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Sunday, April 22, 2018

Women owe Corey Lewandowski an apology

Amy Chozick of the New York Times was one of the dozens of women assigned to cover Hillary Clinton. For the first time, women outnumbered men on the press plane in covering a presidential candidate.

They proved they were the equal of men. By that I mean, women reporters were just as lousy as the men.

And of course they rooted for her to win.

Chozick has written a book, and the Washington Post reviewed it. In the book she identifies male staffers on the Clinton campaign as the Guys -- “Brown Loafers Guy,” “Policy Guy,” “Hired Gun Guy,” “Outsider Guy” and “Original Guy.”

"The Guys constantly mess with Chozick, magnifying her self-doubts. 'I don’t care what you write because no one takes you seriously,' Outsider Guy says. They suggest that a Times colleague is leaking her story ideas to a competitor at Politico and that more-experienced reporters in her newsroom will steal away her assignment. ('C’mon, you really think they’ll keep you on the beat with Maggie there') They ask if there are any other Times reporters, preferably male, that they could talk to instead of her. 'They’d gotten in my head, and I let them,' Chozick admits. The undercurrent of sexism spills over when Chozick and Original Guy spar over whether a prior conversation can go on the record, and he randomly paraphrases a crude line from 'Thank You for Smoking,' a 2005 film in which a reporter sleeps with a lobbyist for information. 'I didn’t know I had to say it was off the record when I was inside you,' Original Guy smirks. ('The words hung there,' Chozick recalls, 'so grossly gynecological.')" the Post review said.

"Chozick doesn’t name him but later cites a Times story by Maggie Haberman revealing that Original Guy served as the Trump stand-in during Clinton’s debate preparation. 'Hmmm, wherever will Hillary find a manipulative, sometimes-charming, often hilarious, possible sociopath?' Chozick muses. I won’t out Original Guy here, except to say that his name rhymes with Philippe Reines."

So Reines and others on the Break the Glass Ceiling campaign were sexually harassing a reporter because they did not like her coverage.

And nobody said a word.

Not Chozick. Not the other reporters. She chose to take one for the team.

Contrast and compare that with the reporter who filed an assault charge against Trump's first campaign manager, Corey Lewandowski, because he jostled her as Trump walked by her. That led to a string of stories and columns bashing him.

But Hillary's "Guys" could get away with anything when it came to demeaning women because they knew their boss didn't care, and the reporters would not complain for fear of derailing the campaign.

It's not what they report that matters. It is what they don't report.


  1. Being a good reporter nowadays means recognizing a big story and covering it with a pillow until it stops breathing.

  2. Lewandowski smiles.

    As if he died in bed.

    With a terrific woman.

  3. So liberal men are creeps, and liberal women are vain, their priorities are screwed up, they have no confidence, moral compass or personal integrity, and they write like children. Anybody surprised?

    1. I'm as surprised -- just shocked! -- as Capt. Renault was to find out there was gambling going on in Rick's cafe.

  4. Women owe Corey Lewandowski an apology??

    The story about Clinton's "guys" has nothing at all to do with Lewandowski lying about not grabbing Michelle Fields and bruising her.

    But it is obvious that lies told by Trump and his team are expected behavior to Trumpists.

  5. To a liberated woman, it is always sexism. And in this case, the ride with Rodham was worth whatever perceived abuse Chozick took. At least Chozick is landing some body blows to Rodham.

  6. Looks like the stand-in didn’t dare drop the “Because you’d be in jail” line on Hillary in the training sessions.

  7. Did they score the debate training sessions?
    Did anyone dare?
    Who still thinks the standin was good facsimile?