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Sunday, April 15, 2018

Trump doctrine in Syria

On Thursday night, I told readers, "What Trump will do to Syria."

On Friday night, he did it.

Today, I explain why.

I told readers on Thursday, "My money is on a lot of rockets red glare while the Saudis quietly take care of business. You need them to go in because they can tell the difference between an actual Syrian rebel and an Islamic State terrorist. Obama never realized that.

"Besides, it is their land, not ours. Let them defend it. No American president wants to send in ground troops. Had we fought the Gulf War this way, that New World Order thing may have worked."

Now hindsight is 20/20 on the Gulf War. The Gulf states lacked quantity of troops necessary. On the other hand, they would not allow Western soldiers enter Baghdad. What a mess.

27 years later, we provide the bombs, the Saudis provide the ground troops.

The Saudis have the bombs but couldn't bomb Syria without drawing return fire from Russia. That would have led to a war no one wants.

So we provided cover, and brought along Britain and France. With China siding with Russia, the five permanent members of the UN are split with three on the side of good, and two on the side of Assad.

Trump will bring the shock and awe, and maybe keep a few troops on the ground.

But the Gulf states are doing the heavy lifting, just as they are doing in Yemen where there is another proxy war between the Arabs and Iran.

The Syria strike is the Trump Doctrine at its best. We provide the backup to our friends involved in regional conflicts. Korea is another example. We are enabling South Korea to negotiate with the North directly, for the first time in 68 years.

Trump also severed our foreign policy to the human rights restriction that Jimmy Carter imposed.

Why not? Obama ignored it in Cuba and Iran.


  1. President Trump is the best example of why career politicians must go. They go to DC and join the group-think crowd. Term limits!

    1. I think part of what happens is that when they get there they and their wives join the cocktail circuit and decide that they want to stay on it by doing the bidding of the masters.

    2. Remaining part of the brie'n'Chablis crowd is definitely part of it.

  2. The three amigos went to Santa Poco to put on a show and ended up in a war. We went to Syria to play at war and put on a show. I don't buy the idea that Assad used chemical weapons. We don't even know that he did the first time. In both instances the US was signalling an intention to de-escalate and all of a sudden he gasses people, forcing the continued activity of the US and allies against him. Not even a chicken in your back yard is this stupid or driven. This dude is an opthalmologist, not some kid who went to school on the short bus.

    As for the human rights diplomacy, that went out the window with Jeane Kirkpatrick's Dictators and Double Standards article in Commentary and the subsequent Reagan presidency.

    I hate to say it, but this was all a show to assuage the firebreathing faggots and the military industrial complex and a way to get Stormy Daniels out of the minds of the people.

    It worked for Clinton, too. I just hope no one is stipid enough to force a regime change again, even if somehow a nuke manages to get snuck into a major city like DC, LA, NYC, Seattle, Chicago, SF, Austin...I'm sure there are more I should be mentioning, help me out here.

    1. @TeaPartyDoc - I don't think Stormy Daniels story means much to Trump. His love of our country and doing what is in America's best interest is orders of magnitude more important than an aging porn star seeking publicity that he had his picture taken with 12 years ago when he was covered in the tabloids as a playboy private citizen.

      As for the rest of us, Stormy is a "who cares" question. Trump has done more for me and the future of my kids than Stormy Daniels ever did.

    2. I don't care about it either, Poopsie, just stating my opinion. There is a real world in which we live and there is an artificial echo chamber that Trump is living in from day to day. Sometimes the fake world can look real as heck, and occasionally it can make you do things out of character.

    3. Doc, just when you get in my good graces you go and post a piece of garbage. So you think Mr. T is wagging the dog? Ridiculous. Donald is a fact-based person. If he says he has evidence, I believe him. Are you suggesting those people are not in fact dead? Or, sure, 40 people just die simultaneously every day. E. Coli or something. Take off the tin foil hat and get back to where you once belonged.

    4. Any one who gasses his own deseves to get his arse kicked. Has a
      Gr.Uncle Killed at Belleau wood in WW1 by gas- hewas one of the US Marine"s 'tuefel hunden".TG

    5. Devil Dogs. God bless him, and you.

    6. I don’t think anyone but the media give a $hit about Daniels. This was about Russia, Iran, Syria, N. Korea, and China.

    7. That woman! was old news during the election and NOBODY CARED! Just like nobody cared that the Kennedys as a group were all horndogs.

    8. One would think Asad would be wise enough to not use chemical weapons knowing they would spark something in President Trump. I doubt the thing was a staged fakery though. It may be possible that Asad has a Comey equivalent working for him.
      Some one wants to keep the United States engaged in Syria. His name, as I recall, is Lucifer. We have the Magog/ Persia compact on Israel's northern border. They need a way to get our pieces off the world chess board so as to allow the planned destruction they dream about.

  3. The gassing was meant as a slap in the face to the US just as Trump said the we would leave. The Middle East is not a very nice place. It was part of a dominance game by Assad and Putin. Fortunately Trump gave them the middle finger. Trump is not Obama.

    I am sure the US listened to the entire preparation for the gas attack.

  4. I think this strike was really about N. Korea. Trump last year had issued an ultimatum to Assad about consequences of using chemical weapons. Given impending talks with N. Korea, Trump had to follow through in Syria. I think Trump also accomplished some good things. He showed Russians couldn't protect their clients. We got info about how fast Russians can vacate their fleet. We had Brits and French - Trump showed U.S. is not isolated and is again leading. He showed he is not too distracted by domestic events (Mueller) to take care of foreign business. We did not enmesh ourselves in the civil war. Trump even managed to both warn Russia and hold out olive branch. I think this was all good.

