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Monday, April 09, 2018

Question answered

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Here is another installment.

On Saturday, I asked readers, "Should a senator be married to a lobbyist?"

Of course my answer was no.

Attorney General Patrick Morrisey's wife is a lobbyist in Washington, therefore, I ruled him out.

General Morrisey said not so fast.

And he is correct.

He sent me a direct message on Facebook. We later talked on the phone.

"Love you man, but your comments are off base for a few reasons," Morrisey wrote.

"First, my wife won’t be lobbying when I get to the Senate. She said that early on. Second, you remember I am the only person who took on the abortionists a few years ago and got protested outside of my office."

His wife's firm represented Planned Parenthood, but she did not participate nor get a share of that money.

He continued, "Unlike Don Blankenship who ran away to Nevada and abandoned the state when times were tough, I stand and fight. You know my backbone is made of steel when it comes to dealing with liberals. And truthfulness should matter.

"We have a lot of fight left and I will not lose to this person. You haven’t seen anything yet. Take care. This guy is deceitful and I have dealt with and beat folks like him before. Cheers."

Well, OK, general, we're cool.

Except now I am back to trying to decide between General Morrisey and Congressman Evan Jenkins because I just don't see Blankenship overcoming the Upper Big Branch mining disaster to win in November.

Republicans have not had a Senate primary this exciting since Jennings Randolph retired in 1984. That was 34 years ago.


  1. It sounds like the coverage of the MSM left out a few details! As Gomer would say, "Surprise, surprise, surprise." -- BJ54

  2. My state Rep, Saira Blair, term limited herself out of office because she's going on to get a REAL job. Double majored in Spanish and Econ and finished a semester early, even with having to take a chunk of time out of her year (a LARGE chunk last year) at the State Legislature. Would that Democrats follow that lead. Nah, they're on the government tit, and they'll have to be pulled from it kicking and screaming. Farking Liberals.

  3. Don, I was having the same dilemma between Morissey and Jenkins until I read their online websites.
    Reading those narrowed it down to one guy for me. No, it was not a "gotcha!" defining difference but enough to differentiate a choice.
    Mike A.