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Sunday, April 01, 2018

The vanity of liberalism

Actor Rob Lowe explained on Twitter why the revival of "Roseanne" worked.

"The secret to @therealroseanne massive ratings is that it celebrates people with huge political differences who are able to laugh and love together as they passionately disagree," Lowe tweeted.

The reaction from the left was stuffier than the attic in August.

Some replies.

"What our country is experiencing is an attack on our very democracy, not a difference of opinions. Trump is a genuine threat to the USA and the world. Normalizing him is dangerous. Not a laughing matter."

"I'm not able to laugh and love with anyone trying to destroy America, thanks."

"As a straight CIS rich person it’s easy for you to say this. You’ve never been the LGBT member of your family who has Trump supporters who say they love you but don’t because they support bigotry. Difference of opinion can happen but Roseanne isn’t the voice of reason."

And so forth, and so on. Twitchy did a thing on it.

Once again we see liberalism as a religion. The liberals' high opinion of themselves is amusing. I forget who said it first, but when you lose a sense your other senses become more intense; thus when you lose your sense of humor, your sense of self-importance grows.

Their elevated sense of morality shows that they have been indoctrinated, just as North Koreans have. The difference is the Norks don't eat as much but on the other hand, the Norks have not paid $100,000 in student loans for their indoctrination.

As for the "Roseanne" show, executive producer Bruce Helford told Politico, "We write it from the point of view that working-class people are the nobility of this country, and not that they’re rednecks or hillbillies."

Considering how the elites act, Helford may be right.


  1. Lowe is Dead Horse Meat now.
    Ref: Some Replies

  2. Rob Lowe seems to be a discerning man, unlike some of his critics. Twitchy has many criticizing Lowe, including one Nymph O. Brainiac.

    When a person chooses an online name like "Nymph O. Brainiac" their SJW-ness just shines through. This person wants us to think that she's hot, sexually unsatifiable, and much smarter than the average bear; a person to be reckoned with.

    But her chosen name tells me that she's a stuck-up liberal, and I wouldn't be at all surprised if in reality she's fat, has blue hair, and lives with a lot of cats. "She" might even be a guy living in his mother's basement!

    So I'm with Rob Lowe on this one.

  3. Why do so many people think living with cats is a bad thing...? Yes, I agree, more than a few is too many but...
    It's an odd insult. Many of us conservatives, both single and married, have and love cats... they are calming and remind us to chill out when faced with crazy moonbat news.
    Cat messages...
    Stay alert
    Ask for what you want
    Be patient until you get it
    Be nice and friendly until you are attacked, then do what you have to do.
    Take plenty of naps
    Don't let the moon bats bother you... they are not worth expending your precious energy on, except as entertainment.

    1. I lean conservative and also have a cat, so maybe I can provide an answer.

      The main reason for the disparaging 'cat' remarks is simply that it's a marker for a specific type of urban leftist - an adult female with cats as child substitutes.

      There's a couple of grains of truth to this. If you look at the last dozen or so election maps that break down by the county level, lefties overwhelming live in dense urban areas. In these areas cats are owned more commonly than dogs, in part because they tolerate apartment or condo living much better.

      On top of that, women like and have cats at greater rates than men. Ergo, left-leaning women tend to have cats more often than dogs, or even kids.

      On a personal level what I've seen bears this out - the level of leftie intensity seems to directly correlate with the number of cats! (That's aside from a right-wing friend of mine who owns a farm and has tons of cats out in the barn.)

      Hope that helps.

    2. If you have seen any of the middle aged neurotic Lefty women at the protests, such as the Pink Pussy Hat protest and then think of the stereotypical "crazy cat lady" type the Venn Diagram circles nearly completely overlap.

      -Mikey NTH

  4. Libs hate winning on merit. It destroys their sense of entitlement and victimhood.

  5. "The difference is the Norks don't eat as much but on the other hand, the Norks have not paid $100,000 in student loans for their indoctrination."