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Sunday, May 13, 2018

Greatness in D.C.

"John McCain is the single greatest political leader of our time," wrote Dana Milbank of the Washington Post.

Done laughing? OK, no more giggling. This is a serious piece because why Milbank thinks McCain is great is very instructive about how the people in charge of our national government think.

Milbank fell in love with McCain as a reporter covering his first presidential run in the 2000 campaign.

"On my Bush-Gore election ballot, I wrote in McCain. When I saw him later in the Senate, I’d greet him as Mr. President. He’d reply by calling me Mr. Pulitzer. I took pride in 2009, when McCain read aloud a column of mine on the Senate floor and called me 'one of my favorite columnists,'" Milbank wrote.

Where do I begin
To tell the story
Of how great a love can be
The sweet love story
That is older than the sea
That simple truth about the love she brings to me
Where do I start

So a little flattery here and there gets you liked among the press, which will lionize you when you die. Burn a cross or two in the coalfields of West Virginia? No problem. Likewise, leaving a woman to die in the water is no big deal.

What is a sin in Washington?

"There have been many such moments of disagreement and disappointment: when he put Sarah Palin on his ticket in 2008; when he took a hard-right turn in 2010 to fight off a primary challenge; and when another tough primary in 2016 led him to go easy on Trump," Milbank wrote.

Ah, but now that McCain has dumped on both Palin and Trump -- whom he used as a way to get elected -- all is forgiven in Washington.

People are disposable. Power is all that matters. Thus, in calling McCain the greatest of our time, Milbank kicks to the curb Obama, Clinton, and even Jimmy Carter.

That would confuse me if I did not realize that Milbank is lying through his teeth about McCain.


  1. Yeah, he's lying. This is just a passive agressive way of trying to poke a stick in the eye of us and Trump. Mostly us, though. He knows Trump doesn't give a care.

  2. Dana Milbank couldn’t find his ass with both hands. Big D, respectfully, don’t waste your time on that clown.

    1. he relies on other men to find it for him.

  3. What i see in "Wet Start" McQueeg is a bitter, failed, ego that is about to meet his maker. Time is up, maverick, and you
    are not so great in the eyes of God..
    Not too late to repent, but it looks like he isn't..

  4. mccain's loyalty to party reflects his rumored loyalty to other POW's. He is a scum bag who should not have been elected even once.

  5. Greatness is something you know when you see it but is not always easy to define.
    Mccain never enters my mind when the topic comes up. Reagan was the last great politician it seems,in living memory anyway. Even the NYT admitted as much, after his death of course. Great men combat some important evil and replace it with something much better, often at great personal risk, and almost always against determined opposition, even by their usual allies. Mccain was and still is a wrecker, not a builder. He knows how to blow something up but never had a clue or even an inclination to replace what he destroyed. He started his career at 10000feet dropping bombs and he is still up there but now only to purge his personal demons not to protect and defend.
    Millbank is a journalist parasite, a creature before Obama and Clinton we used to see in daylight only at political funerals of their previous host, searching for another press sycophant like McCain to nourish them.
    I personally forgive McCain for breaking under torture and as a former Air Force servant I can and do admire his brave younger self. I do not admire his life as a politican, in which he was morally duplicitous, selfish, and vindictive. He and Millbank deserve each other's company, for good.

  6. I am beyond saddened that Senator McCain (or any other human being) is suffering and is most likely not going to survive.

    I voted against Obama and for Governor Palinm which also meant that I voted for Mr. McCain .

    And I sincerely appreciate John McCain's service to our country. I am not sure that I could have survived as a POW,

    All that said, nothing that occurred in the past changes the fact that the John McCain we have today has become a bitter human being filled with hate.

    I will pray for him.

  7. Before Songbird, I'm sure Milbank thought the single greatest political leader of our time was Arlen Specter

  8. McCain's going to spend some time in Hawaii after his death. That's why Satan is heating up the swimming pool for him on the Big Island.

  9. Milbank is the greatest ass kisser in DC.

  10. There are idiots, then there is milbank