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Saturday, May 26, 2018

CNN host has a good idea

Chris Cuomo hosted a townhall meeting with Nancy Pelosi on CNN on the Santa Fe High School shooting.

Santa Fe student Alexis Wilson asked, "Where does the government stand on arming and training our teachers, much in the way we use air marshals on airplanes?"

Pelosi brushed that aside.

Gun control, gun control, gun control.

Of course, we have had gun control of all firearms since 1968.

But Cuomo later confronted Pelosi: "There’s a little bit of an either-or problem with how we’re trying to approach solutions. … The building we’re in now, the building you work in, the point of entry there is secure. You don’t walk in with a trench coat with a shotgun underneath your jacket, and get in. It doesn’t happen, you know this.

"Why can’t that be part of the equation? Talk about universal background checks, fine. Talk about mental health, how to identify them, money for treatment. But why either-or? Why not make the schools safer?"

We already do universal background checks.

What we don't do is check trench coats at school.

The story is here.


  1. Pelosi want to disarm the US civilian populace so her own army or progs can take over someday without resistance. Anything that keeps arms like the AR in the hands of her enemies is unacceptable to her and her crew. The actual safety of people is not what they want because if it existed the call to disarm would die out and so would their dreams of total dominance. Confiscation is the goal.
    Another bullet dodged in electing Trump, by the way.

    1. "Confiscation is the goal."

      Confiscation is the key; total control over the population is the goal.

  2. Wow. Was Cuomo drunk? Was it an imposter? A rare touch of sense for this fool.

  3. "Where does the government stand on arming and training our teachers, much in the way we use air marshals on airplanes?"

    Excellent, excellent question. No wonder Pelosi could not answer it.

    1. It was above her education level.

  4. "Why can’t that be part of the equation?" Because school safety has nothing to do with what's going on. This is ALL about disarming the populace. School violence is just an excuse (if not a false flag). Pelosi and company don't care about kids. They care about taking our ability to protect ourselves-- from them-- away from us.

  5. Even a broken clock is right twice a day...

  6. School shootings took off after the feel good legislation "gun free zone" law was enacted. Rescind that stupid legislation and allow concealed carry on campus. "Feel good" laws are generally counter productive but are rarely repealed.

    1. While I fully agree that the idiotic "gun free zone" law hasn't helped (another name for it is "killing zone law," it isn't true that "school shootings took off."

      There are actually fewer than most people think, and they've been tapering off; crime involving guns has been on the decline for decades. Here's a reasonable article on this:

      Note that the reseacher said, "Four times the number of children were killed in schools in the early 1990s than today," and "there is not an epidemic of school shootings."

      This researcher is at least willing to acknowledge the facts, though he also falls into the "feel-good idea" trap when he says that a bump-stock ban and raising the age for people to buy "assault weapons" are good ideas.

      There's only been one possible bump-stock shooting, and that whole affair in Las Vegas is really dicey, so I for one am not sure any bump stocks were used (or that the supposed shooter did it.) Raising the age for rifles is simply unConstitutional and won't actually accomplish anything (and of course no actual "assault rifles" are sold to civilians.)

  7. Ron in Ohio Sez:

    Sorry Don, I'm not gonna' celebrate a CNN host having a rational idea. Too many times we've seen touches of intelligence from them only to see them revert back to the corporate dialog the next day.

    I'm thinking that their now-and-then touch of reality is because of their temporarily being off the bottle or drugs or even back on their meds. It's not an everyday occurrence with CNN.

    They pride themselves for the fact that they can put a dozen or so words together and form a readable sentence out of them. Intelligent conversation is not a factor in their quotient.

    Back to the story; The Botox has definitely overridden any remaining brain cells Pelosi has left - Which still puts her ahead of Mad Maxine. They're both "old news" fit for the comic strips.

    But, as far as Chris Cuomo's statement - Haven't the "Deplorables" - The NRA - The "Fly over" people (I repeat myself) been calling for the same thing ever since Sandy Hook? It's nothing new.

  8. Cuomo will walk back the idea, then apologize for it, then take a hiatus to “spend some time with his family,” during which time his heresy will be memory-holed.

  9. All that is needed is for federal, state, and local laws, allow schoolboards the final say in whether adults in the building are allowed to have a weapon. Will that assure to stop this? No, but it will improve. Keep in mind that everysingle gun control measure suggested would have done zero.

  10. When the Germans conquered France in 1940, they immediately began confiscating France's 3 million private firearms. If you were caught with a gun, you were summarily executed.
    The Germans managed to collect 835,000 guns- and they had French compiled lists of gun owners to check for compliance. 2.2 million guns, nearly 70%, were not turned in.
    American citizens have more than 350 million firearms. Gun confiscation is a liberal pipe dream. Anyone pushing for it is either being deceitful, or is a moron.

  11. A "good" example of gun control:

  12. Public schools are not a Federal issue. Ms. Pelosi should not have any power to make a difference on this issue.

    The Federal government is far too blunt of an instrument to set up policies that will work for all schools.

  13. Cuomo may have stumbled into somethi8ng but he is still a dickhead,