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Thursday, April 19, 2018

Trump justice cometh

For the past year or so, the press has floated rumors that President Trump was about to fire Bob Mueller. Some of those rumors likely came from Trump through an intermediary.

Those rumors were the fog of war.

The whole Mueller investigation is a smokescreen. Behind the scenes, Trump unleashed Michael Horowitz, the inspector general with the Department of Justice.

Attorney General Eric Holder -- a James comey-style toadie -- rendered inspectors general useless. Holder was part of a criminal syndicate that did not want a snoopy IG blowing the whistle on the FBI, the IRS, the NSA....

"The Obama administration has ruled that inspectors general have to get permission from the agency they’re monitoring for access to wiretaps, grand jury and credit information, a decision that immediately was denounced by watchdogs and lawmakers. Lisa Rein of the Washington Post reported on July 24, 2015.

Horowitz issued a statement.

"Without such access, our office’s ability to conduct its work will be significantly impaired, and it will be more difficult for us to detect and deter waste, fraud, and abuse, and to protect taxpayer dollars," he said.

"Congress meant what it said when it authorized Inspectors General to independently access ‘all’ documents necessary to conduct effective oversight."

The election of President Trump brought change.

Now justice will be served to the Department of Justice.

"The Justice Department inspector general referred its finding that former FBI Deputy Director Andrew McCabe repeatedly misled investigators who were examining a media disclosure to the top federal prosecutor in D.C. to determine whether McCabe should be charged with a crime, according to people familiar with the matter," the Washington Post reported today..

"The referral to the D.C. U.S. Attorney’s Office occurred some time ago, after the inspector general concluded McCabe had lied to investigators or his own boss, then-FBI Director James B. Comey, on four occasions, three of them under oath."

Meanwhile, USA Today reported today, "Pittsburgh police carrying riot gear in case Trump fires Mueller."

Most nations have a free press to keep the public informed.

Ours does the opposite.


  1. Oh, yeah, the whole country will "riot" (thank God Lurch II is gone) if Mueller gets tossed.

  2. President Trump is indeed being increasingly vindicated. Once the truth is fully revealed and justice is served the real fun will begin. After numerous convictions provide a background of undeniable animosity and libelous actions against President Trump the civil lawsuits will begin. President Trump to James Comey: "All your book proceeds are belong to us." Grab the popcorn as the Clintons and their "Global Initiative" are bankrupted. - Elric

    1. If only that were so. The WaPo today says the Comey memos just blew up in Trump's face. So long as there are people in powerful positions who don't understand reality, we can't depend on much of anything turning out as it should.

  3. It has been so long since we have had a honest or independent press most of this generation thinks it is just another fairy tale from their childhood. The current media is politically correct and under the control of the liberals in the DNC, and do not even try and hide that fact. The skepticism that they have created is even greater in the younger generation than the elder (I did not think that was possible)and it will continue to go downhill from here.
    My son asked me the other day why I bothered to watch the evening news because I had to know that 90% of the stuff was going to be anti-Trump, ignorant and without any truth involved, I told him I only really pay attention to the weather forecast but the comedy on most of the liberal networks was amusing.
    Someday we may get a free and independent press but it won't be in this generation.

    1. "...honest or independent press..."

      That's an oxymoron, right?

  4. Only in liberal dreams does PDJT Fire Meuller. And the spontaneous protests that would erupt across the land (in liberal cities) will be financed by George Soros and Media Matters.

    1. In other words, they would not be "spontaneous," but astroturf. Professional protesters paid for by a Nazi collaborator. - Elric

    2. Oh, you mean like the "spontaneous" schoolkids demonstrating for gun control?

      I believe that's paid for by the same Nazi collaborator, and the campaign was all ready to go, once a suitable event took place.

      What a coincidence, right? Now they're riding high on the Hogg, but none of it was planned that way; just ask CNN, they'll tell you so!

  5. There must be criminal charges and convictions of ALL the nefarious actors in this plot to undermine our country. We can not allow these people to go free and poison the minds of their protégés. This will only occur again if the Demonrats get control again. There MUST be retribution for these traitorous fascists!

  6. To the common useful idiot in the democrat/communist/NWO party the FACT that President Trump is guilty of no crime means nothing. If Mueller issues a final report with no crime found they'll riot....It's a progressive thing, it's what they do.

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  8. I'll try it again. Holder shut down Horowitz investigating Fast and Furious. When he - Holder - was held in contempt of Congress he cried "RACISM !!!!" To make sure nothing about Fast and Furious came to light, Obama classified all the documents pertaining to it. That royally frosted Horowitz.

    Payback is a bitch.