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Wednesday, April 11, 2018

Trump vs. the five ex-presidents

A reader named Bob sent me an email:

"I just wrote a quiz comparing Trump to the five living former presidents. I am surrounded by NeverTrumpers at home and work, and so have no one to share this with. If you would share with your readers, I would appreciate it. You may edit it as you like, and take credit if you want, but please do not reveal my name.

"(The opening sounds anti-Trump, but the quiz itself is not.)"

His wish is my command, although I feel like Casey Kasem doing a listener request, but Bob's request is a reminder that not all of us live in Trump Country.

Bob's Quiz:

There are five living former Presidents, two Republican and three Democrat, none of whom support President Trump. These five men who have dedicated their lives to public service do not support the buffoon who thinks President of the United States is an entry-level job.

You can hardly blame them, really. Just compare Trump’s first twelve months to their combined three hundred eighty four months. (Please do not include Reagan in your answers, since he is not a living former President, and has not criticized Trump.)

Mark “T” for Trump or “A” for anyone other than Trump.
___  Month with the lowest reported black unemployment.
___  Month with the smallest difference between black and white unemployment.
___  Month with lowest measured misery index.
___  Calendar year with most record high stock market closings.
___  Only calendar year in which national debt decreased as a percentage of GNP.
___  Adjusted for population, month with fewest people receiving unemployment.
___  Not adjusted for population, month with fewest people receiving unemployment.
___  Year with most reopened steel mills.
___  Year with most appellate court judges confirmed.
___  Signed into law the largest American tax cut.
___  Caused largest reduction in Federal work force.
___  Caused largest reduction in Federal regulations.

Is it possible to write a twelve question quiz that would make any of those five former Presidents look as good? I’ll try.
_A_   Married only once. (All five beat both Trump and Reagan.)
O&T  Thwarted a Hillary Clinton Presidential candidacy. (Let’s give Obama the credit he is due.)
___  …?


  1. Yet the Never-Trumpers persist.


  2. Love it!

  3. Bob? Who the hell is Bob?

    (The punch line to a rather - ahem- suggestive joke.)

    But this Bob has a pretty good handle on the truth of the matter. It's too bad the MSM has a vested interest in not just ignoring, but denying, the obvious. - Elric

  4. reality has been optional in much of politics economics, education and culture for quite some time

  5. Trump and those five ex-Prez’s in a cage. No rules, no lights, no recording devices.

    Who would you back to emerge as the sole survivor?

  6. Reagan had the highest unemployment and interest rates. No doubt you’ll blame the previous guy for that. Thank Obama for the economy.

    1. “No doubt you’ll blame the previous guy for that.”

      You mean Mr Peamut? Well, he was sooo preocccupied making a success of the embassy hostage rescue.

    2. Mr. Peanut also had a lot of his time taken up deciding who was allowed to use the WH swimming pool.

      After all, there are priorities!

    3. No shit we'll blame the previous guy. Interest rates peaked in 1981 as the General Malaise president (or Me. Stagflation) was leaving and Reagan was coming into office. Carter was another democrat president telling us a crappy economy was the "new normal" because he was fundamentally retarded when it came to economics - just like Obama. And quite being a moron: even you don't believe Obama had anything positive to do with the economy we have now. Trump did nothing more than remove the jack-boot that Obama and his comrades put on the economy.

  7. Bob (not his REAL name, I'm sure), has done Don and us a SOLID. Thanks, (your real name here).