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Friday, April 20, 2018

No nukes is good nukes in North Korea

For a year now, I have occasionally pointed out that President Trump would end the Korean War peacefully.

The mainstream press has predicted World War 3.

"North Korea said on Friday that it would immediately and indefinitely suspend its nuclear and intercontinental ballistic missile programs and close a nuclear test site where prior tests have been conducted, according to state-run media," New Yorker magazine reported tonight.

That nuclear test site is gone.

It died mysteriously last fall. The media has been less than attentive to this detail after initially reporting on it.

"A tunnel at North Korea’s nuclear test site collapsed after Pyongyang’s sixth atomic test in September, possibly killing more than 200 people, Japanese broadcaster TV Asahi said on Tuesday, citing unnamed sources familiar with the situation," Reuters reported on November 1.

The report concluded, "Experts have said a series of tremors and landslides near the nuclear test base probably mean the country’s sixth and largest blast on Sept. 3 has destabilized the region, and the Punggye-ri nuclear site may not be used for much longer to test nuclear weapons."

Or maybe Navy SEALs did it in, or a Rod from God, or an earthquake. I don't care. His nuclear program is in the past tense and likely has been for some time.

President Trump has known this. But the Art of the Deal (which is really the Art of War for salesmen) compelled him to keep that fact on the Q.T.

A cornered beast is the most deadly, so Trump is giving Kim an honorable way out.

By the way, Israel forced evil nations to move their nuclear programs underground after Israel knocked out Saddam Husein's above-ground nuclear facility in 1981. Far from making it more secure, the move has made nuclear research less safe.

At any rate, here we are on a Friday night watching Kim Jong Un unwind. The media now acts surprised.

"Trump has insisted that North Korea de-nuclearize altogether. Though many observers have doubted its incentives to do so, Friday’s announcement may be a step in that general direction," New Yorker reported.

I heard Bill Richardson on Shep Smith's show on Fox News two days ago. Richardson said de-nuking North Korea was a pipe dream. Richardson is supposed to be an expert on North Korea. He was totally wrong, but he will go on Fox News again without anyone confronting him about this.

Dennis Rodman has more expertise than Bill Richardson.

But in the realm of journalism, expert means someone with good P.R.

"In any case, the policy shift and general outlook on the Korean Peninsula marks a dramatic change in course from just a few months ago. In August, in the aftermath of a North Korean nuclear test, President Trump threatened to destroy the country with fire and fury if it further provoked the United States. Trump and Kim then engaged in a war of words for months," Benjamin Hart of New Yorker wrote.

Hart does not understand cause and effect. Maybe the tunnel collapse was the fire and fury. Maybe just the promise of fire and fury was all it took.

At any rate, here we are with the media once again discrediting itself.

The reason I keep getting Trump right is because I realize he is a sharp guy who is a tough negotiator. I don't waste readers's time by thinking I can outsmart the guy because we all know I can't.

I just try to keep pace, report on what I see, and respect the man we elected as president. He never picks a fight he cannot win. This is why he is not pushing a balanced budget.

This fight is more important.

"North Korea has agreed to suspend all Nuclear Tests and close up a major test site. This is very good news for North Korea and the World -- big progress! Look forward to our Summit," Trump just tweeted.

Yes, we have to trust but verify.

I also remember that in 1991, some experts believed the collapse of the Soviet Union was a ruse.

UPDATE: Matt Drudge calls this the "Start of the Deal."

This is the end game, son.


  1. Whoa Fat got a message from God, engraved on a tungsten rod.

    The message was "REPENT OR DIE!"

  2. Bill Richardson, Clinton toady, failed governor, failed ambassador and LIAR.

    For years, he claimed he was drafted by a major league baseball team out of high school. When he was called on this (I think when he was pondering a run for president), he changed his story to he always thought he was drafted, but never contacted the club. Suuuuuuuuuuure. If I was drafted, you can bet I would have talked to the club. For sure, the club would have contacted me because they wanted me so much, they drafted me.

    LIAR. Clintonite. Failed ambassador. And wrong on North Korea.

    1. Is'n he the guy who smuggled some documents out of the National Archives in his drawers and then destroyed them because - Clinton?


    2. No that was Sandy Berger

    3. A different branch of the Clinton Crime Family Tree.

  3. The Lefties were soooo certain Chubby would never give up the "attention and respect" (he deserved it because we were mean to Dad and Grandpa) Zippy and Willie conferred on him.

    Now they have to wait for their trollmasters to find a new line of attack

  4. Is there anything more ludicrous than sports commentators calling the game as they think it should be going, rather than calling the game unfolding on the field in front of them?

  5. Media reaction on NK Denuclearization ....

    SALON: Why NK missiles travel ban is un-american

    HUFFPOST: Missile diversity means less white people, and that's good.

    Buzzfeed: 10 Reasons Why Denuclearizing North Korea is Racist

    Reuters: Dems file injunction to halt the closing of uraniun enrichment facilities north of the DMZ. Demand Trump wear ankle bracelt, relinquish passport.

    CNN: Top Dems assert Trump/Russian collusion in North Korea nuclear missle deal. Demands another special council to go through Trump’s kindergarten assignments for proof.

    RT: Putin declares he never colluded with Trump in Kindergarten. Former FBI Director Comey answers, “Maybe” when asked if there might have been collusion in Trump’s first grade class.

    - TexasDude

  6. Prediction: Kim Jong Un and South Korea's Moon are going to get the Nobel Peace Prize and the idiots in Norway are going to snub President Trump.

    1. If you were VSGPDJT, why would you accept anything from Norwegian leftards?

    2. Of course they will. Couldn't POSSIBLY tarnish the Peace Prize by giving it to TRUMP!!11!!

  7. Bullies only respond to strength. Trump understands this, Reagan understood this: Alphas understand this.

    Beta males send pallets of cash.

    1. Instead of giving the bullies their own lunch money, beta pollies give them ours.

  8. "I heard Bill Richardson on Shep Smith's show on Fox News two days ago."

    Don, do you have dental surgery without anaesthetic? Wrassle polar bears for sport? Do you just enjoy pain, and can't get enough?

    It's just hard to believe that anyone would subject themselves willingly to Shep Smith, so I worry about you!

    Personally, I'd rather swim with pirhanas, it'd be more refreshing (and informative; they aren't nearly as likely to lie to me.)

    1. I was riding with the topdown and Sirius on