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Wednesday, April 25, 2018

The Pompeo controversy explained

It is only a paper moon
Sailing over a cardboard sea.
But it wouldn't be make believe
If you believed in me.

Lyrics by Yip Harburg and Billy Rose. Music by Harold Arlen.

Arlen and Harburg are best known for their score for "The Wizard of Oz."

Washington is the capital of paper moons. Let me take one down for you: the controversy over the appointment of Mike Pompeo as secretary of state.

The Senate last year voted to confirm him as CIA director, 66-32. Chuck Schumer and 13 other Democrats voted to confirm. That included Joe Manchin.

But a little over a year later, Schumer suddenly thinks Pompeo is unqualified. Manchin had his doubts as well.

What could it be that suddenly disqualified Pompeo as a Cabinet secretary in the eyes of Schumer, and therefore Joe Manchin?

Could it be Pompeo's role in getting Kim Jong Un to give up his nukes and make peace with South Korea after 68 years?

(Pompeo is one of only two Americans known to have spoken to both President Trump and Kim, the other being Dennis Rodman.)

There is no controversy. Everyone knows Pompeo is qualified. His candidacy was never in doubt. The Pompeo confirmation is only a paper moon.

"Democratic Sen. Joe Manchin tweeted that he will support Pompeo in his confirmation vote, increasing his chances of being confirmed by the chamber," CNN reported.

The tweet read: "After meeting with Mike Pompeo, discussing his foreign policy perspectives, and considering his distinguished time as CIA Director and his exemplary career in public service, I will vote to confirm Mike Pompeo to be our next Secretary of State."

Democratic Senators Joe Donnelly of Indiana and Heidi Heitkamp of North Dakota also announced they will support him.

All three are up for re-election in states that went for President Trump.

In 2016, Republicans won every Senate races in states that Trump carried.

Before this is over, Sherrod Brown may join the crowd.

Schumer needs to keep Manchin. To keep him, Schumer needs to show that Manchin will buck the system, so he is giving his dog a longer leash ahead of the election. Manchin is a good boy, just as long as he remembers not to clap at a State of the Union address by President Trump.


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  1. Thanks for the lyric. One of my Mom's favorite songs.

    You just made me smile. And not just about Pompeo.

  2. It may be as vague as Trump simply continuing to succeed causing Marxist rage to build. We are indeed fortunate that nothing they try works.

  3. "Before this is over, Sherrod Brown may join the crowd."

    From your keyboard to God's ears, Don, but the GOP is going to have to stop the bitter fight between Mary Taylor and Mike DeWine to get it done. Of course Brown has the 3-C's, Toledo, Dayton, & Akron locked up. It will take an extraordinary GOP turnout to get rid of the commie bastard.

  4. I wonder if Manchin can survive until the vote with his head out of Schumer's ass. He will insert it as soon as his vote is cast.

  5. Now you've done it Don.

    The next Nobel Peace prize will go to Dennis Rodman.