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Tuesday, May 15, 2018

Be Conrad Black, not Don Blankenship

Conrad Black published a new book on Monday, "Donald J. Trump: A President Like No Other." Here is the link.

He is a millionaire newspaper publisher who was prosecuted for a business deal that went sour.

While he did appeal his case to the Supreme Court, Black did not dwell on his past. He has moved on.

Since leaving prison in 2012, he has written columns and books.

His post-prison works include "Rise to Greatness: The History of Canada From the Vikings to the Present," published in 2014, and "Franklin Delano Roosevelt: Champion of Freedom," published in 2012. These are huge works of 1,625 and 1,329 pages, respectively.

Black has not allowed failure or his critics to define him.

Contrast and compare to Don Blankenship, a millionaire coal baron who went to prison on a federal misdemeanor after an explosion at Upper Big Branch killed 29 miners.

Blankenship, too, appealed his case.

But instead of moving on, Blankenship is stuck in the past, refusing to budge. He ran for the Senate, and Republicans declined the invitation to commit electoral suicide. He finished third despite spending more than anyone else.

His campaign manager Greg Thomas told Hoppy Kercheval, "No, Don Blankenship will not be supporting Patrick Morrisey for U.S. Senate."

Blankenship has threatened to endorse Democratic Senator Joe Manchin in the race.

Thomas told Kercheval about Blankenship, "Right now he’s got a lot to think about. Don’s researching and evaluating his options. The one thing he’s going to make sure doesn’t happen is that Patrick Morrisey becomes a U.S. senator."

Blankenship ran as being Trumpier than Trump.

But President Trump urged West Virginia Republicans not to vote for Blankenship, who after his loss wrote a lengthy letter to Trump, accusing him of spreading Fake News and the like.

Don Blankenship needs to realize that we did not need Donald Trump to tell us to do the right thing.

I suggest Blankenship do what Black did, and move on. Blankenship has a home in Nevada. I suggest he moves there, and leaves West Virginia politics to West Virginians.

Meanwhile, I await the arrival of Black's book.


  1. To an outsider, you seem quite harsh on Mr Blankenship. Did he mean to collapse his own mine? Is that the sun total of his record? You as a local would certainly seem to know.

    1. 29 miners died. A CEO is responsible to some extent. He needs to move on with his life.
      I do not hate Blankenship. He fought the good fight, but gairly or unfairly he lost credibility in that explosion

  2. Nevada? he could run fro dingy's old seat as a Dem -jail and crimes are a resume' enhancer. TG

  3. This just in: Don Blakenship not allowed to exercise his Constitutional rights as a citizen.

    Blakenship has - correctly IMHO - called out Morrisey as a fake conservative and offered many valid reasons why he believes that. So he is a sore loser, doesn't mean he can't participate in democracy.

    1. This not just in, but going on for a long time already: Anonymous lacks reading comprehension. No one except you has said that Blankenship "can't participate in democracy," just that he'd do better not to.

      See, it used to be accepted that not everything that's legal should be done, and that not everything that shouldn't be done has to be declared illegal...

    2. "Blakenship," as you call him, is allowed to exercise his constitutional right to free speech. But guess what? The host of this page and everyone else commenting here has a constitutional right to call "Blakenship" out for his idiocy of preferring Epi-Pen Manchin to Morrisey. Constitutional rights are a two-way street and the U.S. Constitution does not grant anyone the right to be free from criticism. So stick that in your collapsed mine hole and smoke it, Anonymous 10:21AM

    3. Just in Alex: "Leave West Virginia politics to West Virginians."

      You Surbots are telling Blankenship to get lost. Not to mention I laugh out loud (again and again) and Surber's trademark hypocrisy. Surber was once Blankenship's champion but now that President Dennison said "don't like Don" - Surber is "how high!!"

    4. How do you (Anonymous @ 11:53) know whether I'm a West Virginian or not? And are you one yourself?

      No "Surbots" are telling Blankenship to "get lost"; reading comprehension fail again.

      And by the way, the President's family name is Trump. T-R-U-M-P. Not "Dennison," wherever you get that from.

    5. "The pretense is the government is holding Blankenship accountable for the deaths of 29 miners in a methane explosion April 5, 2010, at the Upper Big Branch mine in Raleigh County. This is more of the ghoulish opportunism by Democrats."

      Shall I continue?

      None of the charges -- allegations of securities fraud and conspiracy to dodge inspections -- are related to the deaths. Despite an exhaustive and expensive attempt to tie Blankenship directly to the deaths, Democrat Goodwin could not, so he went with this.

    6. Hey Alex: The "Leave West Virginia politics to West Virginians" is a Surber quote. Talk about inability to read and speak basic English - that's you ... and Melania.

  4. Apparently the Supreme Court threw out some of the verdicts against Black.

    The federal prosecutor? Patrick Fitzgerald. Railroader of Scooter Libby. Friend of Comey and Meuller.

    Black is probably innocent of all charges, but moved on. Has a great supporter in Mark Steyn - whose take I Would believe over Fitzgerald.

    Black’s trump articles have been good. Will probably get the book and add it to my pile,

    1. Yes. And an excellent writer. I'm 82% through his Trump book and I'm especially enjoying his choice adjectives for RINOs, Never Trumpers, Deep State, Democrats and other crazy leftists, and the commentariat - both as groups and as individuals - plus as a history it is reminding me of all the Trump successes and infuriating resistance responses through 2015-2016-2017 (as far as I've gotten).

  5. Noone has remotely said Blankenship can’t excercise his constitutional rights. I wonder of some of these folks even know how to read.

    As for the out of state commenter, do some archival reading on what locals know about Don and then if you’re a fan, back him.

    Jiust don’t expcet to find a lot of people in any cheering section around here.

  6. Victor Davis Hanson has an excellent review of the book.

    Hanson's last paragraph - "Most readers, like myself, have never met either Conrad Black nor Donald J. Trump. But after reading this engaging biography, those of any political persuasion would wish to do both."

  7. If Don Blankenship had been a Dem would the Obama justice dept have gone after him? No way. Case closed.