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Thursday, April 05, 2018

Reuters should mock the "tech CEOs"

The story, "Tech CEOs call for gun control following YouTube shooting," should have been a hoot. After all, the shooting occurred in California, which has some of the strictest gun regulations in the land.

I expected writer Salvador Rodriguez to point that out.

He did not even mention California's gun laws.

There was no mention of the requirement to have a Firearm Safety Certificate and proof of residency to buy a handgun or rifle.

There was no mention of firearm registration, including fingerprinting.

There was no mention of its assault weapons ban.

There was no mention of its ban on large capacity clips.

There was no mention of its waiting periods to buy guns.

He did not even bother to get reaction from the NRA.

Nope, Rodriguez just swallowed what they said. And spit it back to readers despite the "tech CEOs" being so ignorant of the law.


  1. With so many limitations, what part of "shall not be infringed" do they not understand?

  2. Reuters is a communist entity headquartered in London, the capital of a country where it is illegal to own a handgun. Knives have even recently come under attack. Driving on UK Highways is to be under constant camera surveillance. A couple of years ago the authorities were considering ticketing drivers in the middle lanes for impeding traffic by measuring their speed for miles at a time. A friend's daughter was visited in person by two cops because she had rolled through a stop sign in her village. This is the kind of society Reuters prefers for everyone. Yet what has it done for them? Murder is on a tear in London poor areas with guns and knives the weapons of choice, many involving children far younger than the victims at Parkland. The Muslim London Mayor blamed the tories for cutting police funding.
    It is no surprise the reporter who wrote the story Don chose is a feckless slave. He was hired because he was one to begin with.
    As for the virtue signaling Tech giants, they live in guarded compounds controlled by the best security money can buy, have multiple homes, many in ultra safe areas of the world far, far away, all with ever ready access to helicopters and private jets. No one is going to get to them.

    1. Right you are. Besides living in guarded communities and compounds they have armed security. Hipocrites all.

    2. "London calling
      To the underworld
      Get out of the cupboard
      You boys and girls"

      Classic Clash.

    3. The sun has set on the British Empire. Yes, knives are banned- but criminals still don't obey the law. People who suffer break-ins and fight for their lives end up in jail, if they happen to hurt the poor criminal who attacked them.

      Take your blood pressure meds before reading this:

  3. Small point Don; those are hi-capacity magazines. Clips are completely different.