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Friday, April 27, 2018

The Ed Rabel Syndrome

California has 53 seats in the House of Representatives, three of them due to providing sanctuary (a Marxist term for lawbreaking) to illegal aliens, who now represent more than 6% of its population.

Congressional representation is based on population, legal or otherwise.

West Virginia has the lowest percentage of illegal aliens because we enforce the law here.

After the next Census, West Virginia likely will lose another seat in Congress in 2022 while Cheatin' California will gain one or two more.

But Democrats in California are a greedy little bunch. They may be trying to steal for California the congressional seat now held by Republican David McKinley.

Former West Virginian Ralph Baxter returned after a great career in law in California. He moved to Wheeling upon retirement in 2014.

Before retiring as CEO of Orrick, Herrington and Sutcliffe in San Francisco, he helped his law firm establish the Orrick Global Operations Center in the former Wheeling Stamping building on Main Street in Wheeling. It provides back office services for Orrick and other law firms, and hundreds of well-paying jobs.

So what is the beef?

A West Virginia boy returns home and runs for Congress.

But he may suffer the Ed Rabel Syndrome. A local reporter who made good nationally for CBS News and NBC News, Rabel retired to West Virginia. He wrote a couple of bitchy columns in the Charleston Gazette about the state. Then in 2014, Rabel ran for Congress and finished fourth in a four-man race.

The trouble with Rabel is that while you cannot take the West Virginia out of the boy, you also cannot take the condescension out of the liberal.

Baxter is a different story. His return is terrific because he brought jobs ahead of him. Like I said, you cannot take the West Virginia out of the boy.

But the question rises: how much Pelosi does he have in him?

Republicans say he has a lot.

"West Virginia Democratic House candidate Ralph Baxter is running as a '4th generation West Virginian' and 'West Virginian jobs creator,' but he does not mention on his campaign website that he owns property, worth almost $2 million, in House Minority Leader Nancy Pelosi's (D., Calif.) neighborhood in Napa County, California," Cameron Cawthorne of the Washington Free Beacon reported.

Owning property in Napa Valley is not a disqualification. Being friends with Pelosi may be. They share interests. He wrote a letter recently on her behalf in a zoning dispute.

National Republican Congressional Committee spokesman Chris Martin slammed Baxter for owning property in California.

"Something tells me West Virginians won’t take kindly to Nancy Pelosi’s next-door neighbor trying to deceive them," Martin told the Washington Free Beacon.

Unless she moved to Wheeling, they are not neighbors.

Ultimately, voters will decide the matter in the primary, and if he wins, in the general election. That is the magic of our republic.

By the way, Congressman McKinley also created jobs in the private sector with his engineering firm in Wheeling, McKinley and Associates.


  1. Unless he disses WV, he's not like Rabel. Yet.

  2. Even if it was Nancy Prlosi, if someone is in the right I would defend them. Living near her or defending her (if she is right) should not be a disqualifier.