    Those who keep saying Trump is entangling us in civil war are, at least so far, hysterical, and are undermining him.

    1. GREAT post, Masher. Yeah, if you'd have told me four years ago that SAUDI ARABIA would be leading a ground war against Syria, I'd have called the cops. Non compos mentis. Trans Allegany Lunatic Asylum for you. It's really quite remarkable what PDJT has done in less than two years. Quite.

    2. Z. The theory I put forward, and the one Msher put up are both variations on a theme, and both amount to showboating to make a point. The only difference is the reasoning behind it. In his case he makes very good diplomatic points, in my case I am simply looking at how other people have dealt with similar circumstances in the past and saying that they may be acting in similar fashions today. Both are explanations of motive, and both are speculations. In one case the motivation is a human reaction to pressure, and in the other a wise action with other considerations in mind. They could both be right, and for different reasons.

      Trump probably sees this as a negotiation on multiple levels, and the actions he takes can have more than one purpose. As far as how we interpret it we might as well be having an argument about the pronunciation of the word "banana".

      My tin foil hat is in the closet. For now.

    3. Sun Tzu had a saying, "Kill one, impress a thousand".

      Not showboating, just kill 2 birds with one stone.

  5. The British empire did this all the time.

    Remember the Gurkhas?

    1. Gurkhas tended to collect ears as I recall.. TG

    2. See picture:

  6. I am not going to respond to a few of the comments, but rather, post what I wrote at Vox Day's joint last night (If you know Vox and comments, he is pretty damned demanding as to content and rationale!) Following that, I will post a rather revealing meme, which was followed by not only Assad, but Putin as well, and why they pulled back and let Donald hit the specific targets he did. The deep state got its happy clappy "seeming" war - and are only now realizing they were had by Trump yet again!


    111. jb April 15, 2018 1:36 AM
    Andrew #34 and a few others get what happened. He gave Putin, and by way of Putin, Assad time and warning to get their stuff and manpower out of the way. Do I think Don and Vlad talk back-channel. Yes, to put it bluntly. It is the deep state, not Donald, that has ever desired war with Russia, and Putin would love to be rid of them, too. The targets last night were the key, which were installations run by deep state operatives and their various henchmen. Clears the way for Putin and Assad to chase the rest of the vermin out, then Donald pulls the troops onto ships and slides on over to the PG for a date with the mullahs and the deep state backers behind them.

    As with NK, so with Syria, and the coming attraction - Iran. Yes, NK - the Nuke Mountain had something quite unforeseen occur. The neocons here went silent, and suddenly Kim was Mr. Congeniality and willing to be done with nukes. So were I the mullahs, I'd be making travel plans.

    The "swamp" is not merely located in DC - it tentacles extend far and wide. Donald said he wanted to end the endless wars. SO he must get the deep state out of the hot spots always causing the wars. He's working matters out on the international front; Sessions and Horowitz and Huber on the domestic, until Mueller self-destructs - which he appears to be quite close to doing.

    Yes, trust the plan. ;)

    It is sad to see so many were actual fair-weather backers, but Donald is doing what he was elected to do. Friday was quite the unlucky day for the deep swamp on every front.

    And -

    Welpers - Surbs doesn't allow memes, I guess. It pictured Assad, with the following REAL reasons why the deep state has been going after Assad.

    - Syria's central bank is state owned.
    - Syria dropped the US dollar.
    - Syria has oil and gas reserves.
    - Syria banned GMO seeds.
    - Syria has no IMF debt.

    Mind you - Russia and China did the same thing, but they are not Libya or Syria. Despite its rhetoric, the deep state in the Pentagon do not have the nads to go aften them! Hillary and her terrorist machined rolled over Kadafi, and of course, Amb. Chris Stevens and some very brave men, but that beeyotch considered that to be "collateral damage" to the Bammster's goals and those of her own fraudulent foundation.


    Pay attention to Surbs - he is onto something rather huge with SA. Donald is doing what he promised, and too many of those who have said they supported him are bailing - because they halfway believe the bullshyte Mueller and the MSM are thrusting down everyone's throat right now at a frenzied pace. Be assured - THEY know their end is near!

    Read, learn, evaluate . . . if in doubt, re-evalutate. The dots DO connect.

    1. Well said and well argued, jb!

      Can't see a flaw in your logic, and your post makes sense to me. Bottom line is, "Donald is doing what he was elected to do."

      I'm 100% behind President Trump; there isn't another train going my way. There's only the Trump Train, and I've got a gold ticket in the first-class seating.

      Sometimes the view is a bit cloudy- or maybe it's just all the thunder & lighning, mixed with mud from the Swamp that makes it hard to see; either way, I'm on until the end of the line.

      In the dining car, try the Taco Bowl; it's better than anything you'll find in Mexico!

    2. Esky -

      I am riding on Rearden Metal, too. Got a whole baggage car attached for my popcorn and beer! Thanks for the kudos jb

  7. Let us not fall into the Thomas Wictor meme that the GCC is doing so much. Wictor is full of hyperbole, claiming this GCC has the best special forces in the world, the most advanced armed forces in the world, sent special forces into North Korea, and that this GCC is 50(!) years advanced on us in kinetic weapons. He also recently claimed the GCC would take out Russian air assets in Syria.

    What the Saudis et al are doing is minimal.