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Tuesday, April 24, 2018

Trump's incompetence

Boy, does President Trump suck.

He sucks at being Hitler. (Trump's daughter is Jewish.)

He sucks at being Mussolini. (The trains don't run on time.)

He sucks at censorship. (The press berates him constantly.)

He sucks at racism. (Jesse Jackson gave him an award.)

He sucks at xenophobia. (He twice married foreigners.)

And now we discover, he sucks at being a war monger.

"On Friday, North Korea announced it would immediately halt its nuclear and missile testing ahead of the summit, but Trump insisted Tuesday that total denuclearization is the ultimate goal of a meeting with Kim. 'It means they get rid of their nukes,' Trump said when asked what he means by denuclearization. 'It’s very simple,'" Politico reported.


But lefties sold me Trump was going to ignite a world war. They raised my hopes in January.

"Fears over wars this year on the Korean Peninsula, the Middle East and around the world have increased dramatically due to President Donald Trump’s ongoing nuclear feud with North Korea’s Kim Jong Un, as well as threats of extreme weather events, natural disasters and cyber attacks, according to the World Economic Forum," Newsweek reported on January 17.

"Seventy-nine percent of the experts tasked saw an increased risk in military conflicts in 2018, while 93 percent expected political and economic rows to ratchet up."

They raised our hopes. Trump called Kim "Rocket Man." Kim called Trump a dotard, and we all had to look that word up.

But instead of a nuclear war, it looks like we will have peace.

The sobbing at the Weekly Standard, National Review, and New York Times must be deafening. Maybe they can GoFundMe to pay for all that Kleenex they are going through right now.


  1. Wait, do we get to rewind the End of the World clock - you know the one that the "expert" scientists moved forward because Trump called him "Little Man"...

    1. A truly great question for the folks at The Bulletin of Atomic Scientists!

  2. Much as anyone with two brain cells to rub together wants Trump to succeed at this summit with North Korea, one can’t help but expect the Norks to theatrically stage a walk-out.

  3. Trump gets an “A+++” for getting the Norks to this point (no one else ever got this far) but man they are a mean, duplicitous Bunch.

    Have to watch them like a hawk.


  4. All this goes into the next edition of "The Experts Speak".

  5. I have been sorry disappointed. I mean we hardly had cleared the rubble from the war with China before we were at war with North Korea, and now we're about to precipitate a war in Syria. Or is it Mexico?

    So, we're up to which number World War? 6? 7? Hard to keep track without a scorecard.

  6. Far from being the dictator of the Left's fever dream, President Trump is in fact restoring the Rule of Law.

    DACA was a One-Man law. The President brought it back to Congress.

    The Paris Climate Accord was an illegal One-Man Treaty. We were the only signatory country whose legislature did not vote. Again, it is up to Congress.

    The Iran Deal is another illegal One-Man Treaty. Obama had it approved by the Iranian legislature and the UN but not the American Senate.

    The President also rolled back the massive Grand Staircase land-grab in Utah which was confiscated without local or Congressional input under the Monuments Act rather than the National Park Act.

    The President is also enforcing the laws Congress passed on immigration. And rolling back regulations promulgated by the unelected Perma-Blob, laws that Congress never passed.

    And neither is President Trump wiretapping and framing his political opponents as was done to him and probably to Mitt Romney before him.

    The Swamp loves all those Statist Decrees that they don't have to put their dirty fingerprints on, but President Trump is restoring the Rule of Law at every turn. That's why the Crooked Uni-Party hates him.

    And why we love him.

    1. Well said, Gipper. Well well said.

    2. The only problem is that since Congress continues to abdicate their responsibility regarding the illegal bad....Dreamers, the courts continue to step in to protect the law breakers. Someone please explain to me how executive action by one administration can not be undone through executive action by the next? How in the world is that a violation of anything?

    3. It's simple. It's called LAWFARE. Do what we say or our trained seal judges will pass a new LAW to make you.