet and advisors represented both sides.

  12. Don,this below is why we have abortion,it does not always work or is not used at all or used wrong.
    "But many changes threaten the soul of America, most predominately the acceptance of abortion as a means of birth control, even as pills and devices should make abortion obsolete."

  13. Sorry, Obama wasn't the first Communist president. Woody Wilson was the first and the next commie was Frankie Roosevelt ...

    1. Absolutely correct, but we must add all RAT presidencies to the list of commies and commie lovers.

    2. Erp,
      I'm always cheered a little when I see that others remember U.S.history!

      The clouds blocking the “sunlight” of my mood thinned somewhat when I read your comment!

      A small niggle... an addendum, really... if I may:

      Don't forget, however, that Teddy R. flirthed w|socialism. Slightly in the beginning, but more-so later.

      By the time of his last run, he was noticeably “growing pink around his edges”, which some speculate was “lever factor” that unhorsed his Bull Moose.

      The same historian school of thought also suggest (ie, strongly speculate) that he was the mentor of FDR's communistic thinking, (FDR being an emotionally close nephew of his...).

      — BmG

  14. What is the significance of "14 years." Perhaps because that was when John Kerry was the Democratic nominee for president???

  15. FDR was the first, not Obama. And ALL the administrations have built upon it - both Republicans and Democrats.

    People need to start looking a bit farther back than just the previous administration for where the problems began.

  16. Open Borders globalism is an effective carrier of communism. Churches are complicit in globalists' efforts by accepting money for and promoting refugee resettlement.


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