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Thursday, April 05, 2018

Whelp, the Trump Effect hits again

"If you spend time in hardscrabble, white upstate New York, or eastern Kentucky, or my own native West Texas, and you take an honest look at the welfare dependency, the drug and alcohol addiction, the family anarchy — which is to say, the whelping of human children with all the respect and wisdom of a stray dog — you will come to an awful realization. It wasn’t Beijing. It wasn’t even Washington, as bad as Washington can be. It wasn’t immigrants from Mexico, excessive and problematic as our current immigration levels are. It wasn’t any of that." -- Kevin D. Williamson in the National Review on March 28, 2016.

The piece was from "The Father-Führer," which portrayed Donald John Trump as Hitler, and you and me and all the rest of his supporters as Nazis.

Williamson is a poison pen writer who thinks vitriol can substitute for insight. His is not writing; it is toxic typing.

He has a losing streak on Trump that dates back to his coverage of President Trump's official announcement for the presidency, which went under the headline, "Witless Ape Rides Escalator."

Williamson was not content with firing at The Donald -- whose net worth is easily 10,000 times Williamson -- but he also attacked Melania as "his plastic-surgery-disaster wife."

He is a rather tiresome writer. He relies to heavily on adjectives and too little on facts.

However, the piece is noteworthy for his lack of understanding the basics of bankruptcy court.

His command of the language is like the sorcerer's apprentice trying to control that darned mop and bucket: "On the substance, Trump is — how to put it gently? Oh, why bother! — an ass. Not just an ass, but an ass of exceptionally intense asininity."

Atlantic monthly’s editor-in-chief, Jeffrey Goldberg, for some unknown reason hired Williamson.

Today, Goldberg fired him.

"This news comes just weeks after The Atlantic announced Williamson’s hiring, which immediately sparked an uproar from people concerned that the publication was giving space to a man who compared a 9-year-old black child to a primate and, now most famously, said that women who get abortions should be hanged," HuffPost reported.

"It apparently wasn’t until Media Matters’ report on Wednesday, which found that Williamson had defended the sentiment on a podcast, that Goldberg decided to take Williamson’s remarks seriously."

Some conservatives complain that Atlantic canned Mister Toxic Typing.

Good riddance.

Let him go back to National Review where Rich Lowry can pat him on the back for being so clever.

He feuded with Trump. And lost. Williamson is our 51st fool. I shall add him to the list.

At its bottom!

1. Casey Affleck.

February 2017: "Casey Affleck Slams Trump Administration’s ‘Abhorrent’ Policies in Spirit Awards Speech."

November 2017: "Thousands Sign Petition To Keep Casey Affleck From Presenting At Oscars."

2. H. Brandt Ayers

2017: "Trump breaches moral line."

2018: "Anniston Star's ex-publisher spanked female employees in the 1970s, reports say."

3. Alec Baldwin.

2016: "Alec Baldwin totally nailed Trump on the 'SNL' premiere."

2017: "Alec Baldwin Admits He's 'Bullied Women,' Calls for a Change in Hollywood."

4. LaVar Ball.

November 2017: "LaVar Ball Is Feuding with Donald Trump Over His Son's Release From China."

December 2017: "LaVar Ball sends his sons to play in LITHUANIA after pulling them both out of school in the United States after UCLA-Trump row."

5. Michael Bennett.

2017: "Michael Bennett: Trump stooped so low with his NFL attacks."

2018: "Michael Bennett indicted for allegedly injuring elderly paraplegic at Super Bowl LI."

6. Maddie Bowman.

2017: "Olympic gold medal skier Maddie Bowman would turn down visit to the White House."

2018: "Team USA's Maddie Bowman Finishes 11th in Crushing Blow for Former Gold Medal Skier."

7. Hillary Clinton.

2016: "Clinton has 90 percent chance of winning."

2017: "Hillary, I love you. But please go away."

8. George Clooney.

2016: "Clooney's Vow: Trump Will Not Be President; See Trump's Response."

2017: "Clooney's 'Suburbicon' tanks, 'Saw' sequel No. 1 with $16.3M."

9. John Conyers.

2016: "Rep. John Conyers: Donald Trump Is the Next Richard Nixon."

2017: "Rep. John Conyers Jr. resigns over sexual harassment allegations."

10. David Corn.

2016: "MSNBC’s David Corn destroys Ann Coulter for defending Trump’s decision not to release tax returns."

2017: "David Corn investigated for inappropriate workplace behavior."

11. Bill Cosby.

2011: "During an appearance on the 'Today Show,' Bill Cosby slammed Donald Trump's political aspirations, telling him to 'run or shut up'."

