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Saturday, May 26, 2018

A world of Trumps

President Donald Trump is what you get when the political class fails. I am told the professional class and the merchants of Rome and Greece stayed out of politics, and turned their heads the other way to avoid looking at the corruption.

But when the political establishment fails -- when it impedes business -- someone arises to take back the government.

Which led inevitably to President Trump.

Be glad it wasn't Bill Gates or some other wuss.

But let us not be so parochial. The New World Order failed globally. Throughout the world, new leadership emerges.

Emmanuel Macron is one example. France is lucky to have a leader with experience outside government and academia.

England however rejected its private sector champion, Nigel Farage

The New World Order failed because it was the last gasp of occidental communism, and its dream of one-world government. The worldwide recession of 2008 followed by endless wars, and an American president hellbent on rewarding the Axis of Evil (and Cuba) showed at last the folly of the New World Order.

Nationalism returned. Saudi Arabia has reformed, and is now allied with Israel as they battle to end the Persian regime once and for all.

Thomas Wictor, the novelist turned Twitter prophet, offered this view of Kim Jong Un and Moqtada al-Sadr, the leader of the Sadrist Movement in Iraq. He has turned on Iran.

Wictor tweeted, "Moqtada al-Sadr isn't kidding around. After winning in a massive electoral upset, he's removing Iranian influence from Iraq. Did he change? No. He was FREED.

"People don't undergo such dramatic changes. It's clear that the Iranians had a hold over al-Sadr, almost certainly in the form of keeping his family hostage."

Wictor touched on Netanyahu's proof that Iran is cheating on its nuke deal. Wictor tweeted, "Israel got 1000 pounds -- half a ton -- of paper and CDs from the most secret building in Iran. That means members of the Iranian SECURITY FORCES turned the documents over.

"It DOESN'T MATTER what the documents show. What matters is that the Iranian SECURITY FORCES delivered them to Israel. That's Game Over for the mullahs."

Wictor's take on Kim is that he is a victim. Wictor tweeted, "People don't understand that the Kim family in North Korea is at the mercy of the ruling elite, who are members of the Korean Peoples' Army and their cronies."

He sees Trump as rescuing Kim. The mistake the elitists made was in allowing Kim to be educated in the West.

Sounds like madness but then two years ago, the idea of Obama planting spies and wiretapping the Trump campaign sounded odd.

Having the FBI destroy evidence of Hillary selling state secrets to our enemies once seemed unbelievable. Those 33,000 emails aren't missing. They are in the hands of Putin and many other bad people who donated to her Fake Charity.

The good news is the New World Order is collapsing under the weight of its own corruption, just like its model, the Soviet Union, did.

The better news is that peace and prosperity will replace it. The United States isn't alone in having altruistic leadership step up and take command.

These are the best eight years of our lives.


  1. The merchant classes were barred from political participation in early Greece, as were all the so called banauistic occupations. The purpose was to keep the polis guided by poeple who were tied to the land by active farming or whose families had historically done so for those of independent means. It was a way of keeping out foreign influence. It was nationalistic. There's good coverage of this in Paul Rahe's first volume of Republics Ancient and Modern, and other books.

    Early Greece was also more democratic without using what we consider to be the only democratic method in the world: voting. They used to nominate people for offices and select them by lot. Sort of like what the early church did in selecting bishops at times. Interesting, too that they used the same word for the church that the Greeks did for the assembly of the people, ecclesia. It was later on that certain offices regarding finances and war were limited to what were considered to be qualified subsets of people. Credentialism got them into trouble, too. Can you imagine a simple farmer getting them into the Sicilian Expedition fiasco?

    There is a theory that when Pericles called the people inside the walls of Athens in preparation for the war with Sparta, his doing so was a conscious change in the electoral make up of the polis, whereby the traditional hoplite class, which was rurally based and tied to the land was superceded by the naval class, many of which had come from families who had been in the hectemeroi class, the class of people who had been protected from debt slavery by Solon. In other words, the worldly Pericles consciously used war as a way of destroying the historical basis of the political system of Athens and in the process destroyed his country. A real live ancient greek neocon.

