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Friday, April 13, 2018

Never Trumper Review's passive-aggressive defense of Comey

Never Trumper Jim Geraghty is concern trolling Actual Conservatives today.

His unsolicited advice to Trump supporters is not to remind the public that Democrats also called for firing Jimmy the Weasel Comey as head of the FBI.

Geraghty's argument is that Maxine Waters has no credibility among Actual Conservatives. (My definition includes people who did not vote for Trump but acknowledge that his actions as president speak far louder than his impolite words and personal life.)

"Well, if Maxine Waters says someone has no credibility, that settles it, doesn’t it?" Geraghty wrote.

"Just about everyone already knows that Pelosi, Schumer, and Waters refused to believe Comey when he criticized Hillary Clinton, but will believe everything he says when he criticizes President Trump. Yes, Democrats are flip-flopping hypocrites, we know. The RNC is coming across the same way by approvingly citing Pelosi, Schumer, and Waters."

Such nonsense. The Republican National Committee is reminding people that Comey is such a partisan weasel that Democrats were appalled.

Geraghty's objection shows that the RNC's campaign is effective.

I know what side Geraghty and the National Review are on because while they talk a good game, they still want to lose.


  1. "...while they talk a good game, they still want to lose." Sounds like an apt description of the gop.

  2. Geraghty is fighting Kristol, Will and Shapiro to be the drum major leading the loser's parade.

    1. I know, Schlongy. I used to like Geraghty too. Even bought his book. What's happened to these people? My only guess is yours - they hate winning.

    2. They are Professional Conservatives. They talk the talk but they don't walk the walk.


  3. They NR & Geraghty seem happiest when the dems are in power because they can criticize for their DC perch without ever having to actually do anything. Phonies, the whole lot of em'.

  4. The NeverTrumpers on the NR Right embrace losing with a passion; it's their reason for being, they would not understand winning. No matter how much good Trump does, he doesn't meet their epicene standards. Balls were removed at birth.