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Thursday, April 12, 2018

What Trump will do to Syria

The fog of war is thick around Syria. President Trump is not being clear on what actions, if any, he will take.

Never telegraph your moves, but always be clear about what you are doing.

President Trump has told Syria (and Russia and Iran) that there will be a price paid for gassing civilians.

GOOD. The world knows what he is doing.

Just what the price is and who deliver it is less clear.

GOOD. The world does not knows how he is going to do it.

Now if you read the stateside experts, Trump is a madman who will launch us into World War 3 and a puppet of Putin who will not exact a penalty from Assad.

When have the experts ever been right about Donald John Trump? They even said his hair was a toupee. Remember? The New York Times said it!

But hey, now they know everything.

Over on Twitter, Thomas Wictor believes that Trump, Britain and the rest of the world are rattling their sabers while the Saudis and their Arabian friends quietly change the regime without changing the government in Syria.

Wictor says John Bolton is General Patton heading Operation Fortitude.

"Operation Fortitude in World War II created phantom armies to fool the German into thinking we would land at Pas de Calais, not Normandy," Wictor tweeted.

The phantom armies now are real armies from the West, while the Gulf states do the actual work, according to Wictor.

I like that plan.

The New York Times -- through its Hillary-loving conservative Bret Stephens -- wants us to decapitate Assad. I like how a man who wanted Hillary to take every state has the gall to tell President Trump what he "must" do.

I would not put it past a creepy counterfeit conservative to want Trump to start a war just to depose him when people die.

Forty years ago, you could send the CIA in to rid us of Assad.

That is not an option, so Trump has his critics foaming at the mouth to do something, which gives him great leeway. Plus they have convinced our enemies that he is an impulsive madman.

Putin or the Iranian mullahs may have convinced Assad to test Trump.

My money is on a lot of rockets red glare while the Saudis quietly take care of business. You need them to go in because they can tell the difference between an actual Syrian rebel and an Islamic State terrorist. Obama never realized that.

Besides, it is their land, not ours. Let them defend it. No American president wants to send in ground troops.

Had we fought the Gulf War this way, that New World Order thing may have worked.

By the way, if Assad disappears, look for sphincters to shrink among the Putins, mullahs, and bad guys around the world.


  1. There are rumblings of things happening in Syria and Iran that aren't being reported. Did Israel REALLY attack the Syrian airbase? As usual, they won't say one way or the other. Anybody heard from Turkey lately? Something is going on. I am optimistic. - Elric

    1. Elric, I agree. Mr. T is a master of head fakes, getting other people (nations) to leave their feet before he goes up for the and-one. Yes, Israel did blow that air base to shit. And yes, the Saudis are about to kick Syria's ass. I almost can't believe I just typed that. But that's the power of Mr. T.

    2. Our Mr. T. has no pity for the fools that the original Mr. T. did. NO pity. None. Zero, zip, zilch, NADA.

    3. Z - Come, man. Do you honestly think Russia is going to let the sheiks come in and kick Syria around? Popcorn and beer, please! That would be the comedy show of the season.

  2. I like Wictor. I think he is on the money in this instance.

    1. And so does Don:

      The phantom armies now are real armies from the West, while the Gulf states do the actual work, according to Wictor.

      I like that plan.


      A consummation devoutly to be wished, maybe...but does it seem likely? What has changed?

  3. Send in Mitch Rapp. E.O.S.

  4. Trump created a coalition to act in its own interest, as opposed to the "international community"'s.

    Pencil Neck is showing how dangerous he is (he's a freakin' dentist, fer cryin' out loud) aznd something will be done.

  5. As with Ronald Reagan, I think POTUS-Trump is truly blessed with his in-country enemies. With the NY Times, CBS, the Washington Post, et al, all convincing the world that Reagan was a nuke-mad lunatic, it allowed Ronald Reagan to negotiate the end to the Soviet Union by convincing our enemies then that the game was up. In so many ways, first with Kim Jong Un, now with Syria and Iran, I think the same set of domestic enemies is setting the stage for another president they hate to make the world safer through true peace.

  6. Steve in GreensboroApril 12, 2018 at 7:57 PM

    Wouldn't it be nice to have some evidence that the Assad government actually did what they are accused of? The last time we sent in cruise missile we 1) did not have any evidence and 2) we still to this day do not have any evidence.

    And when I say evidence I mean something more substantial than the "evidence" of Trump's Russian collusion or the "evidence" of Saddam's WMD.

  7. "The New York Times -- through its Hillary-loving conservative Bret Stephens -- wants us to decapitate Assad"

    In a talk given after the election Victor Davis Hanson jokingly said something to the effect "Trump's job is easy. Get up each morning, read Bret Stephens. Then, do the opposite."

  8. isis still exists in limited form, they work for israel.

