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Tuesday, May 08, 2018

Dems got greedy, lost the judiciary

Once upon a time in America, you needed a supermajority in the Senate to confer a lifetime appointment upon a federal judge via the filibuster. This meant Democrats and Republicans had to agree on the pick.

This led to moderates, which worked to the advantage of Democrats because moderates with power become liberals over time. Power corrupts, remember?

Then Barack Obama changed all that, or rather Harry Reid did because Obama was merely a figurehead selected to allow Democrats to brand as racist anyone who dared challenge their rule.

Reid made judicial appointments for life subject to a simple majority by ending the filibuster.

Mitch McConnell has turned that around. And Democrats don't like that.

"As President Donald Trump pursues his goal of making the federal judiciary more conservative, his fellow Republicans who control the Senate are poised to confirm another batch of his picks for influential U.S. appeals courts to the dismay of some Democrats," Reuters reported.

"The Senate this week is set to take up six of Trump’s nominees to the regional appeals courts, including four from states that have at least one Democratic senator."

Those six will bring to 21 of the 179 appellate judges that carry the Trump brand.

He will have done this in his first two years. Another nine are waiting on deck.

Get out your cups, dear readers, to catch some liberal tears from Christopher Kang, who worked on judicial nominations in Obama’s White House.

"They [Democrats] understand that President Trump is going to appoint conservative judges but they are willing to work in good faith to find consensus nominees," Kang told Reuters.

Yes, just like Obama worked with Republicans.

Get bent.

Ed Morrisey at Hot Air wrote, "Some will say that Republicans should learn a lesson from this, too, and they may be right. However, it seems that they did learn the lesson in 2013, and from 2002-2006 as well. Democrats played hardball, and played fast and loose with rules and precedent. Perhaps both parties will agree to return to the previous rules.

"But who would trust either to stick to their word? Thanks to Harry Reid, who demolished what was left of Senate comity, a majority party would be foolish to hand obstructive power on presidential appointments back to the minority. Republicans have certainly learned that lesson."


  1. I hear that the Dims are attempting to 'blue slip' the judicial appointments of judges.

    1. That is no longer being honored either. Just as the Dems didn't honor ot in 2913-16, McConnel following the Reid Rule has not honored those requests any more.

    2. One of the few good things McConnell is doing.

  2. Consensus nominees. Get the F**k out of here! Maybe the Republicans really are learning that democrats only care about bipartisanship and collegiality when Republicans are in power, and that "rules" are merely suggestions of how order should go. 'Bout time.

  3. America is now reaping the benefits of the gutter dwelling, corrupt and despicable former Senator from Nevada.

    1. Could we throw 'unintended' in there before benefits?!

  4. D's continuing to obstruct, forcing the full 30 hours for EVERY nominee since Trump took office - result will most likely be the Senate changing the rules.

    Push, currently, by R Senators is to drop the 30 to 2 for all nominees other than SCOTUS.