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Monday, May 21, 2018

Countries that matter love Trump

Following The American people electing Donald John Trump president, expatriate academic Brian Klaas has been on a tear, writing three books ("The Despot's Accomplice: How the West is Aiding and Abetting the Decline of Democracy," "The Despot's Apprentice: Donald Trump's Attack on Democracy," and "How to Rig an Election").

His market is the liberal who refuses to accept the election results.

His reviews show how sick and thick the swamp is, with the once lucid Anne Applebaum, a Pulitzer Prize winner at the Washington Post, writing, "Brian Klaas uses his knowledge of the world's despotic regimes to shed light on authoritarian tendencies in contemporary America. A chilling reminder of the very real threats that the Trump administration poses to American democracy, and essential reading for those who want to do something about it."

If calling Trump Hitler is an example of Mister Klaas's expertise on despotism, then Klaas is an idiot.

But I don't think Klaas is a fool. I think he, Applebaum, and all the rest of the Trump-is-Hitler crowd are hucksters peddling the false hope of overthrowing Trump and installing Hillary to the hipster glasses crowd at Starbucks.

The hucksters know Trump is no Hitler because if he were, they'd be in jail. Thus, they are free to abuse him.

Klaas lives in Londonistan on a fellowship at the London School of Economics.

To promote his latest effort, Klaas tweeted, "As an American living abroad, I fear that Americans in the US — particularly those who don’t travel internationally much — may not fully realize how much damage has been done to global perceptions of the United States as a result of Trump. It has been devastating to watch firsthand.

"Our allies no longer trust us. Developing nations no longer see us as a model. And authoritarian thugs see an ally rather than a foe in the White House. Confidence in US leadership from Obama to Trump is down."

Well, it just happens that I have been overseas.The country I visited loves Trump. Many countries do.

Poland and the Eastern bloc nations (to use an old phrase) love him.

Israel loves him.

Saudi Arabia loves him.

South Korea loves him.

There are other nations as well.

I suspect Iranians secretly admire him because he represents a hope that they will be able to overthrow their oppressive regime, a regime that Obama embraced.

The people that Klaas cited as allies are really frenemies.

For example, Chancellor Merkel has done everything she could to undermine him because he wants to end the free ride Germans and other countries get from the U.S. military through NATO.

And of course, the leaders where Klaas lives hate Trump because he backed Brexit.

Trump puts America first. The only people who should be alarmed are those who have been mooching of the USA all these years.


  1. "Turn out the lights, the party's over
    They say that, 'All good things must end'
    Let's call it a night, the party's over...."

  2. Perhaps people like Applebaum and Klaas should be thanked and possibly even reimbursed for their efforts. They do such a good job of keeping the differences between the wants and needs of average Americans and elite scumbags in such sharp relief that it makes the effort rquired in the next election so much less.

  3. People/leaders/countries are drawn to the strong horse. Once the Meuller witch hunt dies off and Korea and Middle East solutions become clearer, we will see who is begging to be seen with and heard by PDJT.

  4. Applebaum and Klaas: Where are the camps? How can the Resistance be eliminated if there are no camps? It's been TWO frickin' YEARS. Where are the camps?
    Stupid Libtards.

  5. Trump was called to this a long time ago. God speaks of Cyrus my servant in Isiah chapter45, & Trump is d 45th President. He is a servant of the most HIGH Amen

  6. American intellectual classes have always shown deference to Europe. In the 20th century deference was enhanced by the contempt of her own writers for what was considered her only cultural product, material well being. Many went to Paris and London to live an expat life of alcohol sex and what passed for rock and roll, to escape, they said, well being addicted kultur Babbitts at home. They could not say The real reason they fled: economic necessity. The exchange rate, especially in France, was highly favorable and allowed a fine life on the pittance most earned from selling their work in the US, its only market. In fact, If they became successful they left Europe and never returned to drink with their former artiste friends.
    That America was inferior was also promoted as fact by political intellectuals, for cynical reasons. If you are rich but in great cultural debt, shouldn't you be obligated to help out your poor but weak relations? Two world war participation trophies were given for answering "yes, of course".
    The general intellectual meme didn't change, however. In the early 60s a book appeared called the "Ugly American" equating American tourists with feral swine rooting up the manicured flower beds of the European garden of Eden. The Americans had grown rich and crass from wars they financed for profit. How should this sin be expiated? The best and the brightest answered: Allow Europe to have as much free stuff as they could wish while we pay them not to fight each other. Better yet, join the Peace Corps. Forget about poverty here, go to help America hating dictators produce terrorists there! If you did, you got a virtue trophy and eternal gratitude and love for government and it's intellectual masters. You were no longer an ugly American without kultur, you were a some body, like Voltaire or Newton.
    So today we still have the intellectuals preaching we are scum, while we have the Antichrist Trump saying we really are great and should stay that way. That there is a price for security and material well being which every generation must be willing to pay on their own,or have neither, That cultural preservation is a personal choice. If some want to be strapped to a gurney and injected with the fatal virus of Islam because they feel guilty that their world is as it is, why are we obligated to take the needle too? Are we as ugly in the kultur glass as that still, or were we ever? No way. It was always a trick, an allusion.
    Trump forever.

    1. The Ugly American I remember was a Agricultural attache kind of guy in Southeast Asia, possibly Burma, who was actually ugly, but helped improve the lives of the Thais. The double-meaning title of the book also referred to the ugly dealings of the other Americans there, diplomatic and not, who were pretty crappy to the locals, living separate from (and "above") the people of the country in which they were posted.

      But the Anonymous comment, above, was pretty good.

    2. Of course, I meant Burmese, not Thais when I mentioned improving the lives of the locals. Duh.

  7. A lot of Europe that wants to Make Europe Great Again loves him.

    PS The hucksters know Trump is no Hitler because if he were, they'd be dead.


  8. "The lion does not concern himself with the opinions of sheep."

  9. Our "allies" don't have enough military to take on the Arkansas National Guard.

  10. Don, the area I live in has a large contingent of Persians. Note "Persian". My job puts me into contact with them daily, so I have been able to talk to some of them openly. To a person (fun fact - the Persian culture never developed words for male or female), everyone I have discussed PDJT with, appreciate him and are hopeful that with him backing their people in Iran, their country will soon return to the 21st century and be able to live in freedom as they have lived here in the west. They have nothing but respect for him.

    PS - Manziel just signed with the Hamilton Ticats of the CFL. Could be the right fit for him, as he reminds me of a certain Doug Flutie, who flourished here and eventually made it back to the NFL.

    1. Long ago, on summer nights, pre cable, I would watch Hamilton occasionally when Channel 10 skipped off Lake Erie. Real fuzzy
      CKLW came in crystal clear from Windsor on the radio

  11. Paraguay just became the second country to move its embassy to the true capital of Israel, Jerusalem. Paraguay has more cojones than every single one of those cowering, scared little failed states of Europe that make up the E.U., combined.

  12. Don,"Klaas lives in Londonistan on a fellowship at the London School of Economics."
    This guy is a Fabian Socialist,which explains what he writes.

  13. I watched a Youtube video of one of Trump's recent speeches, was reading the comments, and was struck by one from a woman in the UK. She said, "Your President is a legend here. Wish he were leading the UK. Keep him safe, America."