  9. The Trump Uncertainty Principle: "Keep your enemies wondering if you really are that crazy."

  10. Right up to the time they find out,

  11. No one, least of the shrill Haley and the idiot President of France, have produced a shred of proof it was Assad, as they were unable to do last year. We decry the deep state Trump is fighting on one hand, but let the word "war" be uttered - and American seem to lose their collective shyte.

    Prior to the dueling pipelines, which is what the entire fight in Syria is all about, Assad protected his own Alawites, the (mostly) Orthodox Christians, and the peaceful Muslims. It was not the Alawites nor the Christians that stirred the works. It was the Muslims, as always.

    Enter McCain and his thoroughly shameful shenanigans over there, as well as the perpetual war-mongerers among the neocons. Good Lord - we have been in Afghanistan for over 17 years. We made a shambles of Iraq; Libya - we have countless men maimed for life and countless others dead - to what end? Very little in terms of matters tangible.

    Cui bono? Assad is not stupid - Occam's Razor should give us a hint he had nothing to do with the gassing, if it did indeed even happen. This smells to high heaven like another deep state/CIA operation to perpetuate our military invelvement. Assad was getting welcome news when Donald said he was pulling our troops out. He is no bungler. This is an entire lesson in deep state BS - and they know they can tug on our heart-strings and bamm! Back into the war scenario again for the umpteenth time. Hogwash.

    We do not need anyone else's oil or natgas - this is about pure conquest. "Exporting democracy?" Pu-lease - we let Bush I and his kid pull that wool over our eyes twice! What is our success rate? Given all the setbacks - less than zero.

    And I for one, believe President Trump is aware of all of this and more. The neocons are pressing him to shoot missles before there is the least bit of verification that gas WAS released, or who in hell really did it. Even Gen. Mattis said we do not know.

    The neocons have had a fixation on Russia since forever. And they have gone off the deep end demanding war. PM May in GB - widely seen as a general idiot in all other matters, is suddenly willing to declare war (or have us do it for her) even her own scientists can't confirm regarding the Skripal's.

    I believe Donald is about to pull off yet another master-stroke with Syria, as he did with NK, and in doing so expose even more deep state actors.

    Take a deep breath, Sports Fans, and think back and through the deep state has pulled this act on us. There is already talk about impeaching Trump if he effectively "does war" on Syria without Congressional approval. Besdes all of the above, the clincher today was Hillary calling for the bombardment of Syria. Game, set match. If Hillary is "fer" - I am "agin" without question.

    Watch. The world has its bad guys, true - but we are just learning how many of them are ours.

    1. Just learning? It's been over a decade since Obama was ushered into office and then reelected on the basis of the thinking of the Dems and the GOP-e. And anyone who was appointed during Obama's time in office is probably just waiting to do what ever they can to harm us by trying to destroy Trump. I am glad Paul Ryan is quitting. He was just Boehner in another skin.

    2. My friend -

      "Just learning?"

      I was not speaking to the Bammster's appointees. They are a given. I am speaking to what is coming in the IG Report and Huber's investigation, and the opening of the indictments.

      Ryan is/was worse than merely "another Boehner - he is a Macaininite (gee, that sounds almost Biblical!) Heh!

      I believe, soon, all of us are going to learn - muchly - about just how many "bad guys/actors" we have, and have had here in America. It won't be pretty, but it is necessary.

  12. You're not the only one wondering that, DCP. I vividly remember (how I wish I could bleach-bit my memory sometimes!) Hillary cackling about how "we came, we saw, he died." Nothing was accomplished, of course, but it did help get our Ambassador and some brave men killed as well.

  13. JB, I agree 100% with your analysis, and it all starts with the alleged gas attack, just one, after months of not using such weapons, if indeed they were ever used.

    This random "oh look it's one random gas attack, after months of not using them, at a time that is politically useful for powerful nations, and children were killed in a manner not involving shrapnel, get that guy" ruse might be fooling some people, but it doesn't make a whole lot of sense to me.

    Why on Earth would Assad do such a thing just days after Trump announces we are leaving? To keep us there and inspire us and the "international community" to launch a war to remove him? That makes no sense whatsoever.

    Here's what does: false flag operation by U.S. intelligence, to lure Trump into doing something stupid like start another Middle East war, which would kill his rising poll numbers and deliver both houses of Congress to Dems in November.

    Or maybe somebody who wants WWIII.

    It seems to me like we as a nation are Pavlov's dog, and the gas attack is the bell.

    I also suspect Thomas Wictor is right as to the heavy lifting being done by Saudis and their new best friends, Israel. If so, someday the truth is going to come out that Trump's trip to visit Prince MbS was one of the most important foreign policy trips in the last 100 years. Changed _everything_.

  14. We have to send a strong message to Assad to not permit US and Israeli proxies to commit false flag attacks against Syrian civilians.