2017: "Bill Cosby trying to take out $30M loan to pay mounting legal bills."

12. Lena Dunham.

2016: "Lena Dunham: I'll move to Canada if Trump is president."

2017: "Lena Dunham Apologizes for Defending Girls Writer Accused of Rape."

13. Eminem.

October 2017: "Eminem unleashes on Trump: The 11 fiercest lines."

November 2017: "Eminem is SKEWERED on social media after his bizarre performance on SNL."

Bonus: "Rapper Eminem ‘extremely angry’ that Trump didn’t respond to castigating freestyle rap."

14. Al Franken.

2016: "Al Franken Hilariously Mocks Donald Trump."

2017: "Al Franken to Resign From Senate Amid Harassment Allegations."

15. GQ.

2016: "If You Vote For Trump, Then Screw You."

2017: "Layoffs Hit GQ as Condé Nast Cuts Continue."

16. Kathy Griffin.

2016: "Kathy Griffin Thinks Comedy Should Go All Out on ‘President Piece of Shit’ Donald Trump."

2017: "CNN fires Kathy Griffin."

17. Alcee Hastings.

2016: "Democratic congressman calls Donald Trump 'pile of excrement.'"

2017: "Taxpayers paid $220K to settle sexual harassment case involving Hastings."

18. Stephen Henderson.

2016: "Henderson: Vote for Trump was a consent, purposeful or not, to bigotry."

2017: "Free Press’ Stephen Henderson terminated for misconduct."

19. David Hogg.

March 4: "Florida shooting survivor David Hogg says he hung up on the White House during a call inviting him to Trump's listening session."


20. Megyn Kelly.

2016: "GOP Debate: Donald Trump's 'Spat' With Megyn Kelly Is Sexism."

2017: "Megyn Kelly drags down 'Today' ratings."

21. Garrison Keillor.

2016: “So, he won. The nation takes a deep breath. Raw ego and proud illiteracy have won out and a severely learning-disabled man with a real character problem will be president. We are so exhausted from thinking about this election, millions of people will take up leaf-raking and garage cleaning with intense pleasure. We liberal elitists are wrecks. The Trumpers had a whale of a good time, waving their signs, jeering at the media, beating up protesters, chanting ‘Lock her up’ — we elitists just stood and clapped. Nobody chanted ‘Stronger Together.’ It just doesn't chant.”

2017: "Minnesota Public Radio Fires Garrison Keillor Over Allegations of Improper Conduct."

22. Shia LaBeouf.

January 2017: "Shia LaBeouf arrested at his anti-Trump art installation."

April 2017: "Shia LaBeouf Thriller ‘Man Down’ Sells Just One Ticket at U.K. Box Office."

23. Lady Gamecocks.

2017: "South Carolina women's basketball team declines Trump's invite to White House."

2018: "UConn routs South Carolina 94-65, heads back to Final Four."

24. Jennifer Lawrence.

2017: "Jennifer Lawrence Would Like to Throw a Martini at President Donald Trump's Face."

2018: "Box Office Poison: Jennifer Lawrence’s ‘Red Sparrow’ Bottoms Out at $17 Million."

25. Ryan Lizza.

2016: "Trump Gets Ready to Be a Bad Loser."

2017: "New Yorker Fires Star Reporter Ryan Lizza Over 'Improper Sexual Conduct'."

26. Louis C.K.

2016: "Louis C.K. Compares Donald Trump to Hitler: ‘He’s an Insane Bigot’."

2017: "FX fires Louis C.K. after comic confirms sexual misconduct claims."

27. Macy's.

2015: "Macy's Drops Donald Trump's Fashion Line Over Immigrant Remarks."

2017: "Macy's Announces Store Closings for 2017."

28. Rose McGowan.

2016: "Rose McGowan Blasts Donald Trump, Murdochs, Networks in Open Letter: 'You Are Causing a Worldwide Sickness.'"

2017: "Rose McGowan arrested for felony possession of a controlled substance."

29. Alyssa Milano.

March 2017: "Alyssa Milano on Trump: 'Removing him will be up to' women."

June 2017: "Anti-Trumper Alyssa Milano is broke as a joke, didn’t pay taxes and stiffed her employees."

30. Mayor Ed Murray.

2016: Democratic "Seattle mayor decries Trump, says immigrants welcome."

2017: "Seattle Mayor Resigns After Multiple Sexual Abuse Allegations."

31. Rupert Myers.

January 2017: "British GQ writer: Could Obama ‘murder Trump and Pence’ then pardon himself?"

