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Wednesday, May 16, 2018

Europe caught cheating on "free trade"

The mantra from the Establishment is free trade, free trade, free trade. That is the answer to everything. In fact, NAFTA promised to reduce illegal immigration. And, job growth was halved.

But after telling us our woes were merely being uncompetitive, the World Trade Organization (hardly a friend of the United States) just blasted the European Union for cheating Boeing out of contract.

"The U.S. threatened to impose sanctions against the European Union after the World Trade Organization ruled that Airbus SE received illegal government funding to develop jetliners, costing Boeing Co. sales," Bloomberg News reported.

"The final decision affirmed a 2016 finding that the EU had failed to eliminate unfair subsidies for two Airbus twin-aisle models, ending a long-running trade case. The international court is expected to rule later this year on a separate case in which the EU challenged billions of dollars in U.S. tax incentives to Boeing."

Mind you,these are the same liars who promised to spend at least 2% of their GDP on the military and didn't.

With allies like this, who needs enemies?

The Establishment keeps telling us tariffs will trigger a trade war.

We already are at war. The Establishment surrendered. I wonder how much China and Europe paid them.


  1. The dear orange leader's tough talk on trade is just a way of putting out a shingle that he's open for a payoff. After China paid him off, he tweets "Too Many Jobs in China Lost". Such a tough negotiator. Do his dupes believe "too many jobs in China lost"?

  2. Mr. Surber, can you block this blathering Public Nuisance? He is ruining the pleasure of reading your blog and the mostly-excellent comments.

    1. I fully agree, Mr. Hardcastle.

    2. He's like a cockroach. It's not so much what he eats or drags off, it's what he falls in and messes up.
      (Paraphrasing what I think is a G HW Bush comment.)

  3. Europeans being Europeans. They can’t help themselves.

  4. Western officials were bribed to support the phony-baloney Iran nuke deal (self-inspections by the corrupt Mullahs). I would bet my life that they were bribed over and over to sign crummy trade deals as well:

  5. I do believe that Obama and Kerry supported the Iran deal honestly and without bribery, as their America-hating ways take no financial payoff to come to the surface. Hillary, on the other hand, wouldn't even cross a street unless she were paid off to be on the other side.

  6. Unfair trade, even if "free-ish", is not Free Trade; and is seldom better than honest tit for tat tariffs.

    Trump is good to expose the hypocrisy.

  7. There is no such thing as free trade. Trade is always a managed affair. Skilled negotiators make it a win-win, incompetent ones, not so much. Our problem is we are plagued with incompetent people, throughout our system.
    This is why we have massive unfunded liabilities, we have negotiating for us morons whose only tool is our money. They don't know anything.