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Friday, April 20, 2018

Trump moves to drill 10 billion barrels of U.S. oil

"The Trump administration is taking its first administrative step toward allowing oil and natural gas drilling in Alaska’s Arctic National Wildlife Refuge," the Hill reported.

As Evi L. Bloggerlady said, "Now that is how you celebrate Earth Day (by) getting valuable stuff out of the Earth!"

Ah yes, Sunday is Earth Day when Marxists covertly celebrate Lenin's Birthday in the guise of giving a darn about the ecology. They are watermelons, after all: green on the outside, red in the middle.

President Trump ignores them.

"The Interior Department’s Bureau of Land Management released a notice Thursday that it is starting the “scoping” process for an environmental review to examine the impact of leasing drilling rights to companies in ANWR’s 1.6 million-acre coastal plain," the Hill reported.

"The BLM will take public comments for 60 days and hold four meetings in Alaska to inform the public how it will conduct the environmental review, it said in the notice, which is set to be published Friday in the Federal Register.

"The notice comes just four months after Congress voted to allow drilling in the federally owned ANWR for the first time."

The article is misleading. Congress would allow exploratory drilling in only 2,000 acres, not 1.6 million.

Democrats have held off the drilling for 38 Earth Days.

President Trump made this the last Earth Day in that string.

The Hill story contained no comment from proponents, but quoted at length a well-paid Marxist lobbyist opposed to the drilling.

The Associated Press quoted Kara Moriarty with the Alaska Oil and Gas Association.

"For Alaska the potential impact is tremendous. Conservative estimates, based on old seismic estimates, said that ANWR, the Coastal Plain, could have maybe 10 billion barrels of oil," Moriarty said.

"To put that into context, when we discovered Prudhoe we thought there was eight, and now we've produced 17 billion barrels from the Slope. So the Coastal Plain could be the next generation of oil and gas."

ANWR would be 10 billion barrels of oil we will not be buying from a dictator.

No wonder Democrats are sad.


  1. But, but... In 2008, in V.P. debate against Sarah Palin, Joe Biden said even if we opened Anwr to drilling today, it will take 10 years!
    Hahaha I guess he was right!

  2. The ANWR footprint is, like my father used to say, like a fly on an elephants ass.

  3. I read that President Trump is accusing OPEC of keeping the price of oil artificially high. Drill, baby, drill! - Elric

  4. When Trump fires a shot across the bow of an enemy, he uses the 16 inchers..TG

  5. As Anon said at 2:07, DRILL, BABY, DRILL.

  6. All that oil is dangerous to the Arctic environment. That's why you gotta drill down and get it OUT of the Arctic before the environment goes all to hell.

  7. A very small footprint is needed to drill for oil nowadays with horizontal drilling available. The old movies with oil geysers seem to be the mindset of environmentalists. I worked in the Canadian oil fields in the far north so I've been there, done that.

    1. The Lefties haven't changed since the Panay Incident.

    2. Ditto 1950s style nuclear reactors

  8. And gas prices will soon be dropping.

  9. This was always the unspoken truth about frakking, sands/shales and other unconventional recovery methods. We never needed them. We have plenty of KNOWN conventional deposits even if you call off-shore unconventional. Those vast riches have been put out of commercial reach by law, regulation and obfuscation. Remove the veil and the oil will flow. MAGA is better expressed as MASA: Making America Sane Again. It produces a poor acronym, though.

  10. Now Democrat media will flood the airwaves with videos of majestic mountains that are nowhere near the area to be drilled.