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Wednesday, May 02, 2018

Experts gave us the Korean War

"Condoleezza Rice to Donald Trump: Let Experts Handle North Korea Details," Breitbart News reported.

Don Surber to Condoleezza Rice: Experts Gave Us the Korean War.

In 1950, Stalin looked to expand his communist empire. Communists had just taken over China with no U.S. intervention. Taking over the non-strategic Korean peninsula made sense.

Besides, cables from American diplomats showed the United States would not risk nuclear war to protect South Korea. The experts had spoken.

That led to the invasion by the North.

The United States got the United Nations to protect the South. That would do it, experts said.

China entered the war. It was madness. U.S., Turkish, and other troops eventually defeated the Chinese hordes.

But the allied forces could not invade North Korea. Experts said this would lead to nuclear war.

Really? Stalin was going to risk Moscow to save Pyongyang?

So after 33,000 American soldiers died, we cut a deal for a truce in 1953. Experts said North Korea would not threaten the area again.

Ask the Japanese women who were (and still are) kidnapped and enslaved in North Korea.

Oh and in 1968, North Koreans entered the South and tried to assassinate the president.

Beginning in the 1990s, experts cut deal after deal to keep the Kim dynasty from building nukes.

Now it has nukes and intercontinental ballistic missiles.

Rice had her chance from 2005 to 2009 as secretary of State. She blew it.

But there was Rice on Fox News saying, "First of all, don’t try to negotiate the details with Kim Jong Un. Leave that for people who understand all the nuances of the situation."

Trump wrote "The Art of the Deal." I'm with Him.


  1. No one under the age of 85 has ever had any success dealing with North Korea. All the "experts" are career failures in this regard. Losers one and all.

    Until Trump

  2. He also wrote "The Art of The Comeback" after he lost lots and lots of money and got it back. This second book is not usually remembered.

  3. From what I've seen, Trump is a fantastic negotiator. I'd rather have him do the negotiating than anyone else.

  4. Condi is an expert at scissoring, and not much else. Another AA hire that drew a pay check and did fuck all in terms of work.

    1. Sorry, Roscoe, but you are WAY off base. When I attended the University of Denver, Dr Rice was attending there as a 16 year-old. She and I were acquaintances. She is an extremely intelligent and talented person. Whether you agree with her positions and actions while Secretary of State, it is GROSSLY, GROSSLY unfair to consider her an affirmative action hire. You owe her an apology.

    2. I believe you missed the point - I would not hire any elected person to repair my automobile - Condi may have an extreme IQ but that does not mean she knows how to may the deal - she may describe the deal and know the outcome - but it is another thing to do the deal. A good deal maker has to be willing to walk out - most elected do not have that luxury.

    3. I'm sure she's a fine person with deep credentials but that doesn't make her useful to the US. I'm not aware of anything that she accomplished, not as in checking the First Black Woman box, as in getting it done.

  5. “Stalin was going to risk Moscow to save Pyongyang?”

    Alternate history writer Harry Turtledove was exploring this theme recently:

    1. In this instance, Turtledove seems to have missed something.

      In 1950 Russia had 5 atomic bombs. FIVE. The US had 299. And the Soviets had no realistic way to deliver them to CONUS. What war?

      Maybe it's too bad we didn't get it over with back then.

  6. The professionally nuanced pompous professional diplomats can't stand that a rank amateur (in their eyes) is achieving such success.

  7. Experts not only gave us the Korean War. They've given us a situation where this country either lost, or fought to a statemale, every single war we've fought since the atom bomb fell on Nagasaki. As a great negotiator once observed, we don't win anymore. And that is thanks for the "experts" whose only expertise is condescension and resume-polishing.

  8. I liked, and still like Condi. I thought she should have run in 2008 for President -- but not now.

    She's an always-Bush woman, and the Bush family ... is so close to NeverTrump that there's hardly a difference. She believes in technocratic gov't. She failed in Iraq, a bit; then the Surge saved her (and Obama ran away and lost the "peace").

    The experts have often been right, especially about the small stuff and the details. But they've been wrong wrong wrong about actual good America First negotiation.

    Thank God we have Trump.

  9. It was Rice's idea to take back the "16 words" in W.'s speech justifying the Iraq War. That gave the "Bush lied, people died" meme just enough credibility to be damaging. I don't take anything she says seriously.

  10. These are the same bunch of geniuses who begged Reagan to take "Mr. Gorbachev, tear down that wall" from his speech.

    They don't believe in victory. They want to manage our decline.

  11. The experts gave us the Korean war and Bush's Iraq war. I doubt these "experts" could run a hot dog stand at the beach.