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Friday, April 27, 2018

There is no right to be published, Never Trumpers

Never Trumpers were so clever two springs ago. Their plan was to sabotage Donald Trump's hard-won nomination. They would drink Chardonnay on Election Night, and re-take a shamed Republican Partythe next day.

Now they are struggling to have their Fake Conservative views published. And they blubber on and on about it.

Kevin D. Williamson whined in the Weekly Standard earlier about a magazine not publishing a column he had written -- for free.


Dude, your work is less than worthless to them.

The latest is the story of layoffs at RedState because its owner isn't making money,

In the wake of Trump's Reagan-level success as president, columns promoting the Mueller witch hunt are not attracting legions of conservative readers. Son of a gun.

Erick Erickson from his spot in Never Trump exile, whined that the owner is picking and choosing who it wants to keep.

"My understanding from the writers is that there were two contracts, one more expensive than the other. Most of those on the expensive contracts were tossed, though some very good ones will stay. Of those under the cheaper contracts, it seems the dividing line was loyalty to the President. In fact, among those under the expensive contracts, I'm aware of some writers having near equal traffic generation, and those insufficiently loyal to the President were fired," Erickson wrote.

That's a nice liberal way of spinning non-conservative as "insufficiently loyal to the president."

Trump is the most conservative president since Reagan. If you are not on the Trump Train, then you are not conservative.

It is as simple as that.

I don't expect blind loyalty to the president, but I do expect support. He earned it.

Trump has appointed judges to the right of Bush choices, he has cut corporate taxes, he has cut personal taxes, he has rolled back onerous regulations, and he has de-nuked North Korea. Those are just the biggest of the big things that he has done as president.

Too many RedStaters refused to give him credit.

On March 15, Susan Wright at RedState wrote, "Protectionism, Bowling Balls and Every Crazy Thing Trump Said at a Recent Fundraising Event."

Gee, I wonder why conservatives shun the site.

I can get this sort of garbage from the Washington Post. She led with this: "It was supposed to be a fundraising speech. It spiraled into a seething pit of crazy. Probably the craziest of all the things President Trump boasted of in a 30-minute speech in Missouri on Wednesday was that he makes up facts. That’s right: He admitted that he makes up things and then presses those made-up facts as real."

In fact, in the next paragraph, Wright admitted she lifted this from the Post, "The Washington Post covered Trump’s tale of insisting that there was a trade deficit with Canada, while speaking to Justin Trudeau."

There is nothing wrong with using news stories to explain events. That is the mainstay of blogging.

And there is nothing wrong with knocking the president.

The problem is being fake about it and making false claims to being conservative.

Wright is not a conservative. She is a Jennifer Rubin wannabe.

I imagine there are others at the site who want an Ana Navarro gig on CNN as well. Now they can pursue those dreams, tiny as they are.

The owner of RedState is cutting personnel, which means bye-bye to its Counterfeit Conservatives.

Why isn't this a Trump Effect entry? Because RedState is repenting by driving the phonies from its site. The purification (some would say fumigation) protects RedState from the tragedy that befalls so many of those who foolishly feuded with The Donald.

Erickson is offering them space at his Fake Conservative site.

Maybe Williamson should look into that.


  1. What interests me about the NT people is how little they are missed. The constant pontificating they indulged in before seems to have had a very negative effect on the the political immage of conservative thought. They were the ones drooling over the banquet of talent running for the nomination. No one ate there though except the Trump people.
    Trump was the right man at the right time. Sure he sounds like one of his wrestling pals sometimes but he is not a lying dirt bag like Obama who hated the country he was forced to adopt and that is now making him rich in booty from his predations.

  2. I haven't been reading RedState. How long has it been (Russian)RedState?

  3. Red State got schlonged and Never-Trumpers bore the blame. Rightly so. Williamson is losing it fast. Korean peace possibly. What a day.

  4. Don,are you chasing your tail on Redstate?

  5. They may be unemployed and unpopular, but they still have their conservative principles.

    Conservative principles like "Vote for Hillary!"

  6. I can't tell you the last time i regularly read national review, commentary magazine, or the weekly standard. The NT are boring and shrill.
    Bye Felicia.

    1. There was a time when I looked forward to Wednesday - the day the mailman brought National Review. That was long ago. Today I won't read it for free.

  7. RedState and NRO are hopeless fever swamps of denial and self-loathing. They exist only to pat each other on the back and dream of exotic cruise ships filled with ignorant sheep who'll hang on their every word.

    Williamson deserves all the bad cess that comes his way; he hates actual conservatives, and now he's undone. I'm not crying over the knife in his back, he put it there himself.

    NeverTrumpers in general are a 5th Column. Too many are Uniparty or Dem Lites; some are outright traitors. I've got no use for any of them!

    1. "Williamson deserves all the bad cess"

      Did you intentionally create a new word by combining "press" and "cesspool"? If you did: cool.

    2. There are certainly similarities between "press" and "cesspool," aren't there! But no- actually it's an old Irish curse. Here it basically means "bad luck."

  8. If the Never Trumnpers feel their opinions are so damn valuable, they can start a blog.
    But they'd better be prepared for my level of readership, rather than Don Surber's. (If I get twenty views in a day it feels like rush hour.)

  9. Overpaid and not bringing in the readers. Was the blog owner supposed to subsidize their garbage forever? That is not how business, politics, or journalism works. Now go away guys.

  10. Replies
    1. Ah--"Why isn't this a Trump Effect entry? Because RedState is repenting by driving the phonies from its site."

