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Thursday, April 19, 2018

Trump on Cruz control

Ted Cruz wrote a brilliant piece in Time magazine on Donald Trump.

"President Trump is a flash-bang grenade thrown into Washington by the forgotten men and women of America. The fact that his first year as Commander in Chief disoriented and distressed members of the media and political establishment is not a bug but a feature," Cruz wrote.

Those last six words are a nod to Glenn Reynolds.


Cruz ended the piece, "President Trump is doing what he was elected to do: disrupt the status quo. That scares the heck out of those who have controlled Washington for decades, but for millions of Americans, their confusion is great fun to watch."

In between is a laudatory salute to the accomplishments in the infancy of the 45th presidency.

Cruz acknowledges the better man won the nomination.

Since it is a three-paragraph piece, I won't quote the middle.

Like Trump, Cruz stood as an outsider and shook his head at the Sodom and Gomorrah we call Washington. Seriously. John Podesta collects pedophile art.

But while Cruz -- to his credit -- honed his political skills and worked up the ladder, Trump saved Manhattan, saved NBC, wrote best-sellers (ghosted), and bedded models. Those accomplishments outside of politics made him uniquely qualified in 2016.

Cruz's nod to Reynolds shows that Cruz is listening to voices outside the bubble. Not every Yale Law graduate lives in Washington. The average IQ in Washington may be 130 but there are only a half-million of them. The other 320 million Americans have ideas too.

A flash grenade blinds the enemy and illuminates their lair. Trump does that. Many of us finally are seeing Washington conservatives for who they are.

Trump provides cover for those who go in and get the job done.

I never liked Cruz until after the last inauguration. The guy is growing on me. The older I get, the more I realize the best part of memory is the things it allows you to forget.

John Kasich hasn't learned that. Trump and Cruz have.


  1. I liked Cruz during the primary. He could easily think on his feet, but did not have the answer to Trump's dope-a-rope then smash-mouth style.

    For what ever reason, Cruz just could not connect.

    - TexasDude

    1. Cruz was still playing by Queensbury rules. Trump was MMA no holds barred.

    2. I do believe Senator Cruz is observing very closely what President Trump is doing or not doing.

      -Mikey NTH

  2. It is heartening that Cruz is now on board. I had high hopes for him.

  3. I was a Cruz supporter in the primaries and still love him as my senator, but I was so disappointed with his surly and almost childish performance at the convention. I'm therefore glad to see he's finally appreciating Trump's unique upsides.

    Cruz is truly one of the smartest men in Washington--yeah, I know--and a tremendous advocate. (He was Solitictor General of Texas.) No one is quicker on his feet. He'd be a good man to have in the knife fight that's, continuing.

  4. I liked Cruz until I found out his wife works for Goldman Sachs and is a Globalist.

    Gary in Texas

  5. I have always like most of Cruz's positions, particularly his support for the Tenth Amendment. But I can point to the very moment he lost me. It was when Trump had to cancel a scheduled rally in Chicago due to threatened violence from Soros funded fascists. Ted jumped on the "blame Trump" bandwagon with so many other squishes instead of standing up for Trumps right to speak. Whatever happens from here on, "Lyin' Ted" will always stick.

  6. Maybe President Trump can appoint Ted Cruz to the U.S. Supreme Court. It's the highest office to which "Canada Ted" can legitimately aspire.

  7. I've been saying for 2 years that Trump's tweets are flash-bang grenade equivalents. They demand attention, blind and deafen (temporarily) those near it, and leave them stupefied for a few minutes. Or hours. Not days, because he tweets often. He's inside their decision (BANG what the hell was that!!) loop.

  8. Sorry. All I can recall of Ted Cruz, Dana Loesch and Glen Beck (supreme weirdo) is "soccer balls and Teddy bears" for illegal aliens streaming across our border.

  9. Ted came in second because he was the only other candidate who even thought about throwing sand in the gears. Glad he's come around.

  10. Ron in Ohio Sez;
    I gotta' agree with 7 of the 10 previous comments (You figure out which ones).

    I liked Cruz from the beginning in 2007 but when Trump really strongly entered into the picture my preference really changed as, I believe, did many other U.S. "Legal" voters.

    I still like the guy and if he keeps himself clean of "Swamp Rat" Washington influences - He may just be my guy in '24.

    Until then, he's gotta' "walk the walk and talk the talk" with his support of Trump's agenda to gain my wholehearted confidence.

  11. Cruz has an election coming up. I'm not saying that his article was disengenuous, but I am saying that any good politician has to know how to read the wind.

    1. Supposedly he’s in a dead heat. Agree with that comment, Jack, but at least he’s picked the right horse to ride.

    2. The only poll I could find of the head-to-head matchup at Real Clear Politics was a poll of registered voters with Cruz leading by 3. Considering all of the money and favorable press that O'Rourke has gotten, I guess it's not surprising that he's doing that well.

      But he's said a lot of really dumb things and, while he's not the Wendy Davis level of incompetent, he's run a spotty campaign. (Example: He skipped the AFL-CIO convention, so they declined to endorse him.) Like her, he's photogenic and the out-of-state donors love him...but Davis still lost by over 20 points in the general election.

      P.S. According to Wikipedia, by one poll Davis was within single digits as late as September, but as the election got closer, the gap widened. That was particularly true after her two debates with Abbott.

      I wonder if O'Rourke will agree to a debate. I wouldn't if I were him.

  12. Don,stop with the Cruz is a believer,only his career matters.And also anymore of the snide remarks and I will have to forgo your blog.
    " wrote best-sellers (ghosted), and bedded models"

    1. You really need some 420 friendliness. Chill out, fercryinoutloud. Threats are for dicks.

  13. Don, Where do you stand on Cruz's lobbyist wife vs your contempt for WV AG Patrick Morrisey wife? You now support Cruz and trust him over Patrick? JP

  14. A laudatory piece on Pres. Trump in Time??? Who paid for it?
    And, considering Mrs. Trump's feelings, you meant to write "wedded models," didn't you?

  15. 1- Cruz had a solid month to run to Trump's right on illegal immigration (and after the meltdown of '06 and the failure of Rick "Heartless" Perry's candidacy, only a total fool or a total shill would have discounted how deeply the average voter opposes amnesty). Instead, all we got was a month of waffling and then Cruz basically started running with the McCain playbook on amnesty: amnesty now, amnesty forever, enforcement "sometime". Own goal, Ted.
    2- As Greg said, you never had to wonder what Ted Cruz' position on mob violence against Republican voters was: it was the same as Hillary Clinton's. Trump was at fault for offending the mob.
    3- And finally, there was Ted's performance at the Convention. All he had to say would have been, "I disagree with Mister Trump on a wide variety of issues and I don't think I'll ever invite him over for a cookout, but he's our candidate and our best hope of beating the Clinton crime machine. I'll be voting for him, and I want all my supporters to as well." He would have shown solidarity and encouraged his supporters without showing personal approval, and looked like the class act he wanted to pretend he was. Instead, what did he do? "Hurr durr, vote your conscience (wink wink nudge nudge- as long as your conscience is McMullen or Hillary that is!)". He undercut his own party's candidate at the convention, folks. Exactly what does he think would have happened if Hillary had won- say, by the margin of 3rd party votes? How does he think his little mutiny would have been viewed by now, two years into Queen Hill's reign?

    So there you have Ted Cruz. Siding with illegals against Americans, siding with DNC-funded mobs against Republicans, and with no ability to see the consequences of his own actions. Thank God he didn't win the nomination.