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Saturday, April 07, 2018

Should a senator be married to a lobbyist?

After four years of avoiding West Virginia politics, I decided to re-engage. I started WV Feed, a newsletter on the state's politics. Sign up by emailing -- but only if you are interested in the state's politics.

First up is the Reagan Day dinner in Parkersburg on Thursday. All the Republican Senate candidates showed up except Congressman Evan Jenkins.

Earlier in the day, Jenkins and Attorney General Patrick Morrisey sat beside President Trump at conference/photo op at the Greenbrier. Don Blankenship wasn't invited. He's considered to be the Roy Moore in the race.

At the Reagan dinner, Blankenship and Morrisey mixed it up, Jeffrey Saulton of the Parkersburg News and Sentinel reported.

Blankenship has trashed Morrisey in ads. Morrisey called them lies.

"The ads that are not lies, the wife of Mr. Morrisey does in fact own part of a firm that lobbies for Planned Parenthood," Blankenship said.

Morrisey responded, "My wife does not derive one penny, and let Mr. Blankenship understand this, not one penny from Planned Parenthood. Beyond attacking someone’s wife, which I think is inappropriate in politics, to make suggestions beyond she works with a firm that has a lot of clients; I think (Planned Parenthood) is a vile organization and I’ve said that; Mr. Blankenship should apologize."

That was a Jeb move by Morrisey. I read that and thought, she should run. Who said wives are off limits? The winner has to go after EpiPens Joe Manchin and his Fake Degree Daughter in November.

Jenkins has attacked Morrisey's wife as well, Chris Dickerson of the West Virginia Record reported.

He quoted the Jenkins campaign as saying, "Denise Henry Morrisey (Morrisey’s wife) holds the second-largest ownership stake in Capitol Counsel, a high-powered lobbying shop that has represented Planned Parenthood’s opposition to federal legislation designed to defund the organization and prohibit taxpayer-funded abortions, federal records show."

His wife owns a lobbying agency? How is that going to work?

"Jenkins’ campaign also says Morrisey’s state financial disclose statement lists Capitol Counsel’s lobbying activities as contributing to more than 20 percent of Morrisey’s gross income. And that from 2015 to 2017, Planned Parenthood paid Capitol Counsel $640,000 to lobby for pro-abortion rights according to," Dickerson wrote.

Hugheston, we have a problem.

The clients are not the issue (although lobbying for the Josef Mengeles at Planned Parenthood is sickening). The issue is the lobbying. The Morrisey family makes a lot of money trying to influence senators. And now he is going to be a senator?

Voters will answer my question, "Should a senator be married to a lobbyist?"

But readers know what my answer is.


  1. Can Caesar's wife do anything she wants? Yes, she can. But the ordure tossed about strikes Caesar, not his wife. Time to sell your share, sweetie.

  2. There are 100 Senators. I'd love to know how many ARE married to lobbyists.

    It seems to me to be the "cottage industry" in DC for spouses to pad the family income ... second only to the scam of spouses and family members getting huge salaries as part of the campaign staffs.

    Maybe I'm just too cynical.

    1. What matters is how many are in bed with lobbyists.

  3. I don't there is a rule in politics that wives are off limits. I believe the rule is: Democrat wives (spouses) are off limits. So says Big Media.

    I don't think there should be an absolute rule against candidates being married to lobbyists. Candidates will always violate every rule that should never be violated. We are always choosing the least evil among our lessers. It would be better if not. But my understanding of the Morrisey situation -- and I am not a Mountaineer -- is that it's not a completely corrupt situation, where her value as a lobbyist is selling access to the spouse. In other words, this is not Hillary at the Rose Law Firm conducting business before panels of people appointed by her husband.

    So it stinks like pork chops gone bad, but not rotten chicken. And sometimes in politics -- often in politics -- we fry up the rotten porks because the expired chicken stinks even worse.

    If you decide Manchin and his epi-pen daughter are the rotten chicken in the scenario, I won't argue.


  4. What’s the name of that Chinese fighting guy with all the clever sayings? No, not Jackie Chan. The other one.

    Sun Tzu, that’s it. He’d probably have a saying that applies here.

  5. Does the Surber opinion about Morrisey also apply to Ginni Thomas, wife of Justice Clarence Thomas, when she headed up Liberty Consulting, a conservative lobbying firm, back in 2010?

    1. I'd say yes. And from your linked article, it seems she did also:
      "Monday, November 15, 2010; 6:00 PM
      Virginia Thomas, political activist and wife of Supreme Court Justice Clarence Thomas, has decided to relinquish control of Liberty Central, the conservative group she founded less than a year ago, so that the organization can escape the 'distractions' of her media celebrity, a spokeswoman said."

    2. Poor gadfly. Swatted down again!

  6. "Should a senator be married to a lobbyist?"

    I think it is unseemly, and would avoid voting for such a candidate, but if that is who the citizens choose to represent them, then so be it.

    How can it possibly be worse than Alcee L. Hastings (D-FL) serving in the Congress 1993 to present.