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Saturday, May 12, 2018

AP throws shade on Trump's triumphs

Often when it comes to Fake News, it is not what they say that matters, it is what they don't say. A thousand-word analysis of President Trump's foreign policy is an example of this.

Writers Catherine Lucey, Jonathan Lemire, and Ken Thomas concluded that President Trump swings for the fences.

"From tax reform to international trade to foreign policy, Trump has pursued a high-risk, high-reward approach that advisers say can help produce results on longstanding problems — and that critics warn could trigger dangerous repercussions all the way from a trade war to global conflict," they wrote.

Left out of the analysis is any evidence of Donald Trump triggering a trade war or a global conflict.

Sure, Iran threw 20 missiles at Israel following cancellation of the Iran deal, but none of them did much damage, and Israel returned a volley of 70 missiles that destroyed Iranian military targets in Syria.

Instead of offering evidence of error on Trump's part, the trio of wire writers attacked his style.

"Drawn to big moments and bigger headlines, Trump views the North Korea summit as a legacy-maker for him, believing that the combustible combination of his bombast and charm already has led to warmer relations between North and South. As he welcomed home three Americans who had been detained in North Korea, Trump early Thursday used a televised, middle-of-the-night ceremony to play up both his statecraft and stagecraft," they wrote.

Any president would do that.

"Trump has also played the disruptor’s role in recent weeks and months by withdrawing the U.S. from the Iran nuclear deal, imposing sweeping tariffs on allies and announcing he’s moving the U.S. embassy in Israel to Jerusalem, which is claimed by both Israelis and Palestinians," they wrote.

"It’s all a sharp contrast to his play-it-safe predecessor."

Actually not. He may have been timid, but his approach made the world less safe.

What the Associated Press left out was Obama's utterly disastrous Arab Spring, which brought chaos to nations from Tunis to Egypt, as he encouraged the rise of the Muslim Brotherhood.

Then there was the destabilization of Libya in 2011. It triggered a migration (some would call invasion) by Arab Muslims to Europe.

Then there was his normalization of relations with Cuba in exchange for nothing.

Then there was his acceptance of an Iran deal in which Iran literally got the gold mine, and the taxpayers got the shaft.

Then there was Obama's Trans Pacific Partnership deal in which yet another international body would dictate rules for American industry.

I cannot think of one positive foreign policy accomplishment by Mister Play It Safe.

Killing Osama bin Laden? Nice but while Obama was dancing in the end zone, the Islamic State was rising to succeed Laden and company.

"Trump appears to have embraced the 'Great Man' theory of history, believing that individuals more than circumstances or trends alter the course of events. In his 2016 GOP convention speech, he famously declared 'I alone can fix it,' in referencing the nation’s problems," the Associated Press wrote.

He's not doing it alone, but Trump is getting the problems fixed.

Bush took care of Saddam Hussein's Iraq in his Axis of Evil. Trump is taking on the other two partners: Iran and North Korea.

He is swinging for the fences and connecting like Babe Ruth.

Obama was Mario Mendoza.


  1. More juvenile journalism from the Obama worshipping alter boys at AP. It can hardly be taken seriously. Trump is hated because of his recent succesess but even more for those he might achieve. The imagination of the liberal mind is filled with monsters under the bed at home, apocalyptic visions abroad. Obama offered himself as a kind of fairy who would make whatever they feared vanish, what they dreamed reality. He did neither but they choose not to remember the world as it was. To them his reign was the Belle Epoch, the present Hitlerzeit. This will not change because the liberal mind cannot be altered, least of all by a reality too painful to accept.
    Meanwhile, Trump is at the plate, pointing at the NK bleachers in left field. The AP Squealers want him to Pop up, but his fans expect the fence.

  2. Sotero’s traitor Beau Bergdhal for Gitmo terrorist swap Was another loser. Contrast that with this week’s hostage release. Bathhouse Barry has made Jimmy Carter Reaganesque.

  3. President Trump is killing them. Their hair isn't on fire anymore because it's all burned off.

    I know he thought about this for years, you can tell from many of his public statements that the direction our country was heading was rubbing him(and 10s of millions of us) raw.

    God bless him and Lord, keep him safe.

    1. Amen to that, MM. I don’t pray for him enough. Need to get on that.

  4. A basic premise of all these elites (Office holders, staff, bureaucrats, reporters) is:

    This stuff is really really hard. Only a few super competent folks (us) can handle this hard stuff because it's hard, hard, hard. We deserve massive compensation in cash, prestige, status for tackling hard stuff because it's hard.

    Now here comes Trump mowing down "hard stuff" left and right without breaking a sweat.

    Existential threat is not a big enough word.

  5. For 8 years they told us that anyone who didn't recognize the awesomeness of Obama was a racist, but despite his awesomeness we were facing a inevitable future of diminishment and decline. They even had the nerve to tell us we should be grateful because without the leadership of Obama we would be even worse off.

    The last POTUS to be so negative about the future was Jimmy Carter. When Reagan came into office he brought with him a butt-load of optimism and a sunny disposition. It really felt like it was morning in America again.

    Finally, after nearly three decades of being told we would have to make do with less, we again have a POTUS who genuinely believes that America's best days are still ahead of us.

    1. I'm just happy that we didn't have any canals for Obama to give away.

  6. POTUS-Trump has brought peace to a de-nuclearized Korean Peninsula. He has crushed ISIS, brought a greater level of security to Israel, and is on the verge of crushing the evil mullahs of Iran.

    All to distract us from the Stormy Daniels scandal.

    1. Which is, of course, the burning scandal of our time. Does my sarc amp go to 11?