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Sunday, April 08, 2018

Trump and Mexico cooperate on illegal aliens

Mexico has dumped millions of illegal aliens on the United States, from Central America and Mexico. Its biggest source of foreign cash is not oil but money sent back home from immigrants (both legal and illegal) in the United States. This is an invasion.

And yet the two countries are in a joint project to tackle one species of illegal aliens: the gang bangers.

"The U.S. government is expanding a program to capture the biometric data of tens of thousands of Central Americans and other migrants arrested in Mexico, gaining unprecedented access to Mexican immigration jails to identify criminals, gang members and potential terrorists long before they reach the U.S. border," the Washington Post reported.

"Operating in detention facilities in southern Mexico and here in the capital, Department of Homeland Security officials have installed scores of screening terminals to collect migrants’ fingerprints, ocular scans and other identifying features, including tattoos and scars."

Mexico's cooperation does two things. First, it protects the illegal invaders it allows to head north. Criminals prey on their own people. White people on white. Black people on black. Crime may be the last segregated industry.

Second, this helps reduce violent crimes by border jumpers. That's a good PR move.

"These are bilateral programs that build Mexican capacity in a way that benefits our security," said an official from the State Department’s Bureau of International Narcotics and Law Enforcement Affairs, which has budgeted $75 million to install the scanning equipment at immigration jails across Mexico and deliver mobile terminals that can transmit biometric data from almost anywhere, the Post reported.

Buried in the story was the good news.

"Arrests by U.S. agents along the U.S.-Mexico border topped 50,000 in March, the highest one-month total since Trump took office. Over the past two decades, the character of illegal immigration has changed dramatically, as the number of Mexicans apprehended crossing illegally has plunged from more than 1.6 million in 2000 to 130,000 last year. Central Americans accounted for more than half of those arrested by U.S. border agents last year, and Mexico is now a transit country as well as a destination for Central Americans," the post reported.

A 92% drop in border jumping is a big deal.

They said it could not be done.

But then, they have underestimated Trump all along.


  1. I am willing to bet that the reason California politicians in particular and others adamantly opposed to the wall are on the take from the cartels just as the Mexican politicians are.

    Yes, they see illegals as their future captured voting block and the Chamber Of Commerce wants cheap foreign labor, but they are also getting paid off by the cartels.

    An audit of family finances for the most adamantly opposed to the wall will find a lot of suddenly wealthy family members.

  2. With motor-voter laws, they can issue drivers licenses and sign them up as Dem voters at the same time.

    1. That's exactly right. They can, and they do, right here in CA!

      They intend to keep this a one-party state, and everything they do is towards that end!