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Thursday, April 19, 2018

Money is why they are Never Trump

Glenn Greenwald, a liberal lawyer, had an interesting take on Twitter about today's Wall Street Journal article, "How Tony Podesta, a Washington Power Broker, Lost It All."

The man who recruited and groomed most of the young Washington press corps built an empire on access to politicians. Now it is shattered. He has about as much access to this White House as I do.
Which explains Never Trump.

But I am getting ahead of the story.

So Greenwald wrote, "The Real Washington: companies and rich people were paying millions of dollars to Tony Podesta for the access and influence they knew he'd have when Hillary was President. Then she lost, they stopped paying him, and now he is losing everything.

"The Real Washington: as Tony Podesta became more gluttonous in his lifestyle, he needed more and more millions to feed his greed, so he began selling his influence within the Democratic Party and Clinton circles to some of the world's worst regimes.

"The Real Washington: while the political media loves to pretend that Democrats and Republicans are in a state of mutually contemptuous, permanent war, the sleazy power-brokers who run K Street and DC are in full partnership: Podesta worked with Manafort for the Ukrainian Govt."

The reaction to Greenwald's tweets was as one would expect. Someone posted Podesta pedophile "art," which the Washington Post had published more than a decade ago. His predilection for prepubescent people is not considered a perversion in Versailles along the Potomac.
Briton Gillian Radcliffe spoke for many of us when she wrote, "This article makes me happy. No doubt there will be more bad news for Tony Podesta in the months ahead."

But I already put him in the Trump Effect Hall of Shame. What piqued my interest was this defense of Podesta's influence peddling of access.

"Conversely, access to Trump isn't purchased through one individual or firm, but rather his Mar-a-Lago golf resort. I imagine business is booming for them," Rory Wood wrote.

Actually not. Business is normal. Some charities canceled fund-raisers there in protest.

And therein lies the question that haunts Real Washington. How do you bribe a billionaire?

The motive for Never Trumpers is money. The more a man shouts principle, the more convinced I am is he's in it for the money.

If Jeb had won, Podesta could get access.

Ditto Rubio. Or Cruz. And yes, Carly Fiorina. They all needed money to get elected. Trump didn't.

But that is how it works. Lobbying is an American right. The average Joe should be able to influence his government. It is a representative government, is it not?

Where the problem comes is when that representative government no longer represents the people, and instead represents guys who collect perverted art of little children.

Washington failed the people.

That is why we elected Trump. We had no choice. Seriously, do you think evangelical Christians really wanted a thrice-married playboy as their president?

But he was the army we were given. And he's been a good one-man army that has mowed them all down. And we are happy for him. We overlook his bad, embrace his good, and count our blessings from God.

Podesta is a symptom. He is what you get when you allow your government to have too much power with too little accountability.

Trump is the cure.


  1. The child porn thing will get them and others.
    the millstone around their necks has been cast...TG

  2. Once again, Glenn Greenwald shows himself to be the one leftist with principles. Zero chance Chuckie Todd or Anderson Cooper or Snuffle-up-olous would ever point out something like this happening to one of their establishment insider Dem access-selling whores.

    (In fact, Tony Podesta is such a pervert and whore, we should call him "Stormy.")

  3. In the late 90s when BJ was in office I visited a friend who worked high in the government and lived in the leafy suburb of Potomac, a few yards from John Glenn, who jogged by daily. My friend's hobby was house exploring. At the time he couldn't afford anything more than he had but the daydreaming was fun. He took me to a development about a mile away. In it no home was less than 10000sf. Indoor pools, master suites in Louis XV style, 4 car garage, manicured gardens were all minimum amenities. Who buys these I asked. Oh he said those who do business with us, in a matter of fact voice.
    Yes indeed.
    Much of the hatred for Trump from his corporate media despisers, never Trump, and the left in general is the hatred for the broken promise, the lie that the check was in the mail, always more would on the plate, every day you would wake up richer than the day before, every request, every phone call would be acknowledged with a hope of good things to come, a thought that was and is the very definition of happiness. It didn't happen because of one man. Should he not be destroyed?

  4. Podesta was part of the bribe collection machine. He directed much of the money to the clinton charitable foundation and slush fund. Bag man twice removed.

  5. I still don't expect any prosecution, with real penalties, for any of the principals.

  6. What a despicable man. what a despicable family. Good news. Maybe he can make the list twice.

  7. More than fifty years ago a wise woman wrote
    "Pull peddlers" Google it.