October 2017: "Male feminist writer fired by GQ Magazine after woman accuses him of sexual assault."

32. NFL.

September 2017: "After Trump Blasts N.F.L., Players Kneel and Lock Arms in Solidarity."

November 2017: "NFL TV Partners Set To Lose Up To $500 Million On Ratings Decline."

33. Barack Obama.

During the campaign, Trump tweeted, "President Obama will go down as perhaps the worst president in the history of the United States!"

Obama went on Jimmy Kimmel's show, read the tweet, and replied, "At least I'll go down as a president."

Fifteen days later, we elected Trump as Obama's successor.

34. Rosie O'Donnell.

1996: "Queen of Nice Can Rosie O'Donnell Clean Up Trash TV?"

2017: "Rosie O’Donnell Admits: ‘I Spend 90% Of My Hours Tweeting Hatred’ At Trump."

35. Playboy.

2016: "Hugh Hefner's son feels 'personal embarrassment' that Trump was on Playboy's cover."

2017: "Playboy considers closing down magazine to concentrate on nightclubs and casinos just months after death of founder Hugh Hefner."

36. Tony Podesta.

2010: "Tony Podesta, Superlobbyist."

2017: "Tony Podesta stepping down from lobbying giant amid Mueller probe."

37. Jorge Ramos.

2015: "In taking on Jorge Ramos, Donald Trump may have tussled with the wrong media star."

2018: "Jorge Ramos Eyeing Return to Mexico."

38. Brett Ratner.

June 2017: "Brett Ratner Regrets Not Naming 'Tower Heist' After Trump."

November 2017: "Six women accuse filmmaker Brett Ratner of sexual harassment or misconduct."

39. Eric Schmidt.

January 2017: "Google's Eric Schmidt: Trump Administration Will Do Evil Things."

December 2017: "Former Google CEO Eric Schmidt is stepping down as Alphabet’s executive chairman."

40. Arnold Schwarzenegger.

2016: "Arnold Schwarzenegger: ‘I Will Not Vote for the Republican Candidate for President.’"

2017: "He won't be back: Schwarzenegger's Terminator franchise terminated."

2017: "Arnold Schwarzenegger's Legend of Conan Isn't Happening."

2017: "Donald Trump Says Arnold Schwarzenegger Fired From ‘Celebrity Apprentice.’"

41. Andy Signore.

June 2017: "I am so damn sick of bully @realDonaldTrump taking words out of context to act out his agenda of fear, corruption & bigotry. #NotMyPresident."

October 2017: "‘Honest Trailers’ Creator Andy Signore Fired for ‘Egregious and Intolerable’ Sexual Behavior."

42. John Skipper.

October 2017: "Report: ESPN’s John Skipper Attacks President Trump, Fox News, and Clay Travis, in Private Employee Meeting."

December 2017: "John Skipper's resignation caps a tumultuous year at ESPN."

43. Tavis Smiley.

2016: "Tavis Smiley: BFOTs (Black Friends of Trump) Are Normalizing Racism."

2017: "PBS Suspends Tavis Smiley For Allegedly Forcing Women and Men to Have Sex With Him to Keep Their Jobs."

44. Kevin Spacey.

2016: "Kevin Spacey mocks Donald Trump and calls him a 'disease' at Cannes."

2017: "Actor Anthony Rapp: Kevin Spacey Made A Sexual Advance Toward Me When I Was 14."

45. Alwaleed Bin Talal.

2016: "Billionaire Saudi Prince Alwaleed Bin Talal Trolls Trump: ‘I Bailed You Out Twice’."

2017: "Billionaire Saudi Prince Alwaleed Bin Talal arrested in corruption crackdown."

46. George Takei.

2016: "George Takei: Trump's Muslim registry is 'prelude to internment'."

2017: "George Takei’s Facebook empire strains under sexual harassment allegations."

47. Teen Vogue.

2016: "Donald Trump Is Gaslighting America."

2017: "Teen Vogue is going to cease printing."

48. Lindsey Vonn.

2017: "Lindsey Vonn says she doesn't want to represent Donald Trump at Olympics."

2018: "Lindsey Vonn Loses Super-G Medal in Last-Second Mistake."

49. Harvey Weinstein.

2016: "Harvey Weinstein says Trump 'appeals to the worst in us'."

2017: "Harvey Weinstein Is Fired After Sexual Harassment Reports."

50. Brian Williams.

2012: "Donald Trump has driven well past the last exit to relevance and veered into something closer to irresponsible."

