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Friday, May 11, 2018

Democrats sent a message to Manchin

Dr. Eric Ostermeier of the Center for the Study of Politics and Governance at the Humphrey School of Public Affairs at the University of Minnesota has some bad news for Democratic Senator Joe Manchin.

No incumbent has fared worse in a primary in a U.S. Senate race in West Virginia in 78 years.

The sitting senator to do worse was Democrat Rush Holt in 1940. He wasn't nominated.

Republican Howard Sutherland received only 37% of the vote in 1922, which was enough to win the nomination but he lost in a midterm election in which Republican Warren Harding was in the White House. Midterms usually favor the opposition party.

The good news for Manchin is he got 69.8% of the Democratic primary vote. Also, a Republican is in the White House, and it is a midterm election.

Ostermeier offered more good news for Manchin.

"The 34.9 percent tallied by Morrisey was the lowest support registered by a West Virginia U.S. Senate nominee by either party in a century," Ostermeier wrote.

The attorney general needs to unify a fractured party, while convincing independents and Democrats that he will represent them better than Manchin.

But Manchin also has a problem. he must keep lefties happy. Paula Jean Swearengin got 30.2% of the vote on no name recognition, little press, and $185,000 -- less than one-tenth of what Don Blankenship spent.

In fact, she got 48,302 votes, which was more than any Republican received. (It is so difficult to type when I laugh.)

For Morrisey, there is no shame in getting 34.9% of the vote in a race against a congressman and millionaire. Especially when three other candidates ate a combined 15.9% of the electoral pie.

(By the way, Morrisey said he needed 35% of the vote to win, and got it.)

Manchin, however, lost 30.2% of the vote to a person who for most voters was just a name on the ballot. That is a big pile of protest votes.

Remember Keith Russell Judd's 41% of the vote against Barack Obama in the 2012 presidential primary in 2012?

He did that from a prison cell in Texas.

The Mountain Party candidate may do quite well this year, especially if lefties believe Democrats cannot retake the Senate this year, so what's the use?


  1. Completely OT:
    This is what a Songbird sounds like:

    1. The Devil's warming up the pool in Hawaii for him. He'll be in a seat by the fire for eternity, and he won't be missed!

  2. just shoot an ad with a shotgun Joe. that'll do it.

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  4. Or say you were for the tax cuts before you were against them, but then you were for them again. That’ll work. West Virginians are stupid anyways, right?

  5. Manchin seems stuck in the middle between the radicals and the moderate democrats and will get squeezed.

  6. Remind me, Who is the EpiPen candidate in WV?

    1. Is there an EpiPen for Sudden Political Failure Syndrome?

      If there was, it wouldn't be affordable.

  7. The two faced, slimy swamp snake will finally have to get a real job out of politics after this November!!
    Vote and stop the Pelosi/Schumer blue wave!!