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Monday, May 14, 2018

Chaos is diversion in war. Trump is always at war.

Slowly, President Trump's success is clearing the fog of war like the morning sun shines on the hills.

"Trump’s chaotic style is starting to make sense," Michael Walsh wrote in the New York Post.

But of course. There is nothing chaotic about the man. He does not fly off the handle. He is cold. He is calculating. He is in charge.

However, he has spent decades cultivating a public image that best suits him. It is his armor. He is a student of Sun Tzu, who said, "The art of war is of vital importance to the state." He also said, "All warfare is based on deception."

Stealth bomber, meet stealth president.

That is what General Jim Mattis sees in Trump. That is why Mattis came off the bench of retirement to run the Pentagon.

Walsh now sees this as well.

"What Trump understands, however, is what many great leaders have understood: that 'chaos,' not consensus, is the way ideas are tried and tested. That if someone or something isn’t working, scrap it and try something else. Results are what count, not consistency: Trump’s ability to morph from saber-rattling lunatic to charming glad-hander infuriates them because they see it as phony," Walsh wrote.

"So what? That doesn’t mean it isn’t also effective. Just ask Emmanuel Macron of France, who couldn’t be less like Trump and yet has developed a curious personal rapport with the brash American boss, akin to that of a puppy around its master. Watch for France to start edging away from the Iran deal as well."

Well, if I cared about France, I might watch it but really I don't.

But I do care about Trump, and I marvel at his stagecraft. Consider his greeting of the hostages. They timed the flight home so he would be the president taking the call at 3 a.m.

The darkness also provided a stark black background. The message was that the president brought these men out ofthe darkness, which of course Trump did.

But he is just the bull in the china shop, right?

"Trump’s very unpredictability doesn’t just frighten the Beltway bonzes and chin-pullers, it also terrifies his opponents. While North Korea’s Kim remains hard to read, he’s also no longer firing missiles over Japan. The Saudis, following the strong American horse, have made their antipathy for the Iranian regime clear and are threatening to acquire their own nukes should Tehran overtly resume its nuke development. Having survived domestic uprisings in 2009 and 2017 by the restive Iranian young people, the graybeard mullahs won’t be so lucky a third time," Walsh wrote.

This is Trumpology 101, I know. This blog is a level 200 class.

But Walsh's column is important. Watch for the realization that this is all an act to seep into the mainstream -- albeit slowly.


  1. The Emperor Bezos ordered some conciliatory language from his slaves after he realized Muler can't finish the job he was tasked, that's all. He is afraid DT will score in Korea,making his flagship of lies look more like the the tiny tinker toy it really is. Nothing has changed, really.

    1. Maybe it's finally sunk in to Emperor Bezos that the reason ATT and Novartis went away unhappy and didn't renew their deal with Cohen is that, unlike all other politicians, Trump isn't for sale.

      He's going to do the right thing by the American people, not what enriches himself and his family through pay to play.

      That may also be the reason so many are deciding not to run again.

    2. could be P. So many were counting on HC as thier pension

  2. The Iran deal propped up the mullahs' economy.

    Zippy didn't want the people running Iran. Trump does because he knows they will be as grateful as the people in NoKo.

  3. "Too many jobs in China lost" tweets the grifter in chief. If Cohen's business model reveals anything, it reveals Trumps "America First" slogan as a protection racket to shakedown international companies. Sounds like Ghina paid their protection money. His dupes will claim it's all part of a big plan. Too many jobs in China lost....too funny.

    1. You're an idiot, don't ever change.

    2. Oh, what sweet tears. Obama couldn't do anything - anything - that wasn't connected to the American taxpayer's wallet; and even then he got a shit sandwich. And that has you burning up.

    3. Your tears are sweet to us.

  4. War is chaos and the American army excels in war because it practices chaos on a daily basis. - German Staff Officer.

    It is hard to counter American doctrine because the Americans feel no obligation to follow their own doctrine. - Soviet Staff officer

    If we don't know what we are going to do how are they ever going to figure it out? - American Officer

    - Mikey NTH

  5. Trump is like a matador facing a media bull. He keeps the bull enraged, lunging at the red cape waved before it over and over until it is worn out.

  6. "They timed the flight home so he would be the president taking the call at 3 a.m."

    Ahhh, the proverbial 3 am call to the president, you know, like the one to Obama telling him our ambassador to Libya was under siege by terrorists, but he (Obama) couldn't or wouldn't take because he was sleeping before leaving for a fund raiser on the West Coast? (Just as Hillary Clinton's campaign ad in 2008 claimed, that Obama was inexperienced and unprepared to take those 3 am calls the president gets.)

  7. So refreshing and different than the standard GOPe politician. They are predictable. Say one thing while campaigning. Do the opposite after being elected.

    1. I wonder how many GOPe are left that campaigned to repeal Ocare then voted "no".