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Friday, May 11, 2018

Google doesn't honor Feynman's 100th birthday

Today marks the 100th birthday of Richard Feynman, Nobel physics laureate, rascal, and teacher of physics teachers.

Because he was a white, Jewish, straight, American male, Google did not commemorate him. Instead Google will go tomorrow or the next day with some Tasmanian transexual pop star's 107th birthday.

That's OK. Feynman faced worse anti-Semitism and fought other Marxists during his three score and 10.

I invite readers to this commemoration.


  1. Gosh, I wouldn't have known that about Google since I use DuckDuckGo

    1. So do I. But a trusted reader pointed out the centenniel. I wanted to see if Google cared. I was not disappointed.

  2. "Science is the belief in the ignorance of the experts" – Richard Feynman
    There was a scientist.
    Algore and Bill Ne do not deserve to carry his slide rule. TG

  3. What a wonderful person. Loved reading his books, and loved his passion for science.

    Thanks for remembering him today - the Google ding is a bonus - bringing back fond memories is the real treat here.

  4. Brin doesn't want anyone to realize he's genetically Zuckerberg.

  5. Read the commemoration. Thx. It compared his popularity to Steven Hawking as far as celebrity status. Unlike hawking, I doubt Feynman would have been a proponent of global warming.

  6. I don't believe we have any Tasmanian transexual pop stars, 107yo or otherwise - but I've been wrong about these things before.
    We did have your Worst Presidential Candidate Ever and our Worst Prime Minister Ever on stage together during the week. They sang a whiny song called Wimmin Don't Get No Respeck In Polatix.
    Funny, but I don't recall either of them speaking out against the vilification of Margaret Thatcher.

  7. I’m quite happy the you reminded us of this Don. I did not know. He was such a fine man. And his love letter was extraordinarily compelling.
    By the way, DDG works fine.

  8. If Feynman is 100, I'd say he is 5 score even.

  9. Unless a score is 30 in West By God. : )