    1. Or, a real live ancient greek "obama."

  2. Trump - The man, the moment.

  3. I don't see a reason to believe any of this.There is no hard evidence for a single statement in it. Wictor seems like He is always tweeting a Bond novel, pretending to know secret stuff he is sharing with you, his naive reader. He knows, you know, and now heh heh, so do you....
    I wish the world was turning like Don thinks but personally I don't see it. Men act solely in their own interest and do not follow pipers cut from another's cloth. Trump is a one off elected by half a country to get a job and rid themselves of a slovenly monarch. DT is still hated by the other half, who loved the loose shoed monarch and his tropical philosophy of indolence as a right. In the world at large this second half is dominate by far. To them the Promised Land is docile obedience and crumbs.
    As for the ancient world, as TPD points out the early Democratic Greeks were not venal, just easily led into error by clever demagogues. Their ancestors still live in our press and their now fully exposed Communist party allies. The Greeks were easily conquered by the Romans because they dispised each other and never effectively united. They fought 'individuality so were conquered collectively'. If there is some faint analogy here it is Trump as Roman overcoming the coastal and internally divided selfishness of the Democrats to take the whole country.
    Probably the world would move our way a little if in fact our country was united behind DT. The power of our economic and military momentum united behind Fidelity of purpose and promise would make the world safer by removing much doubt about the goals we seek. But Trump's enemies are just as implacable here as over there. Here they would rather wage a truceless war of ideology for temporal power than strengthen their nemisis with success. Tribalism of the elders is not just a cultural phenomenon of the present Middle East or the ancient world.

    1. Just to be clear, Pericles isn't classified as a demagogue, but my opinion is that his politics and that of the other great families of Athens altered the political environment such that the demagogues were successful. After the Peloponnesian war Athens was never the same and instead of reverting back to a politics anchored in the land, all efforts to restore her were centered on trade and empire.

      While no one can live without trade, if it becomes the centerpiece of politics it puts the populace on ground that shifts like the tides of the sea.

      That said, the longest surviving republic in history was Venice. But that republic was founded on trade and never went through the kind of shift Athens did. There was never a change in how the politics was grounded.

    2. Many historians think of Pericles as the last rational leader of Athens. The war that consumed the Greeks seems to have had a strong economic foundation in that Athens was mainly a naval power, by far greater than her neighbors. This made her a trading power but probably more importantly also insured a food supply of grain from "Asia" (Turkey today) for her and her allies. Athenian society was based much less on disparities of wealth and its influence than that in Rome and what we see in our own today. But unanswered power breeds arrogance everywhere it exists, and success negligence. These natural proclivities powered the Athenian demagogues after Pericles, bringing thier great society to ruin.

  4. Don

    I hope you don't mind but I am posting this in full at which is an Australian site.

    Thank you for your work and all the very best.

  5. I can't comment on Wictor's end game but will note that your observations otherwise are to my way of thinking, sound.


    1. His take on li'l Kim may or may not pan out, but clearly something very new is happening.

      I know that does not set well with anyone who doesn't want to believe that the New World Order was the last gasp of occidental communism, and its dream of one-world government has failed.

      Frankly, I've been thinking something similar since Brezhnev.

  6. But when the political establishment fails -- when it impedes business -- someone arises to take back the government.

    If you think about it, almost every revolution in the past 250 years started with the middle class.

  7. Big D, alls I can say is: Smoke em inside. (Jim Bouton’s Ball Four.)

  8. Wictor’s takes are intriguing and make sense. Hopefully they are grounded in reality. Sure wish Farage was running the show in England. I am just thrilled we have this president at this time.

  9. "Those 33,000 emails aren't missing. They are in the hands of Putin and many other bad people who donated to her Fake Charity."

    And if the possibly flakey Michael Caputo is to be believed, they may be in hands of an anonymous intelligence official in OUR government who, he alleges, offered them to the Trump campaign. Perhaps Caputo misunderstood the offer, perhaps it was a cunning trap, but would it come as a surprise if both Hillary's server and the DNC server were breached by spies in our own government? Nothing that goes on in DC seems too outrageous to believe these days.

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