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Monday, May 21, 2018

Hey, Fox News Research. Do a little research.

And the last time the Democrats won a midterm was?



  1. Yeah, but I don't think in April of that year the full effect of the crash had been felt yet.

  2. My understanding is that the fundraising for individual Dem Congressional candidates has been off-the-charts prolific. So I get no comfort from these party fundraising numbers. On the one hand, I'm-With-Her showed that you could raise and spend a bazillion bucks and have tons o' friendly media and still lose. On the other hand, are the R's putting up any candidates this cycle with anything close to the campaign skills and bullet-proof armor of POTUS-Trump?

    1. PDJT is not unlike Israel : those who bless him will prosper, those who curse him will wither.

  3. Remember how poor GWB was chewed up over the war. By 2006 the country felt it. PDJT hasn't done much war, but we've seen short sharp results. (Mattis is apparently the right man for the job. We know because he's invisible. No shootdowns, no forced landings, little, not zero (but it is never zero), bad juju so far, kayn aynhoreh, long may it last.)

    Anyway, if war is an issue it breaks pro-Trump. Korea is pro-Trump so far. Iran is on notice, no more Mr Nice Guy, down on your knees! He looks Presidential enough to me.

    And the election is all about Trump, or will be spun as appropriate. Fools will flee him and fall unnoticed, unpitied. The wise or wily will either actively support and second, they can fall in love, or fall in line.