2015: "Brian Williams Demoted to MSNBC Breaking News Anchor."

51. Kevin D. Williamson.

2015: "Witless Ape Rides Escalator."

2018: "Atlantic Fires Kevin Williamson After Suddenly Realizing He Believes The Things He Says."


  1. Just FYI on what this clown, Williamson, was making reference to:

    West Texas, eh? I did some time there in the 1980s when I was in the Army. I liked it, but by the mid 1990s it was unfit for human habitation.

    1. Thank you for your service. General Sheridan was of the same opinion, by the way. (“If I owned hell and Texas, I would rent Texas and live at the other place.”)

  2. West Texas is part of the Llano Estacado, high plains and semi-arid. It was the home of the Comanche. There's something about it that messes with the people who live there. Encyclopedia Brittanica, somewhat understatedly, calls the climate "less than salubrious." - Elric

    1. You made me look up "salubrious." Great word. Added to the writing vocabulary. -TK

    2. Me, I like the strategic use of the word “sub-optimal”.

      For example: “Spam ... sub-optimal nutrition”.

  3. OMG! You're Fired!™ Chaos at The Atlantic! Just like the White House. Someone tell Goldberg that's no way to run a magazine. Yuck. Yuck.

  4. Williamson is a pompous ass and deserves whatever he gets and more.

    However, this "fire anybody who has opinions I despise" thing needs to stop. It's dangerous and un-American, and only works because there are no true leaders left to stand up to the mobs carrying the torches and pitchforks.

    1. I also agree. Although, I go to a much darker place: what happens when people have had enough of this sh*t, and decide the only solution left is to fight. And I don't mean rhetorically. You can only make people bend so far before they snap.

    2. "Employment at will" is the law of the land, at least in 49 states. You can be fired for any reason, or no reason. Don't like it? Change the law. -TK

    3. Sure enough, Hoss. Have you heard of someone "going postal?" I worked for the post office for a few years. American Postal Workers Union and all. Good money, but I walked away from that job and never looked back. Those people are out there. - Elric

    4. Re: employment at will

      That is so not the point. Of course the employer can do what they wish. The problem is giving in to stupidity.

  5. I can't believe The Atlantic fired him already. They should have kept him around as the token Republican who's willing to write an article every week absolutely dumping on Trump and conservatives: he could have been the Ana Navarro of The Atlantic.

    1. My take too. But Goldberg is more interested in satisfying mobs than being strategic.

    2. Williamson is a Republican?

    3. He is. But not a conservative or a thoughtful one. -- BJ54

    4. They had to. He violated the left's sanctity of abortion.

  6. One thing I would love to see is the Fatboy Slim video "Weapon of Choice" with Christopher Walken replaced by Donald Trump.

    It would work on so many levels.

    (I like Christopher Walken, it's just...Donald Trump would be so....)

    -Mikey NTH

  7. Kevin D Williamson who? The only time he "used to be somebody" was before he disowned his roots and started pretending to be one of the glamorous people of the Left. The Trump Effect could not have happened to a more deserving quisling. The sooner his name is sandblasted out of recognition, the better off our country will be.

    1. Ha ha ha! Legal Insurrection posted a rather unflattering photo the schlub Kevin Williamson. It looks nothing like the pic they ran on National Review. To me he comes across as a "High Plains Grifter." - Elric

    2. Heh! I'll have to go look.

  8. Enjoy the spotlight Williamson. The list is growing fast. You will not have the honor of being on the bottom for long.

    Bring a douche has consequences.

    1. It hasn't for Wee Widdle Barrie....yet.

    2. Are you sure this guy ISN'T a bottom?

  9. Goldberg probably assumed that since Williamson is NeverTrump he was a "nice" conservative.

    1. Being a "nice conservative" is not enough for the left. You must be a Nazi like them, or you are unacceptable.

  10. Almost nobody on that list by Don Surber is a conservative whom I would readily defend. Kevin Williamson is, and I really wonder what Surber's list even means, if Williamson is on it. Does the list imply, "Bad things happen to you if you oppose the Emperor God!"? I rather think that Kevin Williamson has almost nothing to apologize for. While Donald Trump is on an almost-daily string of stuff for which he owes apologies. As to the balance of the people on Surber's list; who cares? Not me. The last time I felt an urge to defend Lena Dunham, Tavis Smiley, Jorge Ramos, Hillary Clinton or John Conyers was... Never.

    I'll stick with Kevin Williamson, thank you very much, and Don Surber's fans can stick with him and make the blogosphere great again.

  11. Too bad you can't make this an electronic billboard and have it scrolling these events constantly