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Friday, April 06, 2018

Romney cheers Trump

Mitt Romney isn't buying the line that President Trump's tariff talk will trigger economic Armageddon.

"I think the president is leading with some policies that will wake up our friends in China and they’ll recognize that business as usual is going to have to change. China over the years has taken advantage of the attitude in America, which is we haven’t watched very closely and they’ve been cheating," Romney said at a town hall meeting, the Deseret News in Utah reported.

Romney of course is correct. We are re-negotiating trade deals with our trade partners, and Trump is using the tools available to him.

While Romney is running for the Senate in a Republican state, he is more popular than Trump so he really does not need to kiss up.

But he is one Never Trumper giving the president his due.

"Romney, who harshly criticized Trump over the years, said he supports much of what the president has done such as cutting taxes, rolling back business regulations and reducing the size of Bears Ears and Grand Staircase-Escalante national monuments in southern Utah," the newspaper reported.

Not to mention appointing Justice Gorsuch and a slew of good appellate judges.

It is nice to have a grown-up seeking office.


  1. I can't go along with you here, Don.

    I voted for Romney in 2012 and certainly felt that no leftist was in a position to criticize him.

    But the fact is that Romney is one of those Never-Trumpers that you were talking about this morning who sought to have Hillary in the White House in order to wax virtuous... mind you after having accepted DJT's support readily enough in 2012.

    Why should we approve of anything that Mittens does now?

    He deserves the Williamson treatment.

    - Mark S.

  2. Maybe he "got that Trump religion", Mark.

  3. Romney, like Trump spent a lot of his life in business and he knows how things work.

    1. As Sundance says, you are either with Main St or with Wall St.
      Romney has been with Wall St, against Main st for quite some time so this is a major turnaround

    2. "You knew what I was when you picked me up."

  4. Don't ever forget: Romney will go along to get along. And he is not a conservative. (Romneycare anyone?) He may be an adult, but he is not on anyone's side but his own. And he knows if he bucks Trump he'll wind up on Don's list! -- BJ54

  5. Don ,I am with the rest of the commenters here.Romney is two faced and not to be trusted.Once in the Senate ,he is just like Big Joe your Senator.Romney thinks he can run for President again.So please waste no more print on him.

  6. I’m suspicious of him ... but prepared to let him prove his worth.

    Trust, but verify, as a very wise man once said.

    1. I'm with you, Dave. Give him a second chance. Hell, the Masters coverage yesterday seemed to be about 50% Tiger even though he was far off the lead. Mr. T has shown the world that a President who's a conservative needs to have big sack to get shit done. Maybe Mitt's grown a pair. I'd rather have him than McCain, Flake, Corker...

  7. The real Romney was revealed when Candy Crowley shut him down, and he did nothing.

    He has the spine of a jellyfish, and I'll never support him.

  8. Romney has no guiding ideological principles, which makes him the perfect Republican. In short, he's GW Bush. He's GHW Bush. He's Gerald Ford. He's Bob Dole. He's Richard Nixon. He's his daddy. If the GOP made soda pop, Romney's face should be on every can.

    Principles are the hills you're willing to die on.

    The GOP prefers to dance the little sidestep.

    Trump must be polling well in Utah.


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