  11. Erickson never saw a Republican, much less a Conservative, he didn't want to see lose.

  12. I got banned at RS about four years ago for insisting to some meat-headed moderator boasting about his jump record and waving his d!ck around that the Armed Forces are *not* defending our freedom and liberty in the Middle East, because the greatest threat thereto comes from Washington. Apparently the muscles in his skull kept him from receptivity to my argument, as he insisted I was trashing the Armed Forces when, in fact, I was complaining about the fact that they are being squandered.

    As for Erickson, it's been very nice to have Steyn as the guest host at noon Eastern. He is not missed.

    And anyone who thought there was some value in "losing with honor" instead of winning with Trump is delusional and should be laughed off the public stage. Let's start with Bill Kristol.

  13. "The dogs do not like the dog food."

    And that answers a lot.

    -Mikey NTH

  14. A fired RedState writer said:
    "I enjoy making the most extreme Trumpalos cry and wail and gnash their teeth. Your overdone outrage makes me smile. Your tears of anger taste delicious to me.
    So go ahead. Commence your tut-tutting and squealing. Just know this: your odds of causing me to feel Deep Shame are precisely zero."

    We don't care none of that shiznit. We just want to see you eating out of a dumpster. Have a nice day.

  15. I stopped reading Red STate, WAshington Examiner, NRO and the Federalist. There are some very good writers there of course, but why listen to people who hate me? Because that's the truth about nevertrumpers. It's not Trump they loathe and despise, it's Trump voters.

    1. I see you omitted Weekly Standard from your list. I'm guessing that's because they no longer qualified once you added the part "There are some very good writers there of course."

  16. Another evidence, as I’ve said before, that we Surberites are the new cool kids on the block and didn’t even want to be. You hit 12 yet, Big D?

  17. Back in the day, I wore my RedState cap to work -- on the train, thru downtown streets, in the shopping malls. It will now go into the homeless donation bag. Even tho mine is a red state, I can't wear it in good conscience, after all the poison that has come from the site & its founder. It's a good thing it's defunct; it means the marketplace rules. Trump wasn't my first or best choice, but he was the only choice, and has been a great surprise. All these NT nitwits need to take more trips abroad, to places like Venezuela, Holland, Sweden, Sudan --- maybe then they will have an attitude adjustment. But, in my short experience, fools filled with hatred remain just that.

  18. Eric Erickson, is that bloated bastard still around?

  19. Billy "The Goat" Kristol he's one of those American Jewish Bastards that sold his Religion and self respect for 20 pieces of silver. Plenty of those fake Jews in this country!

  20. We have a little coffee klatch called Unified Patriots on the webs, those who write there were dismissed LOCKED OUT of Redstate in 2011 I think coulda been 2010 who knows now, its been so long. Their turn was long before Trump and their demise makes me giddy. Sometimes karma takes a minute but she always shows up.

  21. Y'ALL might be right about Commentary Magazine. But they can't be all bad since they've kept this James Rosen expose' of Bob Woodward up and running since January 2016: It is a meticulously researched piece of old-fashion investigative reporting. Mr. Rosen (late of Fox News) pulls the curtain back on deep state work that 'reporter' Bob Woodward carried out to preserve Pentagon power. It is a devastating piece of genuine hard-nose journalism. I'll always cut Commentary Magazine a break because of this one article.
    Yours truly,
    the Alabama Ironmule

  22. They planned at a private island and included many who are in power now.

    Eff em!

  23. Wmson thought he was "showing them" when he left Natl Review. He also thought he was showing us. Just as Natl Review thought it was showing us with its hate Trump issue.

    Then Trump won and we showed them. He keeps winning and we keep showing them. And they have the gall to think they're "leading" us.

  24. I keep the link of the National Review never Trumpers saved off. When I see an article posted by them I like to remind them why I won't read their article and that the internet is forever. Dana Loesch and Katie Pavlich have been getting reminded the most lately. Seems most of the others have gone under ground. Here's the National Review never Trumper article I refer to.

  25. Way back in '16, I said to a friend of mine that the big thing I didn't understand was, did the Never Trumpers understand that their attitude towards Trump supporters was helping to insure that nobody would ever listen to them again?
    There was going to be another election in '18 and a whole lot of issues in between here and there, and at some point goobers like Goldberg, Will, and the RedState crew were going to want to have people listen to their opinions and accept their point of view. At this point, why would we? How could they think that anyone would listen to their BS after the continuing two-year temper tantrum they've exposed us to?
    So yeah, The guys who thought they would be the Opinion Leaders have reduced themselves to the status of that guy who hangs out in front of the porn shop on 6th street, smelling of MD 20-20 and bad bathroom habits, screaming obscenities into traffic. The rest of the world is going right pasty them; they have no ability to influence it, and they'll never understand that it's their own behavior that made things this way.

  26. If you look at social survey research, the popular NeverTrump constituency is too small to measure reliably. It was the same deal with the Obamacons a decade ago. It's a phenomenon among writers and office-holders, not ordinary people. What it manifests is their alienation and lack of rapport with their supposed constituency.

    A student of RedState's evolution has offered that the problem there was not that they were critical of the President - issue-by-issue you're bound to be - but that their antagonism was relentless and visceral and extended to abusing and banning the President's defenders. I've dealt with Patrick Frey in fora like this. I'm impressed with anyone who has the patience to put up with him for very long.

    You write starboard, you care about issues. There's no need to be pro- or anti- Trump as a matter of policy. Your stance will emerge in increments. What's become evident about NeverTrumpers is that their stance reflects a set of class- and subculturally-delineated aesthetic judgments. (As well as an antagonism to enforcing immigration laws, in the case of David Brooks, &c).