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Sunday, May 06, 2018

Blankenship may be up 16

On Thursday, Don Blankenship told a reporter at the Bluefield Daily Telegraph that his poll shows him with a double-digit lead. I am told the lead is 16.

On Friday, Newsmax reported, "With five days to go before West Virginia Republicans choose a nominee to challenge Democratic Sen. Joe Manchin in November, signs increasingly point to a win by State Attorney General Patrick Morrisey in the six-candidate primary."

Both polls likely are true.

Newsmax reported, "Even before the televised debated last week, a Public Opinion Strategies poll among likely GOP voters showed Morrisey leading Rep. Evan Jenkins by 28 to 26 percent, with controversial multimillionaire Don Blankenship trailing with 12 percent.

"A National Research Poll conducted for GOPAC yielded similar results: Morrisey 24 percent, Jenkins 20 percent, and Blankenship 15 percent."

What Newsmax left out of its report were the high percentages of undecided voters. Those polls account account for only 68% and 59% of the voters respectively.

Allowing for the three others in the race, you still have a sizable chunk of the voters who are not telling you who they are going to vote for a man most West Virginians hold responsible for the deaths of 29 coal miners.

The race was supposed to be between Jenkins and Morrisey, but they are clawing at each other, and bleeding support. Jenkins has the advantage between the two of them -- a 97% Trump score according to, but his Fake News photoshop of Morrisey and Hillary was terrible.

Almost as terrible as giving Seneca Rocks on the Capitol. Who gives a West Virginia landmark to Washington?

Outsiders -- Washington experts -- don't understand Blankenship's Cocaine Mitch ad. He comes off as Junior Samples in those old BR-549 ads on "Hee Haw." People like Sleepy Chuck Todd are defending Mitch McConnell, after dumping on him for four years.

Which is what Blankenship wants. He ends the ad saying it is for "the sake of the kids."

We shall see on Tuesday but Blankenship could win big. Then again, I predicted the Browns would go 10-6 last season.


  1. Hahaha. I asked my wife last night who she was voting for. She said Blankenship, and added “I’d made up my mind even before the debate!” She then told me her mom (who didn’t watch the debate) asked her the same question Friday. When Robin told her, she made a wretching noise. She’s going Morissey. This has been fun. All three of them could kick Status Quo Joe’s ass. See ya Tuesday!

    1. Congrats on choosing the candidate President Dennison opposes.

  2. Blankenship looks like Paul Bearer, the manager for rasslin’s The Undertaker. May the best man to beat Manchin win.

  3. The Manchin will unfortunately easily defeat convicted goofy felon Blankenship. If true Republicans lost a great opportunity- Roy Moore part 2.

  4. We're going to shoot ourselves in the foot if we elect Blankenship. He may have some virtues, but he can contribute to WV politics in other ways than by running for Senate. We absolutely have to beat Manchin. Why on earth select a candidate with so much baggage (Blankenship), when we could skip all that and go straight for Manchin unencumbered. I'm all in for Patrick Morrisey. He has worked his butt off for WV. Evan Jenkins showed up to vote the right way, but Morrisey has been a LEADER, taking initiative and building national coalitions to take on the EPA and other battles. I love that he has Rand Paul's and Steve Bannon's endorsement. If Rand Paul wants you as his partner in the Senate at this critical time-- that decides it for me. And despite the difficulties Bannon has run into, he really gets it as to what's at stake, and wants Trumps agenda to succeed. Please don't vote for Blankenship-- he may be a drama queen, and this Senate election is not the place to re-litigate his conviction. I sure hope we do West Virginia proud and send Trump a dynamic ally in Patrick Morrisey.

  5. PDJT just tweeted against Blankenship.

    Donald J. Trump
    Donald J. Trump
    To the great people of West Virginia we have, together, a really great chance to keep making a big difference. Problem is, Don Blankenship, currently running for Senate, can’t win the General Election in your State...No way! Remember Alabama. Vote Rep. Jenkins or A.G